The Unstoppable Rise of E-sports in 2019


Have you ever hear the term of E-sports? Well according to the figures there are over 2.2 billion active “gamers” across the world which is a staggering number of people interested in joining the team. Esport is basically online players that are playing computer games such as computer sports games like football and FIFA 20 on the web and not just that there has now grown a brand new industry around the opportunity for brands and companies and many are taking to this branch big time.

While the numbers of players build up so do the followers of the “sport” which is booming especially now in 2019. There are more and more people taking the jockey stick and manning up to the task of gathering a following in the business to create a whole new world out there online. From awards to financial prizes for the top players, the list continues to grow especially when it comes to the best of the best.

This has risen to a growth in betting, especially with betting bonus codes, now people not just bet on real life matches but also the e-sports versions as well.

There are two main things about Esport the first being that the business will grow at a rate of approximately 59% over the next 5 years and furthermore they expect the trend to continue with an estimated 600 Million new consumers the should follow the E-sports scene which is another phenomenal leap for 2019. 378 million viewers followed the sports in 2018 and trend is not at all slowing down say, experts. The world of competitive online gaming is set to grow and there is no sign of it backing down. While there is no limit to the growth with over 2 Billion gamers currently everyone from football teams and all manner of other sporting bodies are joining the rush to become rich on the prospect of this new industry.

The mere fact a playing in the real world can now can push his value and net worth up in the Egaming world and thus more in his real life makes the prospect very, very attractive to not only the club but also his personal name so to speak. This being the case there is little point in trying to hide from this kind of a financial boom. Everybody benefits from this trend from top to bottom.

Some of the aspects of this include more investment from sports leagues, a higher number of broadcasting deals, sales of tickets and merchandise for the associated clubs, a massive increase in mobile network applications and that is not to mention the number of players who can now participate in playing which was never before possible (back in the day).

From the NBA, Football, Disney, Twitter all of the companies are vying for a piece of the action so the market for apps and other competitive system are at the forefront pushing each other out of the way to get a piece of the E-sport pie and they all understand this is the way forward for their respective industries.

There are obviously issues with the factor but those are being ironed out at a phenomenal rate at the same time with competing lawyers trying to get their own clients covered from the business side and the ethical side to boot. In some cases, players have been considered minors so are not eligible to be gaming as an adult so their names cannot be used in credits so this is yet another side to this “whale” of a topic. Minors winning big cash prizes are finding themselves in pretty hot water as this battle continues as well as the sponsors and the companies who are backing the businesses.

With many new players coming along all of the time there is much more that will come about the whole aspect of the kind of E-gaming we are seeing but for sure the industry will be booming throughout 2020 and onward. As we all head into this brave new world we are sure to technology and computing power rise so as we do so things are going to hot up for sure. Children are also getting much better at gaming this day’s so we are expecting better players to come on the scenes so don’t expect this trend to vanish anytime soon.

For anyone who missed the juggernaut, it’s time to sit up and pay attention to one of the biggest thing going down and get involved. The longer you leave it the more you are going to be left in the wake of others who might be well ahead of you by then. Advice is to get onboard before it’s too late to be at the “Top of your game!”


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