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All or Nothing - Elliphant

Song All or Nothing
Artist Elliphant
Genre Dance / Electronic
Country Sweden
Soundtrack FIFA 15
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All or Nothing - Elliphant Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
See me sadness, when me love
Let me quire in me work
Feel me love and want me bitch
Pull me switch, drag me over
Know me hard when me soft
Know me scared when me talk tough
Go get them guts
Go get them guts
Cut, then cut up your sleeve!
All is useless, it's not real
Feel it all this stress
And give your whole emotion on like this
Explosive explosion of a bye
Say bye-bye!
Expose your emotion over my
And say bye-bye!

All or nothing
Everything or nah
Grey zone is for you to visit and get out of
Reach the bottom of the sky, man
Nothing's gonna happen if you're waiting
We are lonely, at least we share that
In loneliness you gotta make it, gotta unite
Come, I need you closer, ain't you hearing
My inner wish is passing through the feelings

[Verse 2:]
Woman chase me need a man
Love me like you hate me man
Me, I am the Elliphant
Waking up the sleepy land
Move me hard, move me soft
Know me scared when me talk the tough
Unlock the man's head, unlock the man's
Unlock the man's up your head
Words are enough to say
Feelings have no song or flesh
It's a whisper from the red
Say want me fall down, me rise up, up, up, up
Say want me clear, love me good!


[Verse 3 - Bunji Garlin:]
We Viking rule like Elliphant
Step in, take everything relevant
Don't care if you're benevolent
Or you may never land well
It is clear and evident
We roll in like the president
Lock down the whole district
Then steal every resident
And given them democracy
With the Axe that's sharp make sure that thing is permanent
Have to get what I have to get
Me don't care everything is hard to get
I come take and then calculate
Then do something immaculate
Look pon de wall
Check pon de right
Listen to thunder
Look at the lightn'ng
We came here for all or nothing at all
That is the way of the viking