FIFA 14 Tips on Sprinting

FIFA 14 Tutorial: Get more from Sprinting in FIFA 14 (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)- By Darren Cross

Sprinting in FIFA 14 has been completely altered; meaning players now need to think a lot more when in possession of the ball. Holding RT to sprint constantly is likely result in over-running with the ball; either into trouble or out of play. Releasing RT when approaching danger will allow for greater movement and overall control of the situation. Releasing sprint will also allow for tighter turning circles.

To get the most from sprinting, create space ahead of the player in possession either through turns or feints and then use sprint to burst away from a marker. Pay attention to a defenders position and body shape when approaching and consider whether there is space to sprint past them without being tackled. If in a fast paced situation, release RT briefly when sprinting towards a defender, change direction, and then sprint again to perform a sharp turn away from a defender.

Whilst defending, sprint should still be used sparingly to avoid over-running tackles which will often provide any attacker with a free pass directly to goal. Slowing down and focusing on an attacker’s movement and options rather than desperately committing to the tackle will always provide better results.

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