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Kick Off Mode

A game mode in FIFA which allows you to quickly set up an offline unranked friendly match against either the CPU (up to 5 v CPU) or real player(s) on the same machine (up to 5v5). Kick Off mode uses the Live Form feature to create a tailored match session for you and to update teams with their latest formation and starting lineup, as well as adjusts the ratings of Players to represent their recent performances.


Previously known as "Exhibition", "Friendly" and "Play Now", this game mode was titled as "KICK OFF" for the first time in FIFA 07.

Clubs & Teams

All international teams and clubs available in FIFA game are there to be selected for each side in Kick Off mode. It is even possible for each side to select the same team as each other. Women's national teams cannot be played against any Men's national or club teams.

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