2010 FIFA World Cup – Your Feedback & Comments

The largest football tournament is close at hand and with it comes EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup video game. Due to be released on 30th April and featuring all 199 national teams, it challenges gamers to progress through group qualification and onto world cup glory.

With game play enhancements and a real emphasize on capturing the atmosphere of a world cup, it’s sure to entice FIFA fans around the world but will it deliver enough, after only seven short months of FIFA 10 being released?

Here we encourage you to share your feedback, comments, reviews and bugs regarding EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup game:

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73 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup – Your Feedback & Comments

  1. As a whole this is such a well presented and playable game, i would however change the following to ENHANCE the games atmosphere and reality.

    1. Remove the confetti & fireworks from the opening of every WC match as this really looks silly
    2. Add more flags and enhance the Vuvuzela sound loudness
    3. Extend the national anthems and team entrances to the field (FIFA theme should play longer)
    4. Alter and change the Penalty system (its sooooo poor!!!)
    5. Commentry needs tweaking in places
    6. Also needs to be more crowd excitement build on breaks and shots that hit the post and “boos/whistles” when fouls commited are near the box.

    WC2010 is such a well made game but it really needs tweaking in places…..

  2. Fantastic game. To extend its longevity, would it be possible to enhance the ‘Story of Qualifying’ section to include some of the world’s cup greatest moments. Play as Maradona in the 1986 semi final or England vs West Germany in 1966 etc…

  3. I thought it was good but I noticed that there was a goal awarded when the ball went over the bar and dropped under the roof of the net, and it turned out to be a goal, it was easy to see on instant replay.

  4. Hey! Could EA give us (the world cup game players) an update to the world cup qualifiers go all the way back to the start, like go to the first round of qualifiers in all the continents (Europe, South-America, CONCACAF, Asia, Africa and Oceania).

    I just want to do all the qualifying stage in all the continents. I know I can costumize the teams and replace it in the place of other teams, but I really want to respect the real fixtures and give the glory to small teams that can’t compete in the qualifying stage, such as Timor Leste, Macau, and many others that can’t have a dream to compete in a world cup.

    So please EA SPORTS do an update to able me and many others to play the entire qualifying stage, because I know that I’m not the only one that want to do it (http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/world-cup-dev-team-lobby/1084036-why-dont-wc-qualifiers-go-all-way-back-start.html).

  5. world cup penalties r awsome keep it 4 11 plzzzz if u dnt like it trust me u’ll get used 2 it nd end up likin it the good thing about it is it brings alot more possibilities 2 where u can put the ball but atleast keep the fake shot

  6. i thing fifa world cup was good but some things needed to change like when a country’s national anthem came on it would go to the other team and when it was raining in the game as soon as the players walked out the were soaked also on the subject when the camera went on the manager he was dry these were the only really bad things i noticed

  7. the ghana sqaud was not right were is kevin prince, samuel inkoom, daniel adgiey, andre’ ayew, ad dominic adiyah and why was michale essien their?

  8. Good game, but there are just a few little niggles. The goalie AI needs to be improved when defending a counterattack. The goalie will stand 15 yards off his line even though the opposition is deep into his half. And it would have been better if you had included all the potential players for each country, as this would have a reflected the selection process better when setting up the game.
    Someone else also mentioned the referee, he does get in the way a bit too much. Maybe every now and then, but not a few times every game. Also, giving yellow cards 20 minutes after the offence has taken place is not realistic. Plus they don’t seem to play advantage in the right places, when you are clear on goal and the ref calls it back for a free kick on the half way line. Bit odd.
    Otherwise a very good game. Shooting is much better.

  9. Overall the coverage and excitement surrounding the World Cup was excellent. My concern with the sport is the constant diving of players to influence referees to award penalties. This puts a negative dark cloud over the sport and players. The final match between Spain and Netherlands i believe was marred by this and reduced my respect for referrees and players

  10. Sometimes, your player scores a goal and instead of the celebrations u get to see your player doing the animations of a disappointed miss again and again without being able to end it. Big problem.

    Another would be a rather minor one but i think the vuvuzelas should have been louder 😛

  11. I love this game. It would have been great if the Philippines were included in this game regardless of the fact that they didn’t compete in this year’s world cup. You need to make a DLC pack for this kind of stuff.

  12. i brought this game so i could finaly play with south african players, all you did was transfer the squads u had from fifa 09 an 10 to the world cup game. the squad is inaccurate! we are the host nation sum effort could of been put in! the lifespan of the game is every short some extras are needed. and mayb you should include all continetal international compertions eg. afcon, copa america. and the confed cup should be included.

  13. How about you actually make great players act like it in the game. Buffon gives up an easy goal from 35m away…when it was right at his feet!!!!!! I agree with everyone else too, you need to let the players keep composure and not lose it if a goal is conceded. Too many times I have seen Carlos Tevez or Klose lose the ball when it was a soft pass at the feet. I see it all the time online as well. Either my star player(s) or the opponents, they always let it slip away and it costs them the game. How many easy goals do you have to watch before you fix it? My keeper saves it but the CPU defender runs into him and knocks it loose. Lastly, why do you have to keep downloading the squad roster over and over. I get done with a game online, start a new one and have to download the same roster I just downloaded and saved 20 minutes earlier. Disappointed

  14. micheal owen should of been there ,i think once u win the w0rld cup theres n0thing left t0 d0 because captain y0ur c0untry is just be a pr0

  15. Can’t tell who I am in multiplayer (blue/red) because of the new outlined icon …nightmare! A change for the worse that’s really spoiling fifa night here.

  16. Hi.
    i am big fan of FIFA world CUP but this year it has been really frustrating for all of us here to listen to that Bee Music in the background of any match. Till last world cup we always listen to people cheering and singing but in this world cup in south Africa Music in the Background is “Pain in the ASS”. Requesting you to STOP it and strictly and lawfully advice people not to play any instruments in the Background.
    Would be Appreciated

    Thanks and Regards,

  17. you should make every team have real kits not some stupid fake ones
    also we should be able to use our virtiul pros score in fifa 10 for this game and be able to pick our stats for a created player like in fifa 10.
    everytime i edit my virtiual pro and my created player in this game it never saves. evrytime i turn the game off and i play it again it changes back to normal or if i go to a game mode then comeback to play a kickoff match it never saves in this game.

  18. Some of the calls made by the referee in the US/Slovenia, Koman Colibaly, most notably the disallowance of the goal off of the free kick, were not just poor, but outrageous. Even the commentators were shocked and upset. My spectator circle felt, as Landon Donovan described himself after the game, ‘gutted’. The US was robbed of a very fine and deserved win. This is a worldwide arena with lives, careers, money and national pride dependent on the outcomes. An official as incompetent or influenced should not be allowed to serve in that venue. He makes Cup officiating appear suspect.

  19. i think the south african team needs more practice and there is no team work as shabalala wants to lay alone! and the team isn’t defending at all

  20. Why isn’t there a squad selection option and a kit number option. as is i have to use the default squads with some of my favourite players missing and if i want to change their squad numbers i have to mess about individually editing each player’s number AND in the finals players keep their squad numbers from qualifying even if the numbers are over 23 which isn’t allowed because in real life you have to assign the numbers 1-23 to your players

  21. brand new goalkeeper animations should be added like more realistic diving
    love the new penalty sytem from fifa world cup this should be included, it makes penaltys more unpredictable and nervy. ITS GREAT!!!!!
    new goal keeper animations should be made, more realistic divings and saves


  23. what a bing loody shame!!!.. I looked forward so much to enjoying watching the game on tv in Australia. But all I got was a “swarm of bees”. Annoying to say the least. So after watching the first 10 minutes of the first match I switched off the tv. I just could not stand the blaring trumpets that just sounded like a swarm of bees drowning out everything. I woke up 5 hours later and hoped that the initial excitment may have died down. But no……….another match and another annoying sound spoiling the viewing. So I switched the tv off. What a bloody shame these games have been ruined by this completely annoying monotone

  24. its not fair for those who only have the budget to buy a ps2 don’t get to enjoy the game..if i may, you should publish a ps2 version for his game

  25. captian your country is a lot better view and game play only thing i have wrong with the game is sometimes the passing goes where you dont want it too

  26. On difficulties World Class or higher the AI are almost only trying to go through on the side and making crosses. Get kind of boring after a while.
    The idea of gaining and losing momentum when you score or concede a goal has been taken to far. There is now to much difference in how the player handle a simple pass after you’ve conceded compared to before you did it. It gets kind of silly.

    Fix those two things and I would be the most satisfied player

  27. the games sucks as the squard is fixed no more selection of player :(, i think gold memberhip is needed to update the squard 🙁 . ea is quite lazy this time round

  28. Fantastic game, just two problems :

    The penatly composure par cuts out of the bottom of my screen and I have tried everything but to no avail. This makes penalty taking sheer luck.

    Secondly, the goalies are far too good, especially in one – on – one situations.


  29. This game has pretty much decided for me that I won’t be buying anymore soccer games released by EA.

  30. EA must create a PC version of FIFA World Cup South Africa game. This is my only suggestion.

  31. please get rid of captain ur country and allow the player to create as much players as they want. i was really annoyed when i could only create a maximum of 4 players. please dont let that be the case in the next international game

  32. The atmosphere needs to be improved. The crowd dont sing songs anny more and are quite boring. There should be a huge difference in noice when you score a late goal or against a rival or title deciding goal. Also weather did imrpove from 09 but the weather is random on 10, i ended up playing in 6 or 7 games in a row of snow in march. The weather shoud be more accurate to the time of year, sun in the summer, rain and some snow in the winter. Also the weekday matches should always be at the night as well should the champions league. There should be transfer updates and boots updates, because there is always a new boot out and you always want the new stuff for pro.

  33. well i play with Panama in CONCACAF and there some major issues bothering me when i play. 1st off Panama is missing its Captain Felipe Baloy a defender and a star player for panama, instead in the game it was given to a striker. it’s missing numerous key players that make Panama who they are in the Pitch. 2nd there jerseys could be fixed they are not the same in real life. the faces some are good and i give that to you and some not so much but i just want the key players that are missing so my team can play how they should play against other teams; and the jerseys updated please!

  34. I found that the online gameplay was a bit laggy, and that the goal celebrations were a bit silly and pointless, where would you see wayne rooney, doing some breakdancing and balancing on his head- totally unrealistic, referee’s are useless, they get in the way of the ball too much, and as stated with fifa 10 the referee needs to either stop the play or give the advantage not give the advantage then 25 mins later give you a yellow card for the challenge, if a ref did this in a real game he would get slapped, I find the online world cup a bit harsh in level wise, you could have a world class player playing against an amateur which is a bit unfair and would maybe take them ages to get the online achievements for winning the world cup- other than these faults- AN AWESOME GAME 4 OUT OF 5

  35. Not a great game… The referees seem ridiculously unfair in it giving out fouls for EVERY single little thing, the commentators repeat themselfs allot and I dont like the changes in pace with the game the more I played it the more it felt like PES.

  36. Seems online feature improved but still a bit laggy, especially during peak hours.
    Should do something for next version, like adding more EA servers, or reducing other client-side’s processes such as (hi-res) graphic details for people who do not have high-speed connection.

  37. Well I really like the game, and can see myself spending a lot of time on it, however there are a couple of major issues, and a few things that are irritating. I had always been pro PES until the last few poor renditions, and do believe FIFA to be the better game now.

    Things that need to be addressed:

    Being ex-PES, I use the ‘New Alternate’ control style. Pressing ‘B’ to exit the instant replay SHOULD NOT CAUSE MY PLAYER TO KICK THE BALL when returning to the action. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

    My defenders should not be wearing Lead Boots and taking Depressants. The opposition defenders should not be taking Speed and Steroids. This apparently is not a PES specific trait then.

    In the menus, pressing right on the D-Pad should NOT be the same as pressing the ‘A’ button. The 360’s D-Pad is shocking, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

    There are times when my cpu controlled team mates simply WILL NOT run forward into space. YOU ARE A WINGER, RUN DAMMIT.

    Using the D-Pad to select tactics is shaky at best. It often doesn’t work while the ball is out of play, and is hard to use when the ball is in play.

    The keepers should show their respective jersey colours on the player ratings screen, and not be the same as the outfielders.

    The rest of the game is brilliant, the presentation is fantastic and the atmosphere is great. Kudos.

  38. Its gameplay is good, but still needs improvement some more realistic movements, like in the vid you have it at your youtube for pes 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB_guJ5OxuA.

    Teams data such as players, kits and etc. are only good for famous teams, rest mostly wrong or not exactly like as in real world.

    You have the bird’s view cam over stadium, but there is no city around the stadium.

  39. can someone at ea fix the uniform for Peru its just completely wrong and thats so disrespectful to a team thats played in previous world cups and has a goal in the fifa all time world goals list. all it needs is a stripe the way the united states has now


  41. At the very end of the game in the FIFA WC 2010 demo, a Spanish player slide tackled an Italian player around mid field. The play continued due to the referee giving advantage, but the game ended almost immediately. However, the Italian player was injured, and after the camera had warped a bit like it does when the game comes to a close, it then showed the cut scene for injured players. At this point I was asked to substitute the player even though the game was over. Upon substituting Giuseppe Rossi for the injured player, the game tried to commence but instead froze almost immediately during the end game cut scene, as the camera panned across the field. In EA terms, this would be an A level, or showstopper bug.

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