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Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, PES 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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57 thoughts on “PES 2022 Wishlist

  1. Pes 2016 and 2017 were the last we played, they weren’t nearly as good as pes 2006 and 2013, but at least they weren’t filtered like the last three, and if you have better players on the team you could make a turnaround, and beat the computer, or if you say you put ratings, at 99 speeds for players, and boost defense, and passes you could have 70 percent possession, and in the first five minutes, and score two goals, and today whatever you do the computer is always stronger, faster than you boost your grades, or computer reduced, it’s always the same, and what’s worse is that if you don’t like the game, you can’t do anything with transfers or rating changes! From 2006 instead of making real football and even better, you have fallen on low branches … We want something like a pes simulator rush footbal 2, and a virtual socer pro, not disgusting and filtered games !!!

    1. to agree with you, like many fans here, such was the dog 2015 as well, like these last three, filtered, horrible, unplayable, and yet neither transfers nor changes in player ratings meant anything, that at least so you can beat and smash the computer, so the worst possible thing, whatever you do, there is no change, the only thing is that you can kick the game and throw it! There are no different styles of play, so someone chooses a player who has excellent dribbling and scores goals with top shots, someone chooses a top goalkeeper, someone defensive, someone a ball thief, everything here is monotonous and the game is tasteless and odorless! change if you haven’t so far won’t from now on, even if a new console arrives and a chance to redeem itself for years, and bring back fans and drive us crazy like it used to, but I honestly don’t believe it, God forbid I’m wrong !!!

  2. BAL:
    1. bring back Man of the Match feature, highlight it, add interview at every end of the match.
    2. i want to see my current contract details
    3. i want to counter offer any contract that was offered to me. Raise in wages, bonus, etc.
    4. i want to see all my current achievements: how many man of the match I’ve got, how many times I was selected in team of the week/ month/ season, how many times I’ve got MVP of the season, how many times I got top scorer/ assist of the season, how many times I’ve won the best European/ World player, how many times I’ve won the world cup/ euro/ league/ cups.
    5. During gameplay, option to request for a direct or through pass.
    6. Please do not treat end of year as end of season, number changes can only be done at the end of season.

    PLEASE fight for the club licenses! It has been decades, you have really strong fan base! You loose many potential players to your closest rival because of it.

    Add new game mode, such as 7-a-side indoor,street or beach match.

    I want to play my ML or League co-op with my friend through online.

    create a player: bring back skin/face mapping where we can upload our own/ player faces.

    PLEASE revamp the commentary! Very bored of hearing the same dialogue over many generations of PES.

    Bring back coin toss, u have this feature back in ISS days. Choose to kick-off or side.

    BAL & ML, retired players remains retired, not come back as young version. Or make it optional.

  3. Please include 2vs2 Couch koop in ranked!
    Not 2vs1 and not 3vs3 with a bot. Just 2vs2 separated to 1vs1 ranked. Just look at Rocket League or your older PES games.

  4. The game has nothing to do with reality, there are no beautiful,and magical passes in the air,and on the ground, every pass is added the same with the messi,or goalkeeper, the players are slow, sluggish and everyone runs the same, funny !! We want a game where by dribbling and speed you can leave more players behind, which will lead to more fouls, exclusions, unpredictable things! The ratings in the game mean nothing because the game is filtered and awkward, the commentator doesn’t raise the tension, he’s terrible just like the referee, and the audience doesn’t follow the situation on the field! Let us be able to put pictures
    and music in the main menu, and return teamwork ratings! We want a game like dog simulator rush football 2, and punches like on a virtual football pro, with much better tracking of players, and player movements, and playing like the best pes ever pes 6 !! !! Konami wakes up and returns passionate fans to this game !!

    We don’t want artificial and filtered play, we want rocket shots in the rank of c.ronaldo from greater distances, we want the possibility of leaving players behind in the style of mbappe, sterling, mane!!!Strong players in a duel like ibrahimovic, and haaland, we want the player ratings to be valid, and mean something, we want different styles, different results in the game, goals, reversals, but also great defense, and different goalkeeper simulations !!! We want king back!!!!

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