FC 25 Featured TOTW Players

FC 25 Featured Team of the Week

Featured TOTW players in FC 25 Ultimate Team are selected TOTW players with an additional boost because of their good real-life performance in the week that they have been selected by EA. To be eligible for a featured TOTW player card, a player must meet certain requirements as follows:

  • Their highest rated base or performance-based item must be rated 80 or below.
  • They must not have an active live item.

Featured TOTW players will work the same way as normal TOTW players in SBCs, Squad Requirements, Rewards, Objectives, and Packs.

Featured TOTW players will be available in FC 25 packs and are expected to be redeemable either through SBCs or by completing a Featured TOTW objective group.


Featured TOTW Players list is available here from September 18, 2023:

  • TBA

How to distinguish between TOTW and Featured TOTW players?

Featured TOTW player cards will have a star icon above their Overall Rating.


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