eFootball 2022 – How to Complete Objectives & Claim Rewards

eFootball Objectives Guide

Objectives are challenges in eFootbal 2022 that will reward you for playing the game in a specific way. There are various types of Objectives, starting with the Career Objectives, which can be cleared by reaching certain milestones throughout your career.

There are the Weekly Objectives, which are reset every week (however, they are not available in weeks when there are no Events). There are also the Campaign Objectives, which are available for a limited period. Lastly, there are the Premium Objectives, which need to be purchased using Football Coins and give better rewards.

For in-match objectives to be deemed complete, you have to meet the completion conditions whilst also finishing the match properly.

Note that you will no longer be able to complete nor claim any rewards for objectives that have expired.

How to Complete Objectives and Receive Rewards

Completing the objectives is quite simple. You’ll just need to know the requirements of an objective and perform the objective’s needs.

eFootball Menu - Objectives

Objectives menu is available at the main screen of the eFootball 2022.

eFootball Objectives Screen

Navigate to the Objective menu and select the an objective type.

Then, check out the objective list and just follow what that objective requires you to do.

eFootball Objectives

Once an objective is completed, you’ll receive a notification in the menu informing you that an objective or some objectives are completed.

To claim the rewards, go back to the Objective list menu and select the completed objective and select Claim.

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