2010 FIFA World Cup – Your Feedback & Comments

The largest football tournament is close at hand and with it comes EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup video game. Due to be released on 30th April and featuring all 199 national teams, it challenges gamers to progress through group qualification and onto world cup glory.

With game play enhancements and a real emphasize on capturing the atmosphere of a world cup, it’s sure to entice FIFA fans around the world but will it deliver enough, after only seven short months of FIFA 10 being released?

Here we encourage you to share your feedback, comments, reviews and bugs regarding EA’s 2010 FIFA World Cup game:

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73 thoughts on “2010 FIFA World Cup – Your Feedback & Comments

  1. I love the World Cup editions of FIFA Soccer, but I can not rate them any higher than 4 stars out of five because of a lack of a truly deep international setup in its campaign mode. I find it rather disappointing that they never capitalise on the fact that the game should be more about the passion and pageantry of international football than just the world cup. If EA just wants to cash in on the World Cup in its particular year that’s fine, but there should be an alternative game that includes all the zonal championships: African Cup of Nations, Asian Cup, Euro, Concacaf Gold Cup, Copa America, Oceania, including FIFA Confederations Cup and the World Cup. You can also accept four nations invite tournaments and friendlies of course at some point in your international manager career. EA please get to making FIFA soccer National Teams Edition, we are aching for it.

  2. This was pretty amazing better than FIFA 11 really it was the fact that you could be any team in the world weather they are good or bad and all the players were real, you could also properly lift the world cup with a proper presentation and the FIFA song which you can’t do on FIFA 11, the penalty shoot out thing when you could go straight into it was really good and when you could select your teams that was cool, the only thing that would have been cooler is if the invisible Walls and no infringements addition would have been that were on world cup 2006 game and they were brilliant also when a game was on dusk it should have gone into night during the game like in the real world cup which is a tip for future FIFAs and the songs were really good and that’s about it really goodbye bye

  3. It was a lot better than fifa 10. The graphics weren’t that good. fifa 12 is gonna be awesome. The best! EA sports rocks!

  4. one of the best games i have ever played very good choice of what team u can go from any continent

  5. Paul G I think that’s a pretty accurate assessment of most FIFA games although more apparent in WC 10. There are times in FIFA 11, where inexplicably any team I choose will be sluggish and sloppy anywhere up to 5 games or more sometimes. Even playing online with supposedly inferior opponents. There are times when it just seems like you weren’t meant to win, and that is very frustrating. Hopefully they can rectify this in future edition.

  6. That game was fun stuff I would like to see in Fifa 12 but the graphics were ok it was a little unrealistic.

  7. the game is very very unrealistic. scotland beat spain16-7 on amature difficultywhen on fifa i have not lost in 267 games!

  8. I love this game but i dont get why when you win the world cup in captin your country you can’t play any more games with that player?! Also can you transfer your player(s) to fifa 11 and continue their carerr?

  9. game is great but should get more options like international manager and pool from the team rosters

  10. There is one thing about this game that drives me nuts– and that thats its rigged to a much greater extent than FIFA 10 or 11. Away games are incredibly difficult to win. Playing with Argentina, on world class difficulty, I’ll beat someone like peru 6-0 at home, and then really struggle to even win when on the road.

    I think this is because there is so much more variation in ability between the teams compared to in league play in FIFA 10 or 11, so EA Sports messed with their algorithms to make the computer more competitive. The result is a frustrating, and ofter seemingly arbitrary gaming experience. Whats frustrating is that you do not know when or why the game will start messing with you, and it does so inconsistently so its very hard to adapt.

    The mechanisms for this are frustrating. The game play makes your own passing less accurate, so there are giveaways all over the place. Second, it makes your players bounce the ball far away from them when they receive a pass, so its very difficult to maintain possession in tight spaces. Third, fouls and penalties are called against you very liberally, especially for PKs. I played an entire PL season without a PK called against me in FIFA 10, then in important games (against even inferior opponents) will have 2-3. Its insane.

    Additionally, there are times when the game takes over and the computer is unstoppable. Its programmed to score at certain times. I can tell when this is happening because my passes get sloppy, the computer speeds up, and the computer individuals become fiercely accurate and powerful in all their shots. In terms of speed, I’ve had a fully rested Messi chased down from behind by multiple defenders from Ireland on a breakaway. I know from qualifying with Ireland that none of those guys have anything like that speed. But in away games against me they freaking do.

    I once, during a WC game, had France light on fire and score 3 goals in 10 minutes. 2 pks were called against me in that stretch. I hadn’t given up 3 goals in a game in over 100 games in FIFA 10. I reset the game. Same thing happened next game, same time interval. And another PK called. When they got to 3 goals they let up and it was back to normal.

    The game is rigged, and very inconsistent. I’m fine with and embrace difficulty, but it makes it difficult my impairing your own ability to do things, which is just frustrating, and the fact that its programmed to manifest certain programs makes it seem arbitrary whether you won or lost– its no longer a game and its more like an interactive movie. Which is a TOTALLY different experience.

    The lack of transparency with what they are doing compromises the integrity and value of the game. We play games because they teach us things about competing and learning, and learn an aggressive approach to solving problems and getting better. When there are opaque, inconsistently applied rules, the game loses its value, and becomes an interactive experience, like a movie, where the user is ceding control, and submitting to a level of manipulation for entertainment purposes. But it needs to be transparent. Otherwise they are just cheap tricks, and its not a good, fair transparent game.

    So this is why I never play the WC game anymore.

  11. There is a MAJOR GLITCH in the in game World Cup tournament regarding the qualification to the last 16 round. I came last in my group (4th) and still qualified to the knock out round!?!? This also happens to some AI teams that come 3rd or 4th but still make it to the knockout round over position 2 teams! Extremely annoying!!!

  12. The game was pretty good, was brighter than the actual tournament haha! Trophies were hard though. Especially because everyone online played with Spain, Germany, France or England.

  13. This is a much more polished version of what Fifa 10 should have been if they released it a couple of weeks after 😀

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