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Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, PES 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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173 thoughts on “PES 2022 Wishlist

  1. Whats is remaining in pes is just a career mode.create some leagues even if they are virtual please.we are tired of playing the campaign mode

  2. Stopped playing since pes2014 on PS2. Still love to play 1 on 1 on the newer versions, but to go back to master league, I want to be able to see the future growth curve on my players when management difficulty is set to 4 stars. Please?

  3. 1. Passages are a horror, never worse !!! 2. Dribbling also, we want much better, and nicer dribble animations !!! !! 3. Better dribbling, and a one-on-one game will bring, and more crazy offenses, and exclusions, tensions and unexpected things on both sides !!! 4.Much better long balls, and nice twisted, falsified throws in the style of David Beckham !!! 5.. A much better judge !!! 6. Insert war at least for penalties !!! 7.. Better and different animations of goalkeepers !!! 8. We want the difference of players in speed, jump, duel, punches, technique, magical passes, top finals as well as in real life !!! 9. Also, to see the difference when choosing a club, different characteristics of the clubs that play, hard, or so !!! 10. Return teamwork scores to the game with players, and clubs when transfers are made, or everyone has their own club, and every player is mixed !!! 11. This game lacks an audience that follows the events on the field, jumps and shouts at great shots, opportunities raise the atmosphere, as well as a commentator who raises tensions, and works pressure, shouts at opportunities goals, and gives a dimension more !!! 12. We want much better ratings of young players, have a little taste for our wishes, it’s a great thing when making transfers, and there are a lot of young top players like now Haaland who is already a class, then ansu fati, camaving from rennes, davies from bayern who is incredibly fast, then coman, timo werner, pedri, stones, phil phoden, vinicius junior, and many other great players in defense, or attack, who are in small clubs !!! 13. You haven’t made a game worth mentioning since 2006, and today with this technique, perfect graphics if you don’t make top football, in which everything is possible, as in real life, not filtered garbage where you can put scores on 99 and the opponent reduce or increase, there is no difference as well as form, you can have top form plus increased scores, a few goals will fall again, and you can’t steal the ball, score an easy goal, or force a computer error, or exclude whether he played with Benfica or Barcelona !!!We want king back!!! Pleše Konami!!!

  4. It’s really not clear to me what they made of a once wonderful game, and addictive gameplay, and today you feel like someone puts a gun to your head while you’re playing, everyone misses top football, and you wake up that kid in us again, and bring the fans back, and I think it is an ideal opportunity now that the new console is there !!!! This game so much that I could count until the morning, first of all the game is filtered, and always the same, boring little goals fall, no right pace, action, turnaround, the possibility of stealing the ball, easy goals, real passing, the difference between great and good players, there is no real pressing, victories on one goal, the ratings in the game mean nothing, and by changing the player ratings there is no difference in the duel, speed, shots and goals from a distance, dribbles !!! Young players are neglected, and they have bad grades, there is no taste when you make transfers, and you can put together a brutal team without the biggest stars like Ronaldo, Messi, mbappe !!! We want crazy offenses, and more exclusions, better judges, commentators, and the audience !!! We want to put your music in the main menu !!!

    1. Yes, everything is true !!! We still need to fix the horrible and robotic movement of players who do not enter the space and do not go to the rebounds, much better dribble animations, stronger tempo of the game, and better control of the game, dictation of the tempo, more exclusions !!! We do not want filtered games in which the result does not depend on how good you are, but we also want unexpected things of exclusion on both sides, more theft of the ball, easy goals, and that the forms and ratings of players contribute something in the game !!!

  5. On pes 2022 we expect 1. Real control of the game, and nice soft passes.2. Magical additions by land and air! 3. Much better game control, and dribble animation. 4. Better referee, crazy commentator, and the audience that follows the game and creates the atmosphere with him! 5. We don’t want a filtered game, where player ratings, forms don’t mean anything, they don’t change anything, and the computer always plays the same with any club, and you can’t break it! 6. Better pressing, and the possibility of stealing the ball! 7. We want more exclusions, various offenses, and more reversals of results in the game !!!

  6. Bundesliga licence
    Many legend licence
    record spectacular goals
    Exchange for iconic moment twins

  7. Well after FIFA released their franchise in the next gen consoles (which obviously is awesome), I hope PES to bring something better than EA.

    – Nice graphics
    – Try to bring some competitions (Libatores)
    – Show injury cutsenes
    – Transfer cutsenes to be better
    – Add tattoo option when creating a player

  8. PES Mobile the best game football
    I hope PES 2022
    ~ Bundesliga
    ~ Refree
    ~ Carrer Mode
    ~ Remove all iconic

  9. Bring back the museum mode

    Where you can view the trophies you have won, memorable goals, view the final standings of tournaments and leagues and maybe add an inclusion of stats such as biggest win heaviest defeat etc.

    In exhibition mode bring back just a penalty shootout mode

  10. At first
    1. Remove all legends and iconic players and all base features players.
    2. We only need base player .
    3. All league (including india) in the world should be there and all clubs and player should be available.
    4. Player store should be increased from 500 to 1000

  11. Pro evolution has always been known for its gameplay and graphics so I’m a simple man with simple ideas

    -bring back the pes shop like in older pes games like pes 6 to unlock classic teams, players, original pes soundtrack

    – season mode: there should be an option to play season mode from football today or play retro master league again from pes games of the past such as pes 4,5 and 6

    – inclusion of custom music or the original pes soundtrack

    -include the names of injuries
    -goalkeepers shouldn’t feel like they’re superhuman at times and can get sent off and injured.
    -better more realistic weather conditions such as heavy snow to play with a coloured football. Changeable weather during match aswel as from evening to night during matches. The weather conditions would affect how the ball moves too during wind rain and snow.
    -stadium music during celebrations of goals

  12. This game needs what has adorned the King for years and that is 1. Real addictive gameplay 2. Nice liquid soft passes 3. Magic passes on the floor and the air that throw out the defense !!! 4. Much better movement of the player 5. Better play with the head, on the head of another player, and the leg, and blows to the head !! 6. Beckham throws those long balls !!! 7. Legendary sprints !!!! 8. The difference between good and top players !!!! 9. Much better dribbles, dribble animation, and one-on-one play !!!! 10. The difference between the stronger players in the duel, jump, speed, technique, passing, shots, as well as different goalkeeper animations !!!! 11. An audience that follows events on the field, sighs at opportunities, blows and gives a dimension more! 12. A commentator who shouts, yells at opportunities, goals, creates additional tension and gives more injections to the audience !!!! 13. A real judge who doesn’t judge every nonsense, and he doesn’t judge what he should !!!! 14. Insert war, at least for penalties !! 15. Give a larger assortment of offenses, and more shutdowns on both sides, and that it is possible for the computer to earn a shutdown, even two !!!! 16. We don’t want filtered games in which there is no difference in anything, and changes in clubs, player ratings, and form do not bring anything significant in the game !!! 17. Give a game like in real life, where a turnaround is possible from 0 3, where 3 goals fall in the first 15 minutes, or two goals in 90 minutes, but also play 0: 0, and 1: 0, depending on the player, club, form !!! 18. We want a better online !!! 19. Return teamwork ratings to clubs, and players, especially great when making transfers !!! 20. Give us the opportunity to insert your pictures and music on the main menu !!! 21. Return the King, return the Pes to us !!!!!!

  13. The king has not returned yet, we have been waiting for him for many years, is it time to remember the most beautiful possible times as before !? A new generation is coming, a new console, a new engine, and hopefully real infectious football, which we do not get bored after half hours of play !! We hope for much better passes, player movements, differences in the game, better dribble animations, one-on-one dribbling, more exclusions on both sides, unplanned things, goals in the first minutes, but the possibility of reversals in 90 plus minutes, much better player movements, entries into space, coming to the second tripod, passing to an empty goal 2 on 1 with the goalkeeper! We don’t want a filtered game, where player ratings and forms bring nothing, and there is no difference in running, duel, height, jump, shots, strength, technique, dribbling, and also every goalkeeper is the same, and the computer always plays the same, you play with the strongest lineup in the world, or you put your grades on the strongest, or you reduce it, he plays the same, you can’t beat them, let alone break, steal the ball, or win the exclusion !!! commentator, and this stated gives the game madness, and the return of the king, and the fans back !!!!

  14. The most beautiful thing is when everyone chooses their club that suits them, and has its own characteristics, like someone takes psg for mbappe that makes a difference in speed, uncomfortable to keep in both directions, has sudden changes of direction, someone takes liverpool works out of Van dijk, which is one of the best stoppers in the world, someone barcelona, ​​or manchester city because he plays on the property, someone takes atletico madrid because they are strong in defense, they can run a lot, strong in pressing duel, which is not the case here in these games in recent years different, and player ratings mean nothing, and nothing changes in the game because it’s embarrassing and filtered, all players are the same, there are no nice dribble animations, balls with eyes throwing out defense, on the ground, and in the air, and young players like werner , sancha, pedria, fatia, and especially haalanda who is amazing in strength, we hope the duel will not be underestimated but will bring a new dimension to the game, especially when making transfers !!! Return teamwork ratings to the game !!!

    1. There are different characteristics of clubs, players, goalkeepers, everything is the same, there are no beautiful dribble animations, great balls, the movement of players is terrible, there are no different offenses, exclusions, reversals of real infectious gameplay, referees are horrible, the commentator also does not give that extra injection to the game, and the game is filtered you can put all player ratings at 99, and you will not be stronger in jump, duel, speed, you will not score goals from a distance, steal the ball, the game is a joke long ago, crazy one who hopes to move to ps 5 !!!!

  15. Stop make PES UTD and WES UTD.. put a lot more asian team, malaysian league is a good additional since JDT establish as one of big team in Asia.

  16. in recent years these are garbage, not even like a dog when he was on top, no fun, space gameplay, player movements are robotic, and do not go on the ball, and do not come on bounced balls, each player is the same there is no difference between say lukakua, and smaller and weaker players, also fast players do not make a mess, and there is no difference between top and good players! Passings are terrible, no possession of the right, control of the game, and dribble animations are also terrible, and the game is one on one! no fast running, but also sudden changes, plus accelerated running! those forms don’t bring anything, you can put everything on your team’s 99, the computer gets you regularly, and the game is also real Madrid, or benfica, and the referee and commentator are awesome, just like playing online! give us the option to insert pictures, and music into the main menu u, finally listen to the cries of your craziest fans !!!

  17. -First of all new Team just for the GUI, pleaase fix the GUI and Menu in the Game
    – Second We need a mode like pro club in fifa
    – PES2021 gameplay is good just add some new features to it

  18. 1) management of a group of youth players in the Masters League.
    2) to be able to talk to your players and see her moral
    3) Var and line technology
    4) to change the position of the player
    5) boost in master League
    6) greater ease in dribbles
    7) to complain to the referees
    8) to whistle when there is a hand violation
    9) Scan faces in greek teams
    10) Online bug fixes
    11) tactics during the game like press in all court

  19. 1. Choice to turn player growth on/off
    2. Realistic player values
    3. Stadium upgrades that generate revenue
    4. Greater differences between superstars and average players
    5. Upgrades to training facilities to give better growth at a revenue penalty
    6. Stadium sponsors to generate revenue so it doesn’t effect kit sponsors
    7. Higher profile players generate kit sales etc for higher revenue
    8. EPL lower divisions and option to start from the bottom with any team with an element of reality around a team falling into administration then you have the job to bring back to glory
    9. Greater variation of winning formations/tactics against AI.
    10. Higher foul and injury rate
    11. Players force sale to top 10 teams and vice versa when in top 10
    12. Clear strength difference between players. For example Lukaku should easily overpower smaller players

  20. I wish for more 2nd and 3rd tier divisions, maybe as DLC ?
    English 3rd division, Italuan Serie C and Dutch 2nd division.
    More editable divisions would also be great, but with an option to attach it as a 2nd or 3rd division to an existing competition

  21. Saya berharap di pes 2022 nanti ada fitur barter pemain sesama user pes contoh, saya sangat menginginkan Iconic Xavi dan Teman saya sangat menginginkan iconic puyol sementara saya memiliki iconic puyol dan dia memiliki xavi maka dari itu kami melakukan barter. Hal itu sangat memudahkan user membentuk tim impian dan akan membuat PES 2022 jadi lebih menarik.

    Terima kasih

  22. Buonasera..
    Per migliorare servirebbero almeno 5 campionati europei,1 in Sudamerica e 1 in Asia.
    Aggiungere la UEFA conference League
    Sistemare le regole del campionato Italiano
    Aggiungere Stadi perché sono pochi

  23. Please go back to the previous pes16 and pes17 gameplay,the game play are just the best compare to all the recent pes19 and 2021.

  24. Hello. Add new national teams in PES 2022. For example, in continental Europe and South America, there are all the national teams of European and South American countries, while in Africa, Asia or North America, no new national team has been added yet! Please be sure to add new PES 2022 national teams to Asia, Africa and Central America.

    1. Nicely said. I cannot believe that they haven’t done it already. Seem they don’t look at new Central American teams. El Salvador is a must.

  25. Pleaseeeee can we play Master League with friends online. It will help so much for those of us who have friends in different countries or parts of the country we live in

  26. Refs grab the ball as teams make there way onto the pitch,Coin toss to see who gets kick off and which half they start on,more crowd noise and actual crowd chants,flares and flags In the crowds,more real stadiums especially the European stadiums like aek Athens slavia Prague and many others fix ai free kicks where they go in nearly every time add handball to the game pes is almost there just needs a bit of work to effects and gameplay but it’s by far better than fifa.

    And also have a bigger option to add more edit files than before to add your own teams and kits and also it would be good if you could add the nations league with more european national teams and that would be good to introduce a national career mode where you qualify for major tournaments and build your own squads.

  27. 1. The use of VAR
    2. Coaches face must be seen
    3. Must see players at bench mood and reactions
    4. Jersey movement style
    5. Better camera
    6. New additional commentary

  28. this game lacks real control in the game, nice dribble animations, one-on-one dribbling, different types of offenses, multiple exclusions, direct red cards, madness in the game, and this is impossible when the game is filtered, and ratings mean nothing, you can put the whole team to have 99 speed, and there is no difference, in running, duel, jump, no long-range goals, different center shots with outside and inside foot, no strong pressing, stealing the ball, easy goals, red cards especially when you play with the computer whatever team gives them you put them play the same, and you can put all the scores on 99, manage to overtake them, be dominant in possession control, the same had the addition of 99 or 50 especially to break or earn exclusion !!!

  29. 1. Improving judicial decisions

    2. Inserting more diverse interviews and decisions into the Master League

    3. In case of injury if you need to take the player down you can even use a stretcher to show in video

    4. Not too often but let hand use be used

    5. Fine-tuning between difficulty levels (don’t be big between professional and World Class)

  30. The goal of this game is both fun and tension, that everything is possible, and that the game adapts to us, not us to it, we don’t want a game set up, full of bugs, we want that old feeling when we shivered playing this game, not looking at the clock We want a game full of goals, but a great game in defense, and better opportunities in defense, setting, doubling players, but also great magic passes, game controls, possession, strong pressing, stealing the ball, raising the pace of the game, better and more beautiful dribble animations, different starts, fouls, and exclusions, crazy twists, tensions !!! This game lacks an audience that follows events on the field, a real referee who doesn’t judge every nonsense, and a crazy commentator who raises tension, and gives this game something more !!! it should be like the game used to be, but this has nothing to do with reality, where every game is the same, and the game gets boring quickly! one on one, player differences, why then the ratings in the game, if p you raise the scores, or you have in the team of c.ronald, messi, mbappe, when you can’t do anything again, and the game offers its nonsense, and you can put 5 goalkeepers on the computer on the legend, and he will still play the same because the game is so set, filtered, and it doesn’t make sense, and you don’t depend on your form or how good you are!

  31. Suggestions:
    1. Responsiveness and Fluidity need to be smoothened.

    2. Removal of Scripting

    3. Greater Freedom of Movement

    4. Defending – make it more challenging x5

    5.Tactics Slider in the bottom left corner

    6. Add VAR and goal line technology (enhanced)

    7. The Variance of player overall growth – make it more harder to grow like 1 overall points up in every 7 months to 5 years.

    8.Add more EPL managers like Ole, Jose, Jurgen, Moyes and so on.

    9. Player morale changed by decision, action, and conversation with the player.

    10. Objectives every season – like winning the Champions League etc.

    11. Manager Popularity based on manager’s performance

    12. Managers is automatically fired while or below 55 (will be fired if still 55 or below in the end of seasons)

    13. Customize the financial rewards for preseason matches by stars.
    (1 STAR – USD500000 2 STARS – USD1000000 3 STARS – USD2500000 4 STARS – USD5000000 5 STARS – USD65000000 AND ABOVE 5 stars in legend level will be increased by 35% of the current financial reward – USD87750000)

    14. Improve the scoutnig system

    15. A lot of improvements in Become A Legend especially open world map.

    16. Create stadiums and add stadium capacity into 100 stadiums.

    17. Improve the quality of every movements

    1. Never mind number 13. I just get little overboard there. Just put money onto divisions of stars in preseason matches.

  32. Please please please
    Give us a lot o fake leagues and the ability to manage the tournaments of master league.
    More injuries to players
    We understand about the limitations and difficulties to get licensed leagues but, we can create by our own if we have the capacity to do it.
    Give us the freedom to make our leagues, this will be legendary.

    Let’s kill FIFA

  33. This game needs more fake leagues and better editing features to provide that full experience. And, become a legend needs that fifa player career mode experience where you can train and have the option of controlling your squad. Master league has been solid so far but I think it’s due for an upgrade. Player movements and dribbling response have been one of the biggest issues in pes 2020. In 2021 they’ve seem to be more responsive I still hate the step over with a passion. Hopefully we get some big changes this year. I’m still not playing FIFA regardless lol.


  35. I feel that in terms of gameplay sliders would be beneficial. Sometimes you find a a goalkeeper rated 54 is playing like Buffon against strikers in the 80’s, whereas the CPU strikers (also in 50’s) seem to be able to beat my 80+ rated keeper?
    There also seems to generally be a ‘flaw’ where the user needs about 10/12 shots to score one goal but the CPU needs 1. In frequent matches this becomes tiresome.

    In terms of leagues/licenses, I think the money spent on ‘Partner Clubs’ could fully license other leagues from around the world. If Konami look at forums they will see that fans literally love clubs from all over and will make them. When Juventus weren’t licensed but we had several other leagues no one cared, as the fans made the Juve kits and we were all happy, but now it seems there are no plans for newer leagues, but instead more ‘Partner Clubs’. I myself am a huge Leeds fan, but if you said to me would I prefer to see all the bricks in detail in the Elland Road changing room, or some additional leagues in Asia/Africa, I’d pick the latter. PES is a football game, I want to play football. I agree that these are nice touches but I can just import a Leeds badge anyway, so why use the money that could get 2/3 leagues for a badge we can import?

    I think the game could do with some more Rest of Europe teams, and maybe actually use them in League Mode, I never see half of them in there, so maybe give us the option to decide the European Teams at the start of Season 1 like FIFA? It could do with clubs from the likes of Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and Belarus as these nations frequently have teams in competitions.

    I still don’t understand either why they haven’t tapped into the African market? There are plenty of fans of these leagues so why not either license the CAF Champions League, or give us a fake PAF League or 2, and some ‘Other African’ so we can make our own?

    Asia is lacking too, why can you not have more clubs in ‘Other Asia’, as there is such little choice (especially Western Asia). Would it be that hard to get the Iranian or Uzbek leagues for example?

    Likewise with South America, if you don’t want to get the whole leagues for Ecuador, Uruguay etc. then fine but if you can have 4 Peruvian clubs licensed why can’t you get 4 Ecuadorian/Uruguayan etc.

  36. The referees needs to improve. The positioning of the referees when the ball is in play needs to improve and be realistic. Also the compactness to of the team needs to improve.

  37. Make the game depends on the player technique..rather than shooting games , you can build your player with what ever position train with him ,and participate in teams with other players online , you can make grades over your performance ,upgrade your player with packs you obtain in the game or purchase, this will completely turn the game around on fifa ultimate team . 11 vs 11 ..this would be mean alot for players to feel the game as you played in your pitch with friends in your conditions and changing by the other player opponents tactics makes it more realistic. And fun

  38. Is it possible to have this kind of power in the game as mbappe showed tonight with three goals barcelona, ​​fast elusive, like martins on pes 2006, and today there is no difference in strength, speed, punches, technique, duel, you have the feeling that every player runs the same, and it is set that you can’t pass or run over anyone, there are no exclusions, reversals, tensions, games in several ways, on individuality, quick short passes, possession, or strong pressing, stealing the ball, no real defense, various types of offenses, stopping the game, raising and lowering the pace of the game !!! This is far from the best days !!!

  39. 1. Commentary – Keep Peter Drury and Jim Beglin, it wouldn’t be the same without them now, but improve the AI – it has been the same issue for a couple releases where the commentary doesn’t return to a story/conversation if they break to comment of a piece of live action, like an attempt on goal. Also following the career of a manager in Master League needs to be improved. If you have taken over as manager of a team and you play your previous team this should be mentioned by the commentators. Maybe a comment on the progress of deals in the transfer market.

    2. Pre, Mid and end of the season roundups in the form of pundits in a studio (In the style of Match of the Day or MNF )

    3.Staduim editor/creator – Add more options to change, possibly have the option to design/build a stadium from the ground up. Add an option where the commentary team say the name of the created stadium (in the same vein of the players name).

    4. PES might have lost the Champion leagues but it would be good to see a TV style intro to the European/World cup competitions.

    5. TV style Player line section ahead of the game.

    6. Better create a manager options (face, body and attire )

    7. Set pieces editor

    8. Add WLS

  40. I’m from the generation raised on Pro Evolution Soccer, once the best, most popular football game on these shores. It was a football match on PSone and PS2. A few games two vs. two to warm up before the big night out, sip a drink every time the ball goes out of play. And of course we were late – we had to have a rematch, and another, and another! This is unplayable today and for years, there is no fine control of the game, beautiful passes, balls with eyes that throw the defense, fine, and fast turns in place, and in speed, no nice dribble animation, and real one-on-one dribbling, no possibility stealing the ball, and easy goals, and no legendary sprints, and fine movement of players, and players entering the space, and bounced balls! We do not want a filtered game in which he also put the player speed at 99, or the technique of long shots, and strength , and yet there is no difference, nothing can be achieved, and the computer still destroys you no matter what you do !!!

    1. yes I agree like 99 percent of the fans the game is filigree, and the game doesn’t adapt to us but to us, player ratings, forms and transfers are worth nothing, you can have the best and fastest attack in the world, you can’t pick up the pace of the game, keep a big possession, and control of the game, have a victory on one goal, no beautiful actions, fluidity in the game, animation dribbling, fine dribbling, no possession, stealing the ball, reversals, exclusions on both sides, unpredictable things, and you can put up raises throughout your players, ma whatever you can’t do to the computer, the game is filtered, and it has a lot of bugs, and you don’t depend on your skills and it doesn’t give any results !!!

  41. For PES 22 in MyClub they need to scrap skill, position and energy boost. Instead of paying gp for contracts, contracts should be in packs or even separate contract packs. I think we should have the choice whether to use gp or coins, no matter the packs. I like matchday event, I think that should replace ranked divisions. Matchday should be a weekly competition starting from 1am Monday morning till 10pm Sunday night, competitors should be divided between beginner, intermediate and experienced players, that would be determined by how well you do after 5 matches and whatever category you fall in, you would be promoted or demoted at the end of the week, depending what points/rank you finish on, also at the end of the week you should get prizes like, gp, coins, packs and the amount of prizes you receive would be determined by how well you do in the week and also prizes should be changed each week to keep it interesting. A similar competition should be made for offline mode too. I think we should have black ball and legend challenges once a month and we should have player of the month, to receive the player of the month though, challenges should be set for that. I think upgrading of players is really good, so should definitely be kept. I think we should have more events and challenges should be set around the theme of the event to gain prizes. E.G have a PESmas event in game.

  42. Please introduce womens football including womens champions league and few womens leagues as well as their national teams
    Introduce the rolled up sleeves to the edit and also bring back the hair selection to the create player mode….

  43. Possibility to add more leagues and divisions to already exist leagues, to grow the pyramid. These added teams could be just randomly named with random players, so PES players can edit them as they like.

    As many non lisence leagues that you can fit to the game. Its cool to have many leagues ib ML and BAL. Editing them is amazing.

    Plenty more injurys is needed and different cinematics.

    Regen/New born 16yo players system needs to be renewd, that really kills the game for me :(. That could be put on alternatively. (ex) what if the old players really retires and cant be played no more? And age bracket to 36-40. So the players wont retire at young age.


  45. 1)Fix the damn referees as they barely give any fouls,especially inside the D-box and whenever they do give a foul,it’s mostly WRONG.Premier League referees are wanks but PES referees are hot garbage,fix the refereeing AI and also update some of the refereeing and offside rules,as many has been changed or revisioned within the last few years and PES has most certainly not caught up to them.

    2)Player movements are shaky,difficult and unrealistic.I couldn’t care less about Ray Traced reflections and Graphical improvements,trust me,PES has more than good enough graphics for a Football video game,but the gameplay man,it has to get better in PES 2022 and fixing player movements and response times are probably on of the biggest gameplay upgrades you guys can make.Certainly in online/offline matches faster player responses will mean faster player switching which will be a game changer as I cannot begin to explain what a pain it has been playing PES for the past couple of years with such slow player response timing.

    3)Menu UI is confusing as fk.Please revamp it completely and make it easy to access and good looking.

    4)Commentary seriously needs an upate now.I love to hear Peter Drury and Jim Beglin together,don’t change them.Just,add more commentary scripts and fix the off paced commentary issue,where Drury takes ages to say something that has happened around 5seconds ago!!!!!!

    5)And lastly,all I am saying is,add more Legeneds liie Thierry Henry,Ronaldo Nazario,Zidane etc.Arsenal is a partnered club of PES and almost all the major players otlf the invincible era is available in PES currently,except for the biggest player of that eta,Thierry Henry,add him please!!!!!

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