FC 25 UEFA Champions League

FC 25 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is featured throughout the FC 25 game modes. The content for the UEFA Champions League in EA Sports FC 25 including the tournament formation, clubs and players follows the UCL season 2023-2025.

UEFA Champions League is available in the following FC 25 game modes:

Ultimate Team

Special UEFA Champions League events and players are available in FC 25 Ultimate Team. Take a look at the full list of UCL Players in FC 25.

Tournament Mode

You can play the entire UEFA Champions League season 2024-25 tournament in Tournaments mode of FC 25. You can also customise the tournament in your own way and play it with your friends.

Check out the FC 25 Tournaments Mode for more information.

Kick Off Mode

UEFA Champions League teams and tournament stages are also playing in the Kick Off mode. You can create a match and play UCL games with CPU AI or your friends in the following UCL stages:

  • UCL Group Stage
  • UCL Semi-Finals
  • UCL Final

Career Mode

Uefa Champions League as well as UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League are available throughout the FC 25 Career Mode. Depending on your team and league, you will get to play these UEFA competition through your career.


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