Things You Should Know About FIFA 20 Transfer Market

FIFA 20 Transfer Market

The Transfer Market is a virtual market in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team where you can trade FUT items with other FIFA users. FUT Transfer Market is an auction-based marketplace and the buyers are required to place their bids in order to buy an item. The winner of the bid will own the item at the end of the auction period.

FUT Transfer Market also features a Buy Now Price for the buyers who want to purchase an item immediately by paying the “Buy Now” price – the highest price set by the seller.

Transfer Market is very important for FUT users as they can earn coins by trading items there and improve their club by buying players and the other items for their FUT club. Here is some information regarding the Transfer Market in FUT that you need to know.


FIFA Coins are used for trading in the Transfer Market. FIFA Coins are a virtual currency in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Using FIFA Coins you can purchase make bids in the transfer market and purchase FIFA packs. FIFA Points are also another virtual currency in FUT, but these points are not being used in the Transfer Market. This currency is virtual and set by EA Sports just for FIFA Ultimate Team mode.


Like in the real world, for any transaction you do in the Transfer Market, you need to pay an amount as tax to the system. FUT tax rate is calculated 5% for each transaction. This amount will be taken automatically once a transaction is made. The tax is being taken from the seller and the buyer doesn’t need to pay for the tax. For example, if you sell an item for 1,000 coins, the amount of coins you will receive will be 950. There is an online FUT Tax Calculator in case you want to see how much you need to pay for the tax before you list an item on the transfer market.


For selling your FUT items on the Transfer Market, you need to list them by setting a Start Price, a Buy Now Price and a Transfer Duration. You are able to compare your selling items prices with the same items from the other sellers before putting them for bidding.

For purchasing items from the transfer market, the targeted items need to either be bided with a bid price or with a buy now price for an immediate purchase. Once the bidding duration of an item is over, the bidder with the highest offered price will win the auction.

Market Crash & Predictions

Transfer Market faces market crash sometimes during some FIFA 20 events. Events such as Team of the Year, Team of the Season and FUTMas. This crash will usually cause a price drop which could be good for buyers but not for the sellers.

Like in the real world where betting and prediction are very popular on best soccer betting sites, you need to be able to predict the price ranges before and during these events if you are planning to trade your players on the market.

Access to the Market

To access the Transfer Market, you need to login to the game using your FUT account. But that’s not the only way to access the Transfer Market. Using the FUT Web App and the FUT Companion app you can also have full access to the FUT Market.

Keep that in mind you need to have a FUT 20 account created on console or PC. Which means you need to have FIFA 20 purchased and played on your platform.

Tradeable Items

Any FUT items including player cards, clubs items and consumables that are tradeable can be traded on the transfer market. The items that are not tradeable are known as “Untradeable” in FUT.

Untradeable items are usually earned as rewards and gifts from FUT gameplay and are labeled as Untradeable and you cannot list them on the market. These items can be discarded by quick-sell option for zero coins.

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  1. I have noticed some major purchase discrepancies when I bid on certain players, mainly “special” players. I have recently purchased Harry Kane for 88,000. However when bidding, I have seen the same player being purchased for 250,000-350,000, even with the same Kane available for much lower. Are the rich players bidding on their own players to drive the prices for these players up?

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