The Development of the eSports Discipline FIFA 19

eSports FIFA 19
Photo: EA Sports

FIFA 19 is one of the popular console disciplines in the esports. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and others are developing on PC, the football simulator is played also on consoles too. Since its creation, FIFA has become the only esports game, which was honored to become an esports discipline.

The discipline’s main feature is a yearly change of the game. A new game in the FIFA series comes out every year. The esportsmen quickly move to the next part. Due to the efforts of the developers, the game doesn’t change radically every year. The physics and mechanics have not been changed for a couple of years.

The dynamic online mode is represented in the game, in which players from all over the world fight among themselves. But the discipline doesn’t stop only on online battles. Offline tournaments are an important part of the discipline.

FIFA 19 Tournaments

The company Electronic Arts has been supporting its child for many years. The developers host their FIFA World Championships with large prize pools. FIFA eNations Cup was played in 2019, in which twenty teams-participants from many countries participated. The competition took place in London, Great Britain on April 13-14.

The esportsmen from France became the winners at the previous tournament. They managed to beat the Argentines in the final. The Russia national team was also represented at the tournament but didn’t make it to the playoffs.

The format of FIFA competitions is possible in two options:

  • One versus one;
  • Two versus two.

The game allows two esportsmen to control one team. The last FIFA eNations Cup used this format. Teams were fighting for 100 000$ of grabs. FIFA 19 tournaments are hosted in a different format. The brightest example is eChampions League 2019. 64 most talented efootball players fought for the right to be called the strongest one in the world of FIFA. The tournament was similar to the Champions League. The top 8 players determined on the outcome of the first round. The victory was achieved in the playoffs by the American esportsman with the nickname “NYC_Chris”. The overall sum of the prize pool amounted the whole 280 000$. It’s pretty good for football! Russia doesn’t avoid large tournaments. FIFA Russian Cup is hosted every year. The tournament is carried out in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. The mode provides the creation of your own football team, which is made of gaming cards. RFU and Russian Esports Federation organizes the competition. The prize pool is not small too – 1 000 000 rubles. The similar tournament was held in the past season, which was won by the player with the nickname “TIMON” who represents Gambit Esports.

The Statistics of Views

FIFA 19 gets more and more views every year. Data provided by the analytical company Newzoo showed that views of the football simulator streams totally got more than 2,5 million hours. Online of tournaments amounts about 150 000 people. Such numbers make the game the most popular console esports discipline in the world.

Sponsorship and Support

Almost all professional FIFA 19 players have a representation in football clubs and esports organizations. Full contracts with proportionate salary are signed with them. There are a lot of examples:

  • The winner of the last Russian Cup represents Gambit Esports.
  • The champion eChampions League 2019 plays under the sponsorship of “New York City”.
  • One more finalist of the Russian Cup “KLENOFF” represents FC “Lokomotiv”.
  • The champion of the last year’s FIFA eWorld Cup “Msdossary” is on the roster of the esports organization Team Rogue.

The majority of international tournaments are sponsored by the company EA. Minor sponsors are involved in competitions. Large government institutions and mobile operators sponsor tournaments in Russia. The progress of the discipline both in terms of the financial aspect and general development is visible.

What’s Coming Next in the Discipline?

The football esports is waiting for a new part of the series called FIFA 20. If you have a look at the dynamics of the development of the discipline, you will see yearly growth of tournaments and esportsmen. The new part of the football simulator will bring all fans even more bright matches and competitions.


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