FIFA 14 Women’s Football

FIFA 14 Women Football

Will FIFA 14 have women’s football included? … FIFPlay and its community users have been always suggesting EA to include women’s football since 2006 to FIFA game – However EA officially said last year that there is no any plan to add women’s soccer to FIFA game.

Women’s soccer has been growing recently around the world and nowadays there are more interests in it than before. Adding girl footballers to the game could not only open a new market to EA Sports FIFA game, but also could help women’s soccer to get more popular among the youth gamers.

Perhaps the biggest issue for EA to add this feature is the licensing matter, but we are sure that the benefits would be greater.

Stay tuned here for the latest on FIFA 14 Women’s Football news here …

A petition to push EA to add Women’s Football to FIFA 14

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24 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Women’s Football

  1. I am a girl and I play fifa myself. I think it’s a good idea that womens fifa would come out because it would make women’s football more popular.

  2. I think The lady Soccer players should be in FIFA. The U.S Women’s Soccer team is a better team than the men’s. Players like Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach deserve to be in the game. Look at what these ladies did for Soccer in general as far as the Attendance goes. I don’t see the problem. There are alot of girls who enjoy playing video games and deserve to be able to play as there favorite female Soccer players.

  3. Jesus Christ, the comments section is terrifying here. We’ve just found a new challenger to Yahoo! News and YouTube.

  4. not being sexist but id rather see EA work on making the game better with new features and the servers instead of them dividing there time to this as well

  5. For what women only need to cook dinner, wash clothes take care of kids. Never seen too many girls interested in video-games it would be a complete failure who needs this ?

  6. I stand by all the women at there that would love to see ladies in the FIFA game, In my opinion it should have happened a long time ago, too many sexist men out their and l think ladies that play the game of football have just as much of a right to star in a footballing video game as much as men do, l’m a male myself but no pig and will not stand by to see the ladies pushed down like they are not importent because they are importent

    1. Why you are complaining about a videogame for women? are you a girl or what? why is a huge problem for you to have only men on soccer games? is not about sexism and discrimination, it’s about what most people prefer to buy and watch, obviously people want to see the best of the best, is like if you complain because sub 17 or sub 20 soccer teams dont have the same attention as mayor division teams, is not discrimination because they are not the best of the best in the world, the same thing happens in boxing with super-whelter fights compared with feather fights vs whelter fights and superwelter, obviously the last one has more attention and are more important than feather division.

      Besides i wont buy a fifa game with women players just because some idiots thinks is sexist if i dont want to buy it and consider them as good as men, in that case you are being sexist against those men players and their merit and efforts to be consider the best of the world just because some idiots are traumatized with feminist ideologies, that is really sexist and unfair for those men to be consider as same as women competitors just for fill a gender cuota.

    2. haha… importent .. do you understand now!! they are importent! the only thing that is “importent” is that they concentrate on making the game better, and adding more male leagues. its just boring watching womens fooball. cant imagine playing it.

  7. Everyone who’s saying that women have no right to be in a FIFA game are sexist arseholes. However, having women’s football in FIFA would be too much of an inconveinience for the programmers. So they should make a seperate game for women’s football, I’d definitely buy that

  8. In my mide its not a good idea. So not the womens football or they put womens football on fifa14 and fifa14 comes out of sell on 2016! So dont even think abaut that womensfootball

    1. He is right they are to busy washing clothes, cooking and taking care of kids no need for them to play football.

  9. if they add the women’s league in the near future they have got to add the powerchair football leagues.

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