Sports Betting Terms Every Bettor Must Know

Betting Terms

Many sports bettors are looking forward to every tournament happening all over the world so they can take part in betting. It is also the main reason why a lot of sports games happening became famous in their respective fields. Some of these sports tournaments have big pot prizes which makes every betting game a sold-out.

Betting in sports is easy to play. All you need to have is a stable bank account and the category you would like to wage. Sports betting may seem easy to play, but there are lots of things you should know about it. Take note that sports betting, in general, is gambling and like any other wagering games you know, you can either lose or win.

You need to understand that taking part in profitable betting is different from betting alone. Profitable betting means you grow your bank account by taking effective strategies not only gamble on losing. Make sure that before you play, you know the whole nature of the sports and its betting categories. You also need to know your entries’ backgrounds when it comes to their capability of winning so you can ensure an excellent game.

Betting doesn’t always mean you lay out money and wage for your favorite entry. Betting Terms and the whole process should come as your priority before you gamble. It is the best way to understand that entire jargon of sports betting. It also helps you in taking part in any betting game easier. Below is the complete glossary of betting terms you must obligatory know.


It is a type of bet or wager that comes for any kind.

Against the Spread (ATS)

It talks about when you select a specific action of a point spread.

Bad Beat

It is a bet you place to a specific entry where you think you won but ultimately lost.


It talks about the whole available money you should wage.

Betting Line

It talks about a point spread or betting odds.


It is often called sportsbook or the people behind the creation of betting odds.


They are the people who accept every wager.

Buying Points

The buying points often happens when a specific bettor buys a point to adjust a particular odds.

Closing Line

The final betting line before the game starts.


It refers to a percentage which talks about the volume of bets.


It is popularly known as an underdog who gets the lowest bet with the unfavorable winning situation.


It talks about the bet to your advantage.


It is known as an opposition bet. It is a direct opposite of parlay or straight bet.


It talks about the bet which deems on a winning side.

Future Bet

It talks about the bet you play which may come victorious in an upcoming sports tournament. It usually takes place in ball games event like Super Bowl or NFL.


It refers to a person who tries his best to foresee the outcome and odds of a sporting event.

In-play Betting

It refers to a betting game you play while the tournament is in action.

Laying Points

It refers to giving a point on the other side where it relates to wagering the favorite.

Long Shot

It refers to the underdog in the event, yet the entry earns the most favorite to win.

Off The Board

It talks about the sportsbook removing a specific wager which is no longer part of the betting game. It sometimes happens when there is a sudden change in the odds.


It refers to multiple bets you can play. As a bettor, you must hit every odds to win.


It talks about a $25 bet.

Round Robin

It refers to a wager which let the bettors play multiple parlays using a single bet.


It talks about a legit entity that accepts every wager made.


It talks about a fast line.

Straight Bet

It talks about a specific bet using a point spread.


It talks about the combined runs, goals, or runs, which makes up the whole sporting event.


It refers to a person who sells their picks to other bettors.


It refers to a bet.

All the betting terms listed above should serve as your guide to make sure you know all the terminologies before betting. It is crucial that you need to know all of them so as not to experience any hitch. It will also help you in betting effectively and profitably.

Many bettors try their luck of gambling to their favorite sports, but end up losing. It is brought by the fact that they lose the whole knowledge of understanding the nature of sports betting and all the terms. Make sure to familiarize all of them so that in your next betting game, you can ultimately succeed.

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