The Prevalent Traumas of Players and How to Treat Them Immediately

Injuries in Soccer

The worst and annoying issue for all jocks is injuries. When it comes to footballers, it is more than a problem. Here are the most frequent examples of traumas and their therapy.

Although soccer is the most popular game in the world, it is hard to avoid traumas and injuries, even for professionals like Messi or Ronaldo. A lot of stars suffered injuries, and in some cases, it forced them to finish the career. Marco Van Basten, Matias Sammer, and Sebastian Deisler lost the battle and announced their retirement too early.

Presently, injuries continue breaking players plans despite the latest innovations in medicine. Here is a list of top injuries in football:

1 – The cruciate ligaments of the knee. Probably, the most common injury for all players, and it is a painful one. This may occur during a game or training, and it is always related to the saturated physical load. It takes at least 10-12 weeks to treat it. In most cases, doctors suggest performing surgery, but it is possible to evade it by using a special prosthesis. Football team doctors recommend players to mitigate training or activities when they feel any symptoms. This trauma was the reason why Sebastian Deisler missed FIFA World Cup 2002 and ended his career prematurely.

Ankle-joint Injury

2 – The ankle-joint. Not only soccer players but also all professional athletes suffer daily from such an injury. As always, it depends on the extent of the trauma mentioned above. Mostly, it may occur after unfortunate tackles. Experienced therapists can help players to prevent this injury, but sometimes it is impossible to dodge it. The best treatment is a medicamentous therapy. The course of massages also allows athletes to recover faster.

3 – The muscular groin strain. Pain from this injury can be only compared to losing your money on a premium predictions. If professionals get injured by the muscular groin strain, they may skip the rest of the season. Professional therapists suggest players intensively warm up before the game as a truly effective way of prevention of this injury. When it comes to therapy, doctors may use different methods depending on the players’ condition: traditional massages, ultrasound therapy, or in the worst case surgery.
The hamstring. It is hard to count how many times players get injured by pulling a hamstring. Usually, they strain their muscles, and it’s pretty standard in injuries like this. In the event that a light hamstring strain occurs, it is recommended to take a rest . All players consult specialists immediately to prevent further complications.

4 – The meniscus damage. Given that football is more about tackles and physical contact on the field, players often damage the meniscus. According to the severity of the injury, therapists or doctors mostly treat it without surgery.

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