You Can’t Go Wrong with These Gamer Gifts

Gamer Gifts
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The popularity of online video games grows year after year. While you may think the gamer in your life spends too much time on the console, research has shown that playing video games offers many surprising benefits. Because video games have been shown to produce better surgeons, improve dyslexia and enhance decision-making skills, gaming is perhaps something you should further encourage (or take up yourself).

Whether the online gaming or esports enthusiast in your life places bets on their favorite teams or plays just for fun, you can’t go wrong with these gaming gifts.

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Anything Retro

While Duck Hunt and Pac-Man are games of the past, many gamers began by playing on the Atari or Nintendo Entertainment System. Even if they come from a later generation, game enthusiasts know and respect the roots of their favourite past time.

Atari, which came to fruition in 1972, was a pioneer in home video game systems and arcade games. Nintendo took gaming to the next level with its premiere console that emerged in 1983. Therefore, anything retro is appealing to gamers. Your gift idea is a safe choice if it has a Game Boy, pinball machine or Super Mario Brothers theme.

If you need ideas, look for the Paladon Game Boy Watch, Pac-Man Ghost Light Table Lamp or Arcade1Up Cabinet.

Gaming Gift Cards

Giving gift cards is just like giving cash – only more thoughtful. Rather than purchasing another gift card at a retail chain, consider an option that will give your gamer the most enjoyment. The Valve – Steam Wallet Gift Card – Multi gives users access to a variety of their favorite games via Steam’s online gaming network. Xbox and Playstation also offer gift cards.

All of the above may be conveniently purchased on Amazon with physical or email delivery.

Game-themed Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are a great and practical gift to give leading into a new year. While many of them feature nature scenes and animals, catering to a person’s interests offers a more personal touch.
Because wall calendars are on display throughout the year, it’s important to consider what a person would want to see each day, and a game-themed calendar is ideal decor for gamers. has plenty of options to choose from. Just search “gamers” on the website.

Customised and unique options

Get them something their friends don’t have. When it comes to customized and out-of-the-box gift ideas, Etsy is a plentiful resource.
Check out these stores for ideas:

  • Meow3DStore offers personalised headphone stands
  • DeliriousDigital sells gamer room decor
  • ChocolatesUnlimited has chocolate video game controllers
  • HappyElephantArt makes custom game controller Christmas ornaments

Before you fill your shopping cart, keep in mind that generous gaming gifts will not only make a game-lover’s day, but shows that you know and care about their interests.


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