Seven Footballers Who Didn’t Forget About Their Studies

Footballers who studied

Football is arguably the most popular game in the world, boasting an estimated global fan base of about 3.5 billion individuals. Nonetheless, while this beautiful game’s elite names represent some of the most recognizable faces in the world, they are not always considered as fortresses of responsibility and intelligence.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous inspirational football stories, football still suffers some numerous stereotypical views by multiple individuals who assume that footballers are not that smart and are only predominantly known for starting and getting into fights and of course dating ‘wags’! Surprisingly though, a look at several articles on famous footballer stories as posted on essay writing for your needs, disproves the popular misconception that these individuals fall short when it comes to intelligence. In fact, there are quite a few football icons that were not only phenomenal in their profession, but also with their studies.

Accordingly, this excerpt has dug deep and come up with a list of seven smart footballers who didn’t forget about their studies. Check it out …

Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson is a popular name in English football as well as across the globe. Surprisingly, while many of his teammates both at Liverpool Fc and England were taking vacations after their games, the Liverpool defender was busy perusing through books studying for his Math Degree at the Open University through distance learning program. According to him, he was always an excellent math student before his footballing career kicked off and going back to college was one step to rekindling his interest in math.

Steve Coppell

A popular name in English football, Steve Coppell is an accomplished ex-England winger celebrated for his illustrious nine-year spell at Manchester United, a club where he set a club record primarily for the consecutive number of appearances. What most people don’t know is that before he signed for Manchester United, he started studying for an Economic Degree at the Liverpool University only agreeing to make his way to Manchester United provided they allowed him to finish his studies.

Clark Carlisle

Clarke Carlisle is probably one of the few football icons celebrated more for their intelligence rather than their soccer prowess. Defender Clark Carlisle was the first professional footballer to make an appearance on Countdown, a UK game show which primarily focuses on the number and word puzzles. Astoundingly, eight years prior, the defender received the ‘Britain’s Brainiest Footballer’ title. What’s more, he also made an appearance as a panelist on Question Time, a popular BBC political show in 2011. He has a degree in Professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting from Staffordshire University.

Oliver Bierhoff

Olivier Bierhoff is among the most celebrated German footballers of the ’90s, especially for his role in leading the nation to a major international trophy. Making 70 appearances and scoring 27 goals, Oliver Bierhoff led his country to lift the Euro Cup (European Championship trophy) at the 1996 Euro competition. However, besides his decorated football career, the striker also has a degree in Economics that he obtained through long-distance learning.

Edwin van der Sar

Although he is famed for his illustrious football career, what is arguably Edwin’s most cherished possession is the degree in Sports Management that he obtained right after hanging up his goalkeeper gloves. Shortly after finally getting his degree, Edwin also secured a post at Ajax, his former club as the marketing director.

Dr. Socrates


Brazil is the by far the most decorated nation across the globe when it comes to football accolades having won more world cup trophies than any other country. Undoubtedly, part of this success can be credited to one Socrates, considered among, if not, the greatest captains to have lifted the world cup. The Brazilian was known for his charisma as well as his intellect both in the pitch as well as off it. What is even more significant achievement is the fact that he is perhaps one of the few if any professional doctors to have participated and captained his Brazilian side to win the World Cup, football’s ultimate competition. In addition to being a qualified medical doctor, Socrates also studied Philosophy eventually attaining his PhD degree.

Juan Mata

A world cup winner with Spain, Juan Mata captured the world’s attention in 2011, not just for his significant decision to move to Chelsea, but also for revealing that he was studying at the Madrid-based Universidad Camilo Jose Cela for two degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Sports Science.


It is not uncommon to hear people cite footballers as some of the most overpaid professionals. After all, is kicking a ball for 90 minutes to and for such a difficult task worth millions? Nonetheless, while most individuals cite this as a ground to name them divas, for anyone who wants to become a footballer, this list of professional footballers with college degrees certainly highlights that they are indeed more than typical ‘overpaid divas’!

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