What to Expect from FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Expectations

This year is going to be amazing for football enthusiast and that is because EA Sports confirmed the launch of FIFA 20. The last version came with some modern features, a nice soundtrack and unique gameplay options. Well, this year’s version have all that state-of-the-art characteristics and even more, so you will really enjoy your passion for football in the comfort of your home. Even though the official launch was not announced yet, FIFA players believe that September might be the lucky month.

Truth be told, we can’t wait for this year’s game, especially because with updated features like improved visuals or career mode, you will be able to feel the chills coming down your spine when you are trying to score. Football itself is a dynamic game, without referring to the movement, but taking into consideration that supporters feel almost the same emotions as their favourite players.

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Enhanced Visuals

The technology is developing constantly so it’s natural to say that the upcoming game is going to have the best visuals you’ve ever seen. The moves of the players will be more authentic, the overall design is keen to offer you the genuine vibe of a football game, and the supporters will make you stand up when you score a goal. The dynamic weather is a new addition and with rain or snow covering the field, you will have to change tactics in order to make your team win.

FIFA 20 Career Mode

Career Mode

This feature has been neglected for the past version but we hope that this year’s game will allow you to make an impact even when you are off the field. It would be awesome to bring back the player/manager option to make your time even more enjoyable. FIFA 20 offers you the chance to reward players yourself, adjust the price of tickets, and maybe add a club creator mode. It’s all created for your entertainment so you will definitely enjoy it to the fullest.

“The Last of his Kind”

You probably are aware of the fact that physical sales are decreasing because fans prefer to purchase the game online. With that in mind, we wonder if this will be the last boxed FIFA product. Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated in an interview with Bloomberg that this might be a possibility and the company may consider the option of offering a subscription model. He continued to declare that “There’s a world where it gets easier and easier to move that code around-where we may not have to do an annual release.”

There are a couple of months left until you will be able to sit down, relax, and create your own team, adjust tactics according to the weather conditions or reward players yourself. FIFA 20 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch. Until then, why don’t you open your device and exercise your skills a little?

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  1. Copy features from football manager and fifa manager plus all real managers, full national anthems, more stadium, balance between excellent graphics and addictive gameplay,game capacity is more like open world game around 100 gb or more

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