Will FIFA 21 Finally be the Edition that Leeds Fans Get to See Elland Road?


The Leeds United struggle is a very real one that is threatening to go on for the whole of eternity should Marcelo Bielsa not be able to take Leeds up this year. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but with the Argentine all set to leave the city of Leeds and head back to his homeland in the event that Leeds fail to end their 18-year Premier League hiatus, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason why it wouldn’t be the end of the world for Leeds fans.

In fact, that is a scenario that could have grave consequences for the club and as to who would take over?

Granted, you’ll have a host of substandard managers applying for the position but the club may as well just call it a day if that happens. Once again, quite sensational but the point stands.

What is exciting is that Leeds are currently in the automatic promotion spots at the halfway stage and are looking a lot more assured than they ever have during the race for promotion. It was a similar story last year only for Bielsa’s charges to implode against Frank Lampard’s Derby County during the second leg of the play-off, but with crushing disappointment comes unforgettable lessons. Leeds looked to have learned good and proper.

Leeds United

In fact, if you want unequivocal evidence that the football community thinks Leeds will be promoted then just have a look at the latest football betting and see the Whites at 1/14 to be promoted. There are many ways you can interpret those odds and one particular way is to say that Leeds are at odds of 1/14 to finally have their stadium in the new FIFA series.

Elland Road, the 37,890 seater stadium, has been the one cathedral of English football that hasn’t met the criteria to be included in a FIFA series, which is quite astounding when you consider they are one of the giants of the English game. What makes the situation even more frustrating for Leeds fans is that both Huddersfield and Sheffield United have had their stadiums included after securing promotion, with the Blades finally getting in on the act last season after beating Leeds to the last automatic spot.

There may not be a better time to get promoted come to think of it with the new PlayStation 5 set to be released at the end of next year. Indeed, Elland Road could be showcased in the glorious new graphics of the next-gen console and that is certainly worth waiting for.

Hang in there Leeds fans, you may soon be able to settle in for a game of FIFA with your mates and have the spine-tingling Marching on Together echoing around your home as Helder Costa slips the ball past David de Gea. The last bit, come to think of it, relies on your finishing prowess with control in hand, but there has never been greater optimism at the prospect of Elland Road being in the next edition of FIFA. The waiting is sure to be over soon.


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