Tips on FIFA Mobile 20 Store

FIFA Mobile Store

FIFA Mobile Store is the place you can buy and redeem items such as packs, special offers, bundles, players and currencies. The Store is available on right side the main screen in FIFA Mobile 20 game app.

To purchase FIFA Mobile items from the store you need to spend real money and/or FIFA Mobile virtual currencies (Gems & Points). Here we would like to share some tips with you that could be useful when redeem/purchasing item at the store:

Free Packs

In the FIFA Mobile 20 store you can claim free packs. There are free packs offered to you every few hours to encourage you to login to the app and some people do not know it. The free pack is available under the PACKS tab. Depending on your game and VIP level you can redeem your every few hours. Once one pack is claimed you have to wait for cool down for the next one.

There is also a daily free pack which you can redeem by watching ads. This pack usually contains a Bronze/Silver player, some Perk points and a Bae Item. The ad-watching pack also cools down after a few hours (usually every 10 hours).

Flash Sales

One of the cool things in FIFA Mobile 2020’s store is the Flash Sale section. In this occasional sale you will find special offers when an event or a promotion is up. Things such as Elite Player Cards, Perk Points offers, Coins, Training XPs and XP points.

As the name says itself, the flash sale is very occasional and you need to grab them once they are available. So, do check this tab (FLASH SALE) when is available – Usually it’s up during an event or a program. We recommend you to check it at the Store every single time you login to the game.

No Real Money is Always Required

Some people may think that the Store only offers the items that can be bought by real money, but that is not true. In fact, only around 40% of the items at the store are offered by spending real money. The rest can be purchased by FIFA Mobile virtual currencies (FIFA Points, Gems and Coins).

Points gained from the events also can be spent to buy items from the store. The event points are usually used to claim Prime Icons there, so what you need to do is to check the store every time is new event or program is live.

Converting Points to Gems and Coins

Your FIFA Mobile Points can be converted to Gems and Coins in the store. This can be done under the CURRENCY tab. If you are not able to see this tab, you might need to scroll the tab bar to the right. Under the CURRENCY tab you will be able to exchange Your FIFA Points to Gems and Points. Here is the list of available changes:

  • 100 Points to 225 Gems
  • 500 Points to 1,125 Gems
  • 1,000 Points to 2,250 Gems
  • 1,000 Points to 250,000 Coins
  • 5,000 Points to 1,250,000 Coins
  • 10,000 Points to 2,500,000 Coins

FIFA Mobile 20 is a free football game app developed and published by EA Sports and is available for iOS and Android devices.

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