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All Mankind

An Aussie music band, All Mankind, will be featured in FIFA 12 Soundtrack this year. All Mankind, which we found them very friendly, gave us a chance to ask them some questions about themselves, football and gaming. We asked Dave Beeston (drums) to introduce All Mankind to FIFPlay community:

Hi there, we are All Mankind a band from Sydney, Australia. There are 4 of us in the band Rich Beeston – Singer, keys, guitar. Dorny – Lead guitar. Gavin Perkins – Bass and Dave Beeston – drums.

How did you come up with your band name?
Dave Beeston: A band name is something that is sometimes so hard to come up with, it can sometimes take months and when you have a bunch of people trying to agree on the same thing, it makes it even harder. One thing that we knew was that other peoples lyrics always have great band names hidden within them. So I went searching in some lyrics and jotted down a few different ideas on names we could possibly use. One of the ideas was “All Mankind” from the song Mankind by Pearl Jam. For whatever reason it really resonated with us and it felt good so we stuck with it. It was fairly painless which in my experience is almost unheard of, so we were pretty lucky it came together so smoothly.

How and when did the collaboration between you and EA Sports first come about?
Dave Beeston: That’s a hard one. It’s tough to lock down exactly when they got in contact with our management but we have known about Break The Spell being on the sound track for sometime. Maybe sometime early in the year we knew, so we have been sitting on it for a long while now!

Do you guys play computer-games?
Dave Beeston: Yeah we do. I have always been a gamer myself, i love to read the blogs and watch a show that is screened here in Australia called Good Game which is awesome. Gav is into the games a fair bit as well. Rich and Dorny aren’t so much in to games, they are more casual with it. In all honesty Dorny doesn’t really like any games except for FIFA, and that’s not just because we are on the soundtrack, that’s just the way he has been for years.

What are your favorite games, are you playing FIFA as well?
Dave Beeston: I have so many favourite games! You know i love a lot of the classics, Monkey Island, Dune 2, Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Quake those types of games. Recently it’s been Dead Rising 2, Crysis 2, L.A. Noir, Battlefield, COD. I do love a shooter. I don’t own FIFA currently, but my mates do and so we are often just spending a few hours at their places and playing against each other.

Do you guys support any football club/team?
Dave Beeston: We are local Sydney boys so i guess that means by defult we support Sydney F.C. in the A-League here in Australia. As far as European clubs go, we have a soft spot for Machester United mostly because we have gone to Old Trafford and have a bunch of really good friends who are hardcore Man U fans.

What would you suggest to EA developers to add to FIFA 13?
Dave Beeston: As far as gameplay goes, i don’t have any real suggestions there but i can tell you that if EA wanted to add some All Mankind to next years soundtrack they are more than welcome!

What’s next for All Mankind?
Dave Beeston: We are about to release our new single which is called ‘Can You Hear Me?’ which will be available everywhere. After that in September we are releasing our album ‘Simple Desire’ which was recorded last year in Liverpool. We will also be touring around Europe a lot starting in late September. If you want to keep track of where we are we would love for you to check us out at or on our Facebook page:


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