Some of the Most Popular FIFA Game Modes We Expect to Make a Comeback


With the FIFA game EA has been relentless in trying new game modes. Obviously, many such modes deliver interesting twists to the overall game playing experience. Unfortunately, these modes are often withdrawn too soon.

By looking back, we can see all those FIFA game updates that continue to come with new players and stats that are unleashed to make the gaming experience livelier.

Do you think some of these modes really deserve full time game play? We too consider some game modes to be interesting enough for a full 90 minutes play. Here we have picked up some of these unforgettable game modes that deserve full exposure.

FIFA 97: Indoor Football

FIFA 97 is equipped to deliver the interesting feature of motion capture. Featuring on the cover Newcastle star David Ginola it delivers most realistic motion for the players. Apart from this trademark motion capture feature FIFA 97 is also known to many gamers for an intriguing indoor gaming mode. It is one of the innovative variants of the popular FIFA modes. It allows playing 6 a side matches just the way you sometimes wished to play informally with your friends at an indoor setting.

The interesting twists of this mode begin with a few changes and tweaking’s of rules. This indoor mode is completely devoid of throw-ins and corners and this equips it to deliver a more fast paced game playing experience with more energy pouring in. It has quickly been popular but in spite of the positive response it garnered it just returned once more in the FIFA 98 version and was finally dropped from FIFA 99. Many of us would love to see the mode return once again in the latest FIFA game.

FIFA 2000: Classic teams

Some of the FIFA game modes are interesting because of the introduction of new team setups. Apart from the regular line up, FIFA 2000 came with as many as 40 classic teams which instantly became popular with players. It featured classic teams from all well known football generations and eras. From the mighty 1970 Brazil side, to the famous goal machine of 1950 Real Madrid to the legendary 1974 Holland to the unstoppable 1986 Argentina side, you have almost all major historical football playing sides at your command.

This is the mode that allows you to play in the disguise of legends like Pele, Cruyff and Maradona. It had fully featured vintage game elements starting from FIFA licensed kits, names and likenesses of players. But unfortunately, this tremendously popular mode was never introduced again and in the later versions FIFA only could unleash a ‘Ultimate XI’ team which looks more fictional than real.

FIFA 06: Retro Mode

FIFA 06 is one of the most popular FIFA game versions as of now that features the young and promising Wayne Rooney and the unstoppable Ronaldinho. But FIFA 06 has achieved also another feat by introducing the retro mode for the first time. This can be taken as an effort to look back at the game versions and playing experience that it delivered in the earlier versions.
The retro mode of FIFA 06 allows you to play the earliest 16 bit game from where it all started. But since the retro mode was taken back from successive versions, only way to have that retro gaming experience is to play the game using an emulator or an old console.

FIFA 2004: Football Fusion

Many of us still like the football manager games just because they introduce us to the tactical manoeuvres of the game. But at the same time, such games often lack the practical hands- on gaming experience. To bridge the gap between these two opposites Fifa 2004 came with a ‘Football Fusion’ mode. The result was simply awesome as people could bring together the experience of both Total Club Manager 2004 and FIFA 2004 games.

FIFA 2003: Freestyle Control

If you remember well about the original state of football back in 2003 you are bound to admit the dominance of skill with three Brazilian superstars Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo reached a phenomenal level. It was the sheer ball play and skill that dominated the football of that era. This inspired EA to to introduce it its FIFA 2003 game a mode called Freestyle Control. This mode continued through FIFA 2004 and even EA made a little value addition in regard to the ball movement. But from FIFA 2006 the mode was taken off against the expectations of the players.

FIFA 2001: Intentional Foul

It is actually a feature and not a game mode. We are going to list it here because of its popularity among many gamers. This feature called ‘Intentional Foul’ was introduced in the FIFA 2001 to help players manage a tryst with the opponent player as a last resort or a strategic move. This allowed players to grab the ball with more vigour and ferocity just by tapping on the easily accessible R1 button.

The opinions on this new feature were fiercely divided and contesting. While many considered it a nice twist to the gaming experience some thought it is undermining the fair play. Considering all these contesting opinions in FIFA 2002 the feature was withdrawn giving a sigh of desperation to many players who liked the move.

FIFA 99: European Dream League

FIFA 99 apart from its worth-remembering soundtrack is also widely acclaimed for smooth and natural game playing experience. It also offered an interesting ‘European Dream League’ which was basically a fusion of the Champions League and a regular football championship. The European Dream League actually helped combining the Europe’s best teams into a league. You could enjoy playing in the teams of Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich and many such top teams. The mode after being featured in FIFA 99 was dropped from next FIFA game.


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