FIFA 16 Soundtrack – Feeling Electric by Parade of Lights

FIFA 16 Soundtrack

Song name: Feeling Electric
Artist name: Parade of Lights

Parade of Lights’ Feeling Electric song is featured in FIFA 16 soundtrack. Above you can listen to ‘Feeling Electric’ song and read its lyrics below:

Parade of Lights – Feeling Electric Lyrics

I remember when I saw you
You know I couldn’t look away
You’re the spark that stars a fire
Tell me, do you feel the same

So give me one more shot tonight
I will tell you if my heart stops beating right
Let me show you that the only thing I know
No matter where we go
I feel just like we did when we connected
Feeling electric
Feeling electric

You can tell me all your secrets
I will never tell a soul
I’ll make a promise and I’ll keep it
I will never let you go

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