FIFA 10 Demo – Your Feedback

FIFA 10 Demo was released on September 10, 2009. However the FIFA 10 demo does not have all the features available on the full version, but the main gameplay features and most changes have been made to the game.

If you have the opportunity to play FIFA 10 demo, please share with us your comments and feedback here at FIFPlay.

We will review your feedback and publish it here. Your comments will be shared with EA developers and producers.

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9 thoughts on “FIFA 10 Demo – Your Feedback

  1. Camera:
    The camera moves to slow!!! When you play the ball from fx. your midfield to your attack, the camera can’t follow the ball fast enough…
    Then when the forward gets the ball, he is in the side of your screen and it’s impossible to do anything with him beside running away from the opponent’s defence, because you will loose the ball if you turn your front against the defence.

  2. The radar is very useless…
    The players on the radar are allmost invisible, and it’s impossible to tell the difference between your own players and the opponent.
    These two things make the radar totaly useless:(

    It’s sad because the radar can be very helpfull when you’re playing.

  3. I have been playing the FIFA10 demo a couple of days now and seen a few things that could and should be better..

    Before the match starts and u see the teams line-ups(not infront of crowds) the goalkeeper has the same colour jersey as the outfielders do they should have their on kit on there..
    GAMEPLAY: The keepers doesn’t go up to catch or steer away the ball on corners and crosses into the box so the attackers almost have all the time in the world to aim and head it in net.
    And when the CPU has a goalkick and kicks it up too the center of the field my defenders doesn’t challenge the attackers there either(well sometimes they do but not often) and also the speed of the game goes at bit fast to be realistic it needs to be slowdown.

    CUTSCENES: When a player gets injured he stands up and signals to the bench “I’m okay I can play on”.. But five seconds later when the cutscene is over I have to sub him out despite he showed he was OK. And where is the medical team and stretcher I was really hoping on seeing them this year. And freekicks and throw-ins, why do the players pop into positions they should run back from where ever they are and not just pop back by magic..

    Good Game despite that do!!

  4. I started playing the demo today. I noticed three bugs which i thought should be taken care of before the full game is released. 1 is a screen capture and the others are 10 second game saves. Where can i send them to?
    The screen capture shows a Chelsea substitution where Zhirkov comes in on the 72th minute. On the 88th minute, he is substituted for Ballack. On the match facts, it registered that there were no injuries, and the player did not limp off.
    One of the replays shows a player coming off the wall during a free kick, before the taker kicks the ball. The player subsequently blocks the shot. It happened twice!

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