What Should FIFA 20 Career Feature this Year?

FIFA 20 Career Mode Features

Any long-time FIFA player will know just how great the franchise’s career mode is. For a certain generation of FIFA gamer that wants to avoid playing online with FIFA’s Ultimate Team, the career mode is the reason they buy the game every year. International football tournaments have taken center stage this summer and fans can use the Coral promo code to wager on their home nation to win silverware.

Career mode has taken a backseat over the years to FUT and it isn’t likely that will change. FIFA can still show some love to career mode and those of us who prefer to play season after season on career rather than FUT. Will FIFA add these features to career mode this year? We won’t know until September 27th, but let’s hope they improve on it for FIFA 20.

More Intricate Management

A lot of FIFA’s additions in recent years have seen a focus on team management allowing players to customize the formations and tactics their teams will play. Players have been given the chance to really get in-depth in terms of tactics for their team and take them all the way to a league title. Football fans can visit William Hill UK to wager on their favorite teams ahead of the new Premier League season and watch them compete for the title.

In past editions of FIFA, managers could dictate other aspects of the club outside of transfers, contracts, and tactics. At one time, managers could dictate ticket prices, sponsorship deals, and other intricate details that added to the fun of career mode. FIFA could bring those old elements back for more immersive gameplay.

The Incentive to Play Youth Players

A lot of experienced career mode players find little incentive in messing with their academy and youth players when they have a stacked team of stars. There is a little incentive in having a youth academy in FIFA unless you play along with multi-season career mode. An update on the academy feature would be useful in FIFA 20. Whether it is the possibility to loan players to non-league clubs that aren’t featured in the game or the opportunity to grow them more quickly, there needs to be more incentive to spend time signing and training academy players.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Transfer

Realistic Transfers and Loans

Anyone who has played FIFA over the last 15 years knows the transfers in career mode have got more realistic. At one time, you could sign whichever players you wanted and rarely would players swap teams if you didn’t purchase them. Now, it is far better with big clubs buying top players every transfer window. Still, FIFA can improve career mode with some tinkering of transfers. One example is relegated teams should be forced financially to sell their top talent.

In addition, more loans would be great. Every season, we see top players loaned to various teams. For example, Gonzalo Higuain to AC Milan and Chelsea last season. It would be great to see FIFA 20 allow clubs to take established players on loan. Also, more realistic loans and the transfer would be nice. How often do Argentine teams really enquire about a Liverpool squad player from Wales? Yeah, not often.

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  1. Copy football manager and fifa manager features plus chants, national anthem, emotion, expression,manager gets involved in celebration, medical team then it”s perfect

  2. We want to adjust the age of the players. They retire at the age of 33-34-35. very frustrating. please set the ages by ourselves.

    Update the faces of important players like Lukaku, Talisca, Burak Yılmaz. Please

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