The Game-Based Goal Setting In FIFA And Other Games

Game-Based Goal Setting
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Whether you play FIFA matches or online games, you must have been thinking about the goal of these games and the logic behind it. But what do these two have in common? What could you possibly learn from online games and FIFA matches? Do these share a similar tactic of setting the goals in games and what keeps them motivated to continue further?

What is Exactly Game-based Learning?

game-based learning

is essentially using a certain video game, whether these are iGaming slots or FIFA football game, which allows you to learn and understand a certain matter better. For example, a simple flight simulator is game-based learning where a player has to master the basics so he could later go for the real flight, using the real airplane. It is the process of “getting accustomed” to a player. The main principle of this form of learning is the repetition that consists of repetitive tasks, which are the core of goal setting in eSport or in any other sports discipline. After you perform a certain thing a hundred times, you get used to it.

One of the caino goals and card game objectives is to offer their players a good time while helping them to understand each game and its rules.

Through the game-based learning and caino games, even players who only play for a few minutes per day will be able to identify the different games and recognise a certain technique in the game.

Players who are into online gambling Canada real money can easily find themselves in every situation that requires money management and strategic thinking. At the same time, they do promote mathematical, statistical and analytical skills among players, which can be useful for other things as well.

So, when you combine FIFA and iGaming sites, you can understand that these two share a common thing: fun. The main thing is to have fun in game-based learning, as it is the only way to keep the player’s attention. The second thing is to help them to understand. If they do not have a fun time, they will not pay attention to the game and thus will not learn anything.

How Do Players Make their Decisions?

First of all, we have to understand that both online caino and FIFA players get motivation from their learning and improving the overall skills. When a player starts a new game, smart goal setting won’t be as useful as their will to play hundreds of times the same match or the same slot machine before they understand how it works. Understanding how mechanics work allows players to progress quicker. In FIFA, all new players are not familiar with the dribble moves and it takes time before they can use these skillful movements. However, once they learn to perform a certain set of dribbles that can help them to score a goal, they get more motivation that leads to faster progress and better understanding.

Therefore, the more they learn, the more they get motivated and they progress much faster. It is the same case with caino games as all the new players MUST have pure luck to score the jackpot, in case they do not have knowledge. The experienced players may get it due to their knowledge and skills. So, we can conclude that every decision they make is based on the knowledge that they gain, which motivates them to push forward and become much better in what they do. It means that the progress of learning depends on their ability to pick things up quickly and get into the core of the matter.

In a nutshell, every new decision is based on something new that they had learned recently. Having in mind this, we can conclude that the learning curve directly influences the overall style of play, new tactics development and trying out the unexplored strategies. If, for example, a player in FIFA learns how to perform a certain dribble, this is classic goal-oriented learning as he would have a goal to learn the dribble, so he could use it when it gets cornered by two players. So, the main objective was to find a way to get free from the players once he is cornered.

What is the Most Valued Feature to the Players?

The goal-setting in eSport is important and players play online games as they can learn the realistic tactics and strategies that they can apply in the real brick-and-mortar games. The realistic approach of game-based learning is the most valued feature among players, as they do not get any use from the slot games that were popular during the 1970s in the Canadian pubs and taverns.

Instead, they get hands-on the modern games and new bonus codes for online casinos that extend their playtime.

This helps them to get familiar with the latest titles and when they get into the MGM, they know about the game and thus will have no problems playing them. The same principle can be applied in the FIFA case.

As world football has evolved a lot when you compare it to some 40 years ago, it would not be fine if FIFA offered games without the dribble moves as these became the inevitable part of every football player and match today. Therefore, the players who play FIFA will eventually learn these moves and will be familiar with these once he sees them in the game. Or, if they start playing professionally, they can use these. Though they have to practice again in real-life situations, they still know about the dribbles that can help them to get rid of the last player in the defense. So, offering a realistic approach and realistic setting is the main feature of game-based learning and all players value it as the most important feature.

The Goal of FIFA and Other Games – The Similarities

Both FIFA and caino games are there to help people to learn something new by using the realistic approach that makes everything a lot more entertaining. Gaming tactics come in different forms, as well as FIFA ones too, but even though completely different, these two are designed in the very same way, just with different intentions. All of the iGaming leaders stress the importance of learning. Goal-based learning showed the best results among psychology researches as this is pretty much self-paced motivation progress when you play gambling online, both in FIFA and other games, and you learn from the realistic approaches. So, we could say that FIFA and similar games use a realistic approach to educate people on football and gambling.


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