Top Teams to Watch for in FIFA 19


FIFA 19 is just months ahead and the entire world is getting ready to witness the clash of epic teams and players.

Every football lover will have a list of top teams whom he will watch out for. Not just watch football fanatics love to cheer for their teams live in the stadium wearing their favourite team’s accessories, if you are one of those fanatics then shop smart with codes from But, before that checkout the best football teams to look out for in FIFA 19. These teams are listed according to the key positions and guide. Let us bring you the list of such teams whom you can count upon and enjoy the FIFA 19:


This top team is pretty potent to watch out for. With players like Mohamed Salah (83) and Sadio Mane (84) make Liverpool leading the line of teams. Mane was underrated on FIFA 18 but was later boosted in ratings by going from 79 to 84. Liverpool is a match for the club. Joel Matip is arguably the most overpowered defender for the team.

AC Milan

AC Milan was impressive in the summer. The team has the amount of potential in Rossoneri’s ranks. Franck Kessie (87), Andre Silva, Suso and Manuel Locatelli all stand in 86. The team also has Leonardo Bonucci (88) and free kick superstar Hakan Calhanoglu (93).

Manchester City

This is the darling team of football lovers and is the tough team to beat now. There is Sergio Aguero (89), Gabriel Jesus (87), Lero Sone, and others. The defense of Manchester City is strong which makes it the top team to look out for. One thing is for sure, they have no weakness.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is in the top loving team in FIFA 2019. Although the team doesn’t have major signings in recent time, but a host of players stood up strong. Moreover, the team also has been rewarded with handsome upgrades. Real Madrid also won La Liga and Champions League with the basic rating of 86. Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and others make this team strong.


FIFA 18 loving team, PSG is a great team. However, the loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic had hit them hard. This year, the team is quite strong in terms of players, especially after signing Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. The rating of Neymar is 92 and by signing him it is a game changer. Along with them, there are players like Lucas Moura, Julian Draxler, and Angel Di Maria who stand strong in terms of ratings and game.


This Lionel Messi team is the toughest team to beat and watch out for in FIFA 19. Messi is undoubtedly an amazing player who can never go wrong. With his long-term heir Paulo Dybala,
Argentina makes it to the ultimate team. This attack heavy side has some great talent that makes Argentina the best of all team in FIFA 19.

So get ready for the football fever and make the most of every competition between the world class teams.

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  1. Juventus should be on this website. Best attacking team in the game. You guys should have a go at using Juventus and put it on this website.

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