FIFA 14 Tips – Build an Effective Attack

FIFA 14 Tips: Learn how to build an effective attack in FIFA 14. By Darren Cross.

It is difficult to create goal scoring opportunities, but with a bit of practice and patience, you will soon see results. Take your time to look at the space available to attackers and plan passes accordingly. Passing to a player who is surrounded by defenders will more often than not result in a loss of possession. If a striker is in trouble, playing the ball is a quick way to relieve pressure and can sometimes result in an opportunity for a cheeky through ball.

Using LB to modify player runs can be a great way to create chances, but make sure that the overlapping player is not running into an isolated area. If space is not opening up on the wings, switching the play across the pitch with X can pull defenders out of position and create chances. Looking through the team management screen for your best passers can benefit when it comes to the match, as you know which players will have the most success with both effective and ambitious passes.

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