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Another Nation - Σtella

Song Another Nation
Artist Σtella
Album Up and Away
Genre Alternative / Indie
Language English
Soundtrack efootball 2023

Another Nation - Σtella Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm like a new edition
I got fed up with my other version
Ooh let the tables turn high
Let the mothers and the fathers get by
I'm on a new direction
Gonna work it in another nation
Ooh, show me how you get by
Do you swing? Do you often get high?

[Instrumental Break]

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[Verse 2]
Run like a pink flamingo
You're familiar with some prison lingo
Tell all your friends about it
Now you know this is the time to ride it
Fool, I was there before you
I'm in a position to ignore you
I'm on a new direction
Gonna work it in another nation

[Instrumental Break]