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FIFA 13 Review T3

FIFA 13 Review: Hands-on
Written by T3

FIFA 13 isn’t in competition with Pro Evolution Soccer anymore. It’s in competition with prior FIFA titles, which EA make changes and tweaks every year.

FIFA 13 is likely to give its fan base some teething problems. As is the case every year, EA’s world-conquering football sim comes packaged with a ton of tweaks, tucks and modifications to its in-game engine. Taken separately, they don’t add up to much, but when combined, they dramatically alter FIFA’s in-game experience, making it look, sound and feel more authentic.
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  1. help help help help, kérdésem az volna,hogyan lehetne azt megoldani hogy a fifa13 pc manager mod sesons size 15 years? helyett minimum 30-40 years seson lehessen játszani???!!!! mit, és hol kell átirni,hogy engedje a játék ,??? valami program ?? editor?? stb ?? köszönöm a segitségeteket,nagyon várom a megoldást !!!!!

  2. I’d like to see a pre match interview before games and maybe after games. Team talks before games. Career mode: As a player,individual honors; golden boot, Ballon d or, etc

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