What’s New in FIFA 20 Gameplay? News and Updates

FIFA 20 Updates

The FIFA 20 patch season is currently deep underway, and a new update of the same going by the title FIFA 20 patch 1.07 is now available for download. For online gaming pros and bettors using the Betway app or any other platform, the new gameplay offers a whole new dimension of gaming. It should update automatically upon your next login on your PC or console, but what are the updates and the changes you should be looking out for in the new gameplay?

Part of Gameplay

There is a collective agreement that the latest FIFA 20 patch is incredibly slow. The on-field action of the gameplay has come a bit slower than the previous edition, and while the change was not listed anywhere on the patch notes, players who have experienced it were quick to point it out. The official communication, however, was that the changes were mainly focused on balance as opposed to speed.

Also, it was possible for the player to predict where the goal keeper was going to dive during a penalty shoot-out as per the pre-kick animations, but that has been addressed in the FIFA 20 update. The aiming reticule for kicks have also been adjusted to become tighter, with standing tackles now a bit more successful. The notorious bug where balls occasionally penetrated the goal post has been fixed.

The Ultimate Team

The previous edition had issues with the quick sub prompt, which would notoriously appear onscreen even when on the ‘swaps’ rule, where substitutions are not allowed. That has since been fixed, and the updated version also won’t have position modifier cards being applied erroneously. There was also a visual issue in the Volta mode settings where they appeared like they were being dragged into the Ultimate Team but that has been addressed as well.

That is not all. The options for FIFA Point initially displaying invalid currency are now fixed. It does not mean you’ll be using real money in the FIFA 20 updated game, but at least you will be in full control of the currency you’d wish to use. Remember, you can win real money on betting with Betway if you are looking beyond just the fun of online video games.


One of the most controversial aspects of the FIFA 20 mode had to be the commentary section, but unfortunately, only a few tweaks have been made. The outdated commentary which was stuck on the previous season has now been updated to the current season, and the issue of not being able to skip pre-match has also been fixed.

There were errors when attempting to create pros, and there was no provision for creating players the sizes you’d wish. With the updated version, though, the new height limit is 6’9”, and where black playing boots were shown to be completely black in EA is no longer an issue.

More Updates

Other notable updates you might like on the FIFA 20 Gameplay include 37 new faces added. That should give you the option to diversify the number of players you’d like to use in your team. Memphis Depay’s trademark celebration has also been included among other signature habits of top players. Tweaks have been made on the various Volta mode animations to ensure that they work perfectly in the new edition.


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