FC 25 Mystery Ball

FC 25 Mystery Ball

Mystery Ball is a friendly game type in EA FC 25 and FC Ultimate Team that offers the attacking team bonuses to their Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Speed, or All qualities, making each match more unpredictable.

Each game of Mystery Ball will be completely random. When the ball is taken out of play, the game will select a new mystery ball type at random, each with a different goal range ranging from 1 to 3 goals.


The boosts in Mystery Ball mode are completely random, and they will switch to a different type when the ball is removed from play or the game is restarted. The following is a list of these random bonuses:

  • Passing Boost
  • Shooting Boost
  • Dribbling Boost
  • Speed Boost
  • All Attributes Boost

Custom Goal Range

A Mystery Ball will be allocated a goal range at random. The range will be from one to three goals, with a single goal counting toward the assigned range.

How to Play Mystery Ball Mode

Mystery Ball friendly mode is available in Ultimate Team > PLAY tab > FRIENDLIES (Couch Play / Play Online / Play A Friend).

In FIFA Kick off mode, it is available under House Rules mode.


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