Who Said FIFA Series is Always the Same?

FIFA Series

We have lots of people complaining about developers doing the same game every year and about the ones that buy those games, but is it a bad thing?

New is Always Better?

It is common to find people mocking us, FIFA players. They say we buy the same game, every single year and this is not entirely untrue. We recently had this video showing one of the FIFA 20 stadiums, and we could see that they used the same textures, with one of the banners showing an MADDEN NFL 19 advertisement.

The thing is, this is football: the most popular sport on earth, with millions of players worldwide. You can’t innovate that much, without ruining the game. Most of us just want some new competitive features, allowing us to play our favourite game and to know who is the better one in it.

There is no need to add dinosaur riders at a football game. What we want is that EA keeps introducing new stuff for the online scenario, giving us more choices and options in career mode, in FUT 20, or even VOLTA… Of course they won’t start from scratch, FIFA 19 is already an amazing game, you just need to keep it up and add some more features, that’s all.

People complain about this, but when you change things you are risking to ruin it too. Take an example on Battlefield and Call of Duty – they tried some futuristic things, didn’t work. You can make an amazing game without destroying it roots. I am not saying that innovation is bad, but something must me kept almost untouched, because we love it that way.

What Does FIFA 20 Need?

As I said, what we need for FIFA 20 is a strong competitive scenario. We need FUT 20 to be thrilling, exciting. We need the divisions to be so important that every match would give us an adrenaline rush. EA needs to invest in the online scenario, to keep FIFA 20 at the top of the charts, all the time.

If you want to play something really different, go buy some indie game. There is no problem in that. I just want to play FUT 20 and get as far as I can.

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So…What do you think? Should EA do more about FIFA? I would love to hear your opinion on that.

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Contributed by: Heuki

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6 thoughts on “Who Said FIFA Series is Always the Same?

  1. Heuki, the game could be a subscription with updates. There’s literally no need to make a new game. Except for greed. I wonder how much money EA paid to make you sell your integrity. Or maybe you’re a delusional fan.

  2. Hi, I think the main reason people make fun of fifa players buying a new one ever year is exactly because of the things your praise. Yes, the game shouldn’t have brand new features because it’s not meant to do that, it’s meant to accurately reflect the way football/soccer is played in real life. However, the features you point out don’t require a whole new game. These could easily be a $20 dlc or even a free update. Just look at games like League of Legends or Overwatch which give players new heroes or game modes either for free or a small cost. You shouldn’t have to pay $60 for one new feature.

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