The New FIFA 19

FIFA 2019

The iGaming industry is booming and 2018 has proven to be a bumper year for the industry, with plenty of new releases, reboots and more, enticing more and more players into the world of online gaming. While playing great games on your pc, PlayStation or Xbox is still an awesome experience, many will tell you that playing online games is where the real heart of the action lies.

For many, iGaming is more than just playing online games on your desktop or laptop. The new way to access the best gaming online is via your mobile device. Now, which mobile device you choose to use is really up to you. It’s a matter of personal preference, with some choosing to play on their larger tablet screens, and others preferring the literal mobility of handheld phone gaming. The screen may be smaller, but for some games the quicker controls on a smaller screen often work best.

A Closer Look at the New FIFA 19

Electronic Arts are masters of ultra-realistic gameplay and their FIFA series has always been one of the most popular online games to play, all over the world. This is not really all that surprising considering that soccer (or football) is the most popular and most played game in the world. So, what’s new with FIFA 19?

  • Includes Champions League
  • New high precision ball control
  • Enhanced body movements
  • Realistic and exciting ball flicks and other movies
  • More realistic interaction, mistakes are easier to make, just like in real life
  • Power shot activation mode when shooting at goal
  • More realistic outcomes in 50/50 battles

More Realism, More Challenges

FIFA 2019 adds a lot more realism to the overall experience in a number of ways. This can really be seen and felt in the accuracy of passing shots, which do take a bit of getting used to. For those players more accustomed to the super precise passing found in FIFA 18, this new update may even come as a bit of a shock. Passing in FIFA2019 is a lot less ‘automatic’, meaning that passing between players is more like real world, where mistakes are easily made. At first it can be a bit frustrating but, once you’re used to it, it actually feels more real and more natural, adding another facet to the overall experience.

To recap, FIFA 19 offers far more hands on realism than any of its previous iterations, including:

  • Less passing accuracy means more emphasis on being able to locate and utilise players space
  • 96 sprint speed allows you to easily glide past defenders, making scoring easier
  • Adjustable strength for winning possession in 50/50 battles
  • Overall gameplay is far more robust than before, resulting in matches that are intensive and incredibly realistic

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