FIFA 15 Controls – PlayStation 4

FIFA 15 PS4 Controls
FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Attacking)

FIFA 15 PS4 Defending Controls
FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Defending)

FIFA 15 controls (complete list) for PlayStation 4 gamepad controller:


Move Player: LS (Left Stick)
First Touch / Knock-On: R2 + RS
Sprint: R2 (Hold)
Stop and face Goal: LS (release) + L1
Protect / Slow Dribble / Jockey: L2 (hold)
Face Up Dribbling: L2 + R2
Skill Moves: RS
Stop Ball: LS + R2


Short Pass / Header: X
Lob Pass / Cross / Header: ■
Through Ball: ▲
Shot / Volley / Header: O
Trigger Player Run: L1
Chip Shot: L1 + O
Finesse Shot: R1 + O
Fake Shot: O then X
Fake Passe: ■ then X
Hard Stop Protect (While dribbling): L2
Lobbed through ball: L1 + ▲
Bouncing Lob Pass: R1 + ■
Low Cross: ■ (Double tap)
Ground Cross: ■ (Triple tap)
Early Cross: L1 + ■
Dummy a Pass: R1 (Hold)
Cancel Action: L2 + R2
Finesse Pass: R1 + X
Flair Shot: L2 (Hold) + O


Change Player: L1
Switch Player: RS
Tackle / Push / Pull: O
Pull and Hold: O (Hold)
Sliding Tackle: ■
Clearance: O
Jockey: L2 (Hold)
Contain: X (Hold)
Contain: R1 (Hold)
Running Jockey:L2 + R2


Ground Pass: X
High Pass / Cross: ■
Curled Shot: O
Driven Shot: L1 + O
Wall Jump: (Defending): ▲
Wall Charge: X
Move Wall: L2 / R2
Wall Creep: R1
Call 2nd Kick Taker: L2
2nd Kick Taker Curled Shot: L2 + O
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Pass: L2 + X
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Chip: L2 + ■
2nd Kick Taker Run Over Ball: L2 + O then X
Call 3rd Kick Taker: R1
3rd Kick Taker Curled Shot: R1 + O
3rd Kick Taker Run Over Ball: R1 + O then X

Corner / Throw-in

Corners (Lob Pass): ■
Corners (Low Cross): ■ (double tap)
Corners (Ground Cross): ■ (triple tap)
Corners (Cross): X
Short Throw In: X
Short Throw In (Manual): ▲
Long Throw In: ■
Move Throw In Receiver: L1


Shoot: O
Finesse Shot: R1 + O
Chip Shot: L1 + O
Goalkeeper Dive: RS
Goalkeeper Move Side to Side: LS


Drop Kick: O / ■
Throw / Pass: X
Charge / Drop Ball: ▲
Stay on Goal Line: ▲ (Double tap)
Pick Up Ball: R1

In-game Quick Tactics

Offside Trap: ↑ then ↑
Team Press: ↑ then ↓
Swap Wings: ↑ then ←
CB Joins Attack: ↑ then →

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