eFootball 2024 Wishlist

eFootball 2024

Write your wishlist for the next version of eFootball game from Konami. Show the game developers what you would like to see in eFootball 24.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of eFootball (PES) here and will try to send them to eFootball developers at Konami Entertainment.

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70 thoughts on “eFootball 2024 Wishlist

  1. Add master league/becoming a legend player career mode. For player creation, I think it should be formatted the same way it was in PES 2021 (like facial and physique structure). I also think adding some hairstyle options, such as adding blonde highlights or if you want fade certain hairstyles, should be included and would really add volume to the game.

  2. Please add fully editable kits and boots as in PES6, but with new/modern design options.
    Please also add a tool, in which we can design our own home stadium with elements we have to earn first.


  3. Please add good players for efootball points like: David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Adriano. Please bring back the superstar legend challenge where you can get a free legend. Please make the gameplay a lot smoother and last but not least make dribbling easier and smoother for mobile players!

      1. I would really like to see konami add a feature where you can change the player playstyle like from a classic no 10 to a hole player for an AMF player, its really gonna be helpful and make the game more fun

  4. Konami tolong speed beknya itu yang logis ya dan kalau bisa tambahin wasit tapi jangan terlalu berat gamenya,,, thanks

  5. Konami please bring back Pes21 vibe and make more license team. I’m pretty that this is the best way to beat Fifa 23 and EAFC24.

  6. In efootball 24 bring the number of stadium which you’ve got the licence like man United(old Trafford) Barcelona (camp nou) Milan(San siro) and more…
    Add more realistic features which attracts lot of people to play the game
    Bring new tournaments which got the finals.
    Add new referees
    Bring good gameplays
    Add new players like Zidane pele Ronaldo 9
    And more
    Don’t be boring with the game like this year efootball 23
    Bring more and more new things and make realistic……@konami @unreal engine

  7. In Master League, EFootball 24 should regenerated retired players with new names and new faces.. It would be a lot better and exciting !!!
    I wanna see also the Gold Cup in EFootball 24 because i think EFootball would attract more players if they put more caribbean countries…
    The Greatest Evolution For Me In EFootball 24 would be implementing the VAR !! It would give to EFootball the same attraction they had when it was PES !!

  8. Salut Konami pour la nouvelle version de efootball 24 j’aimerais que l’apparence du jeu soit meilleure que les passes , tirs et autres soient moins assistés et que l’animation du jeu évolue merci et mettez y du cœur ❤️

  9. I would like to see.

    Better Graphics in game. More of a living stadium and a proper match day atmosphere.

    New menu look and layout. Should be more intuitive. Such as being able to go back to the home screen from any point. Game plan from any point.

    More play styles and tactical options like in Old PES games, such as players distance from each other.

    Gameplay improvements.

    Attacking needs better AI awareness and player positioning. Better through balls that attack the space. The passes get played too close to defenders to easily intercept.

    More shooting animations and better choice of shot depending on the situation. More acrobatic shots, especially between the 6 yard box and edge of the box.

    Lofted passes need a tiny bit more speed due to defenders intercepting them too easily. Also height and power should factor in to running speed and positioning of player.

    Shielding and shoulder barge need a rebalance. Need to stop the freezing of attacking players.

    Higher dipping shots.

    Interia needs reintroduction.

    Low stamina needs to be more of a factor and new animations to reflect that during play.

    Defenders need the catch up bug reduced. Also make interceptions from passes random and not controlled perfectly.

    Keepers need more animations and better catching when appropriate. Stop the superman saves!

    Offline options need enabling such as match length, weather and time of day.

    Be able to play your dream team in offline modes and training.

  10. Please konami bring back become a legend with champions league licensing if possible and licensing for all european and domestic competitions

  11. Points positifs:
    game play

    Points négatifs:
    – les touches
    – les joueurs qui s’arrête par frustration ou j’en sais rien a enlever tu lock un joueur et il bouge pas pendant 5 sec parcequ’il a perdu son duel
    – les gardiens qui reste sur leur ligne au lieu de fermer l’angle en etant sur le côté ça c’est trop chiant tu prend des buts pour rien ou les gardiens qui reste par terre 30 sec pour rien juste pour te faire prendre un but
    – la defence qui ce barre pour jouer me hors jeu alors que ya pas hors jeu du coup tu prend un but de merde. Les lateraux qui sont jamais sur leur joueur tous le temps au centre ca sert a rien ptn
    – les passes un coup petite jauge c’est une petite passe l’autre fois c’est fort et inversement

    Ajout possible :
    ligue des masters
    faire des tournois en ligne
    saison en ligne

  12. Konami uses the potential inherent in the Unreal engine because so far it seems like we are getting 1 very dumbed-down graphics, we would like it to be exploited to the fullest extent, e.g. grass realism, stadium atmosphere, weather, more realistic physics, for example goal net, ball deformation and sound when kicked, realistic skin color of the players and texture, hair textures could make longer hair flutter than in reality
    more lifelike face animations in playback
    it would be good if it was as modder friendly as possible, e.g. you could add more shoes, balls, leagues, stadiums, if you could use stadiums in pes 21 in vain, I could only use them in kick off mode, it would be nice if I could also use them in the master league because it bothers me that as a pool fan I can’t play the domestic matches in their stadium, I would be happy if the stadiums of the main leagues could be included in ways as if they were inside by default

  13. What I want in Efootball 24 is for Pes 21 graphics master league a career mode better physics for players an allow mobile users to enjoy it as well

  14. I love the game the way it is, some few adjustments on the field like: more celebrations to choose from, different stadiums to play in, also add more different designs of the football pitch, all players should have a stadium, to be able to customize it to their preference with in game currencies, the spectators on the field could look more realistic, upgraded commentary with announcer. Graphics is brilliant but also needs upgrading, players response to activities on the field should be realistic, i.e not easily repeated, addition of referees e.t.c. Addition of master league is compulsory, become a legend should also be available even if both are paid DLCs. I don’t think edit mode should be added, it’s efootball not pes, the co-op should be available also. I’m not speaking for my self but for also the fan base at my place. WE LOVE eFootball, keep it up guys.

    1. I think the commentators say the same stuff and should say new stuff,and new referee’s would be better too but new jersey’s that are current would be better

  15. I would want you to bring in the Bundesliga and the Champions League into Efootball 2024 and also make Time modes available for changing.
    Also upgrading players over 100

  16. Give it the pes 21 graphics with Efootball 23 player designs and add masters league and become a legend with edit mode and it would be perfect and add handball too with it being able to turn on are off and fix the crowd and supporters sounds

  17. Konami add character creator, career mode, the apertura and clasura for the Liga Mx then add more celebrations and new ones like dances,flips. Also add new team logos that are current.

  18. Make this game a cross-platform game to increase the number of players. Nowadays, people like me waste a lot of time trying to get into a match in any modes. The game is extremely empty of players and sometimes it takes half an hour to find a match. Improve the match making

  19. Been playing Pes since iss, later winning eleven, and watched how once legendary game become money squizing slot maschine.
    Once every star player had his own realistic style of movement, shooting, dribble…
    Long passes and shots werent scripted, you could score on milion different ways, it was foodball game at its finest, real deal. Creativity was rewarded, you could play on many different ways. My advice for developers is if you dont know what to do, please put your programers in the room and let them play pes 2013, and copy the gameplay, leave the players to controll the accuracy of shots and passes, make it realistic, not scripted, also make epic, big time players standout head and shoulders above rest. Include realistic stats. You cant have Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldinho comperable, include more tactical adjustments so every player can make his own tactics. Also leave option for moding scene to do its work and include option files, so we can have all the stadiums and players lifelike. Make leagues for coop and stats, go toward realism, and you will have every young and old football fan on your team again, fifa is junk for kids that never touched ball, Pes was in the league of its own. In my country, pes was played as much as real football by kids growing up. Dont forget, you have more than billion potential users, make the game great again, and put 100 euros price on it if you like, but dont squize money from players without any substance. If you keep going this way copying Fifa, with scripted game, and lack of content, wishing to earn on player greed for epic players, it will last some time, but unfortunatelly fan base will keep getting smaller and smaller until it is finished with efootball. Be brave, hope that you will suprise us football fans once more. Fifa was never good enough to be Pes competition, be brave and come back stronger then ever, money will come

  20. Please, make a gameplay and graphics like eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE. we need master league and become a legend and licence of UEFA champions league.

  21. Add goalkeeper Victor Valdes, the legend of Barcelona, ​​or add the legends of the Barcelona team in 2011 in full

  22. *To play online matches against authentic teams.. now you play against diffrent teams but everybody has the same players..
    * the way how to shoot feels programmed.. so if that could be fine tunned.
    * too many standard goals.. if certain players get the ball on a specificaties area it is always a goal..

  23. I beg you to add a quick sim in calendar because i want to make a career and see the results every season, just like fifa!

    1. Master league back online I agree..
      But with authentic teams.. not fake overlaten Fut teams as only option

  24. The wish is to stop limiting this game and add new and especially already made animations, textures, physics and this game was purposely limited for online or better online optimization. They found durandil, that there are many files, but apparently they are not in use in the game itself, among them they found the master league in the folder. The proof is one of the two trailers, which were deleted, when they show Camp Nou with a lot of details (chairs, grass, net, lighting etc.), weather influence and that arrival of the players from the tunnel, which is well visible, beautiful graphics, perfectly made crowd, especially from afar see realistic..

  25. Need stadiums…need more of league like tournaments that holds points table and referee to be changed and more legendary players like pele Ronaldo….

    1. Make a efootball 24 lite version for phones so that phones with low ram can get a glimpse of the game and make the new game cheaper because we have to spend money in order to win

    1. Konami please use the Unreal engine to it full potential, Grass realism,stadium atmosphere,weather improvements,more realism physics like goal net,ball deformation and sound when kicked,realistic skin colour and textures of players,hair textures and physics more animations,skills and modes,improved and updated commentery also the signature runs of some players please your “Gameplay no doubt is solid Good” it may be alot but aleast some of these need attention cause Konami efootball needs to be one of the best Games .Thank you. Using the graphics from the Messi teaser a couple of years back would be mindblowing

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