Will FIFA Ever Receive a VR Release?

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The rise of virtual reality gaming in recent years has been unprecedented, with very few people expecting the VR gaming experience to take off as quickly as it has. While the devices required for virtual reality gaming are still considered to be quite pricey in the modern games market, developers have continued to convert their best titles to bring their fans an incredible first-person experience.

Standing as the biggest game that Electronic Arts has to offer; we wonder if FIFA will ever receive a virtual reality version.

Jumpstart the Franchise

The FIFA video game will always boast a massive audience and will always be able to rake in tonnes of extra cash through the micropayments employed in their most popular game mode, Ultimate Team. So, one would assume that they would have the resources to expand into any new area that they want.

Over the last few releases of FIFA, EA has been given some stick for doing little to evolve the game, seen to mostly just update rosters and graphics with a few added gameplay tweaks. So getting on the VR wagon would certainly help to jumpstart the football game and win back some of the disgruntled fans that are joining the crusade against microtransactions following the outrage caused by fellow EA creation Star Wars Battlefront II.

FIFA did formerly expand to the Wii console to bring players a new way to play the game, so they certainly have a history of adapting to new technologies.

Other Gaming Experiences Already Successful in VR

While FIFA mainly concerns video gaming, it should be noted that other gaming sectors have utilised the virtual reality technology to their advantage.

When it comes to video gaming, PC and PlayStation gamers have the edge with access to so many great titles adapted and created for VR gaming. With Resident Evil, Skyrim, Driveclub, Batman: Arkham, Robinson: The Journey, Farpoint, and Eagle Flight among the many incredible experiences available via the VR headset, there’s no doubt that the technology is holding up, and that there’s a market for it.

FIFA eSports
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The VR FIFA experience

Speaking to Eurogamer, Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell depicts a VR FIFA experience of the player sitting in the crowd while controlling the game on the field as usual, which would immerse the player in the atmosphere of being at a football stadium. But, with so many of the leading VR titles moving the focus to first-person for full immersion into the game, people may expect EA to do the same with FIFA – possibly in the popular Be A Pro game mode.

Virtual reality gaming is here to stay, seeing so many game developers across varies corners of the gaming industry already creating VR experiences for their fans. It now seems as though we are at a point where the popularity of VR has become so huge that big titles are going to want to start getting onboard to establish themselves in the field. Given the backlash from their recent antics, now is a good of a time as any for EA to go big on bringing in a fantastic new experience to their dedicated players in the form of FIFA VR.


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