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Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, PES 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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  1. Saya ingin di pes 2022 ada wasitnya terus hakim garisnya,terus saya ingin pas lgi mabar bisa ngobrol sama temen ya mau berdekatan atau berjauhan,dan pas mau pergantian pemain bisa di tayangkan.terus di atur cuacanya kalo bisa ada hujan,salju dan stadionya di tambah banyak.yg terakhir saya ingin di pes 2022 ada liga indonesia nya.
    Terim kasih sekian dari saya assalamualaikum wr.wb

  2. Pertama pengen ada liga Indonesia, pas pergantian pemain bisa kelihatan pas masuk, ada wasit , ada nama di Jersey,lapangan di tambah jangan monoton , komentator bahasa Indonesia, komentar bahasa Arab ,liga Inggris klubnya jangan kaya gtu di ajak kerja sama biar seragamnya keren , bisa beli kartu pemain dari player lain , tambahkan musim seperti musim hujan atau salju , ada upacara pas mau memulai pertandingan dan sesudah pertandingan , Selebrasi gol di tambah lagi , dan penonton teriaknya jangan monoton ganti pake teriakan lagu, dan ada koreografi nya di penonton

  3. I want Konami’s party to add a last name,. Then DON’T Forget to Add New Legends Like, Ricardo KÂKâ, Zinedine Zidane, and Eric Cantona I hope this wish can come true in PES 2022

  4. Give us free iconic moment we all need new stadiums referee new cool celebration like removing t- shirt that it

  5. Can you add to legends list… cantona, Zidane, trezeguet, Henry, Ronaldo nazario..

    And add records for eg.. all time goal scoring records for teams and leagues etc…

    Become a legend is addictive could maybe add more to it.

  6. Give us a ton of fake leagues and the option to manage competitions in master league, we do the rest with option files

  7. Con respecto a EUROPA las ligas licenciadas que podrían añadir son:

    10. LIGA 1 DE RUMANIA.

    1. can you get the complete english leage from nationalleague ,league one, league two ,the german league with dortmond and add more clubs to the game ,can you add a mode where we can switxh our player for another maybe two or three players for 1 or two can you add the mode where we do the trainings by our selves where we pick the training we want to train our players with and much more

  8. Konami debería enfocarse en el mercado Sudamericano, Licenciando las siguientes Ligas:
    1. LIGA 1 DE PERU.

    (MONOPOLIZAR SUDAMERICA) Konami sabe que en esta parte del mundo se juega mucho mas PES que Fifa.



    1. make a story mode like the journey but better and you know how in pes the mode where we pick four teams aand computer picks players from that team and you play with them as a team pls leave that and can you add more offline modes and can you add an offline mode where you are the owner of the club ,you will create the team logo,the kit and search for the managers and the rest of the team members and board members it will will be like that mode in pes where u will be managing a team but with unknown players but you will be the board and it will be only simulation

  9. PES22 is a much anticipated game especially due to the delay and Unreal Engine. We generally expect the graphics to be alright.

    Generally, I think the menus should be more detailed and enticing. There should be players on the background, it should be more colorful, etc. The gameplay is good but it could be better. It should be a BIT slower, improvement on ball physiques and player movements. Major players should have their unique playing styles. The replay feature should be worked upon too. Also add a feature where we can import music into the game. In- game experience should also be improved. That is, referees should be real. The coaches should be real too. There should be a variety of people in the crowds and crowd noises should be noticeably different, like in derbies, competition etc. You can also add a lockdown feature where the stadium will be empty, just like free training. Match statistics should be worked on too. This includes who to watch, stats fro previous matches etc.

    Then Master League, The menu needs a total revamp. It should be more informative. The texts are too redundant and should have much more variety. Also cut scenes should have an impact on game experience. More cut scenes needed. Also, referees A.I. should be more intelligent, fouls are hardly given and when given they are wrong a lot of times. Bargaining for players should be more detailed and in game transfers should be more realistic.

    Become a Legend needs a total revamp, it’s so bad that nobody really plays it anymore.

    Overall, more team licenses, more stadiums, more cutscenes. Before the match, players should walk with children during important matches. Players should wear their jackets. Goalies wear their gloves right before the match starts and not walking through the tunnel. Handballs should be introduced. Goal keepers should be able to get injured. Some in-game injury should last longer, like weeks or months and not just 5 minuted in the game.

  10. the first thing that catches your eye is the hendicap to liquidation. COMMENTATORS for exchange for so many years it has been boring. The fans’ stadium effects I mean by chants.

  11. Try to focus on the online modes (My Club) make the game much more competitive ,like fifa they have the division and weekend league,…then the biggest problem for me is because we don’t have difference between the players ,i mean i don’t feel the pace and nothing all the players fell almost the same,remember how was pes 2008 you was felling that stats now they are all the same ….and like gameplay try to take something from pes 2014 …the list can be bigger but for now this are my biggest problems for this game

  12. There are a few inclusions i like to add, which i think is a must for PES all together.

    1) We definitely need stadium editor. I’ve noticed when you create your own club and upload logo’s, strips, you’ve also got club colors that interact with the supporters showing their club colors when in play as well as banners. In that case, Stadium editing must be a priority to the game.

    2) PES has included the Konami league but only can include 20 teams. That should be increased to 26 or even more. You should also be able to add 2nd, 3rd divisions or as much as you prefer, as well.

    3) PES you guy’s seem to have a creating segment part of the game which should be taken seriously, hence why PES is a good competitor against FIFA. PES should have all the working tools anything to do with creating your own club.

    4) Master league needs to have more of an insight into the club your with like Media, when players get signed, the clubs infrastructure – like expanding the stadium, building more training grounds, academy.

    5) MLS,Scandinavian leagues should be included.

  13. Much better overal graphics which should be no problem at all with the Unreal engine, more real stadiums, more licensed leagues or teams, all UEFA leagues and national team tournements. Real coaches on the bench. Real referees. Better commentary and add more commentary languages. I personally dislike most of the atmosphere in the current PES games during the matches. Very bad sounds, robitic supporter songs, unrealistic banners. Please do something about that. So record real supporter songs from the clubs and national teams, not the same people in the crowd placed all over the stadium, show difference of atmosphere of the crowd during a derby / topmatch ( loud supporters and singing a lot of songs during the match ) compared to a common match ( less songs and less load). More supporter activity during the match like jumping, pogos, wave etc… Remember Konami that football is nothing without the fans so creating a realistic football atmosphere in the stadium makes the game much more pleasure to play. Better weather system. Add for example cloudshadows on the pitch during the match followed by sunshine or short heavy rainfall. Real ceremony after winning a league or cup.

  14. We need more legend and iconic defenders. Also, the lag is a problem. A supposedly good pass often becomes a senseless pass. Resolving long matchmaking and network issues is a must.

    I’m real life, there are many legendary players better than the current lot and should be added such as Roberto Baggio, Papin, Jaap stam, Alan shearer, Peter schmichael, Ronaldo.

    A bold suggestion: the database should have an iconic player for every country. When we choose our location to be that country, we get a free iconic moment of that country.

    On match day, the club boost should not be the selection of jersey, but the selection of captain. This way, we won’t end up wearing the same colours all the time which is so boring.

  15. One more thing Konami,

    1. Please add a diving button.

    2. Here’s a tip for player ratings.
    Messi : 94
    Ronaldo: 94
    Lewandowski: 93
    Neymar: 92
    Mbappe: 92
    De Bruyne: 92
    Oblak: 91
    Alisson: 91
    Neuer: 90
    Ramos: 90
    Van Dijk: 91
    Aguero: 89
    Suarez: 89

  16. Hey Konami,

    Can you please add a flashback mode where you can choose which year of a team you want to play and all the players that played there that year are in that team with your amazing graphics.


    Picks Barcelona year 2017.

    Barcelona Lineup:

    Jordi Alba
    Sergio Roberto
    Ter Stegen

    You Like it?
    Thanks Konami.

  17. Please add the league cups. English league cup, Scottish league cup, French league cup, J-league cup, Portugal league cup, Thai league cup. Just add whatever countries that have 2nd cup available in the game. more games per season,more cups per season = excitement.

  18. A few things we need are!!. A few leagues LA-Liga & Segunda B Swedish & Norwegian league & MLS!!. African National teams we need are Angola , Sudan & Ghana . North American nations we need are a fully licensed USA , Mexico & Canada !!. In Asia we need a fully licensed South Korea !!.

  19. plz put wayne rooney on ur cover
    first u got MANU copyright
    second rooney retired just now,and we love him,also we wanna him 2 be on da cover of 22 as da legend edition
    thank uuuu

  20. if the pes 2022 on ps 5 has anything to do with football especially the last 3 years filtered, without real, and nice dribbling, fine and realistic movements of players, strong kicks from the side, and greater distances that break through goalkeepers, without real magic balls, and beautiful passes, legendary sprints of fast and powerful players, without stealing the ball, and everything that adorned the best football versions at the best time, then you really killed our last hope, that with playstation 5 you will give us a game with space gameplay, from which we cannot move away, and bring back years of sorrow!

  21. Hey there, it would be nice if there were better mouth animations, like the way Ronaldo almost seems to blow when he’s about to shoot, and adding more legends like drogba, maybe even a then and now event for legendary players who aren’t yet retired, like Rooney 94 then, 82 now. The commentary is the most obvious change and more alternation of skill moves based on the player like the two alternation of the double touch.

  22. ● Licences (or unlicensed)
    1) Add more leagues (Greece, Austria, Ukraine, Mexico, USA etc)
    2) Add more lower divisions
    3) Add Africa national teams for a real Cup of Nations
    4) Add more legends (Ronaldo, Zidane, Nesta, Seedorf, Drogba, Ferdinand, Eto’o etc)
    5) Add more stadiums
    6) Add some African clubs

    ● Master league
    1) Add Europa Conference League
    2) Add more qualifying rounds in UEFA Competitions
    3) Make league ranking and system points for club ranking
    4) Prizes for entering group stages or knockout rounds
    5) Fix players development
    6) More realistic transfers

    ● General
    1) Fix Referee decisions
    2) Stadium editor
    3) Edit new menus

  23. Hey, Konami!
    I have ideas for PES 2022.
    Why don’t you put special dribbling skills on Paulo Dybala, Messi, Neymar Jr or Ronaldo? If you put it, they can be unpredictable dribbling legends.
    Paulo Dybala :
    1. Tight Space Dribbling (Dribbling 76-99) (L)
    2. Dybala Double Trouble (Dribbling 81-99)
    3. Toe Poke Panna (Dribbling 87-99)
    4. The Trap and Go (Dribbling 87-99)
    Ronaldo :
    1. Reverse Elastico (Dribbling 87-99)
    2. Elastico (Dribbling 87-99)
    3. The Booby Trap (Dribbling 81-99)
    Messi :
    The Lift (Dribbling 79-99)
    Chop Cuts (Dribbling 85-99)
    Stop & Turn (Dribbling 81-99)
    Double Cut (Dribbling 90-99)
    La Croqueta (Dribbling 79-99)
    The L Cut (Dribbling 81-99)
    Toe Poke Meg (Dribbling 65-99)
    Referee Block (Activates while you close to the referee while dribbling balls) (Dribbling 70-99) (1 player, 1 opponent)
    Neymar Jr:
    Roll Chop (Dribbling 85-99)
    Pull Behind & Go (Dribbling 83-99)
    Roll Top Meg (Dribbling 89-99)
    Off Back Leg (Dribbling 91-99)
    Drag ‘n Go (Dribbling 83-99)
    Shaky Leg (Dribbling 69-99)
    Neymar Rocket (Dribbling 85-99)
    Sombrero Lift (Dribbling 50-99) L2 + R2 > SQUARE (Only player that have Sombrero skill)

    1. very good idea, not that player ratings are worthless in this game, and dribbles equal had 99 dribbling speed and 99 dribbling technique or 80 say !!! And this is a very good thing that someone has fast dribbling bikes, and someone better dribbling in speed, someone a quick turn, control, dodging players, passing more players in dribbling, and keeping the ball, not that the game is filtered, whatever you do , and change ratings players do the same, everyone runs without difference in speed, there is no difference in strength, duel, speed, shots, and long-distance goals, magic balls, jumps, headers, and so on, and the computer always beats you especially on legend, or you can’t break it so you have aliens in the game, especially the last three years, and so it was in 2015, where the game was irritating, and changing the ratings on your team or lowering the ratings of the club you play the computer with wouldn’t meant nothing, they would play again as if they had 5 players more than you !!! We want a game where we can boost the pace of the game, and the speed of the players as we want, and as we think some players deserve, not to make a transfer I bring c.ronaldo,messi, mbappe, and the best midfield in the world, and I can’t score goals, and break computer a couple of games in a row … Comedy difficult !!! We want a game where everything is possible to fall and 4 goals somewhere in 20 minutes, two goals in 90 plus a minute, sometimes two reds get the same player, sometimes both players, and that the computer can directly earn a disqualification, and sometimes two yellow cards in the same game !!! And putting teamwork scores back in the game is a great thing when we pick players, and do transfers, to see which one is chosen by the most harmonious team that has the chemistry, and the power of togetherness !!!

  24. i wish the Benfica Stadium and Benfica Legends.
    Benfica its a club with history and alot of supports in the world.
    I play PES since the beginning and id really like to see big names of Benfica football History.

    Michel Preud’homme.
    Rui Costa.
    Pablo Aimar.
    Nuno Gomes.
    Fernando Chalana.
    Javier Saviola.
    Mario Coluna.
    Jose Aguas.
    stefan schwarz.
    Antonio Simoes.
    Ricardo Gomes.
    Claudio Caniggia.


  25. Konami, hello

    Let me make some useful suggestions from someone who has been playing your game since the first ever iss pro evolution on ps one. A true veteran.

    In my opinion, the recent jump on pes sales was thanks to the much improved animations which naturally made the gameplay play much more enjoyable…so…the main focus should be improved animations. Even better, signature animations, like back in pes 2013 I think it was.

    1- improved animations overall. Mimicking real life run animations of top players
    2- Jogging animation(without sprint)needs to be overhauled.
    3- shooting varieties. ( I can choose to shoot a low driven strong shot to the bottom corner for example)
    4- Better stadium chants
    5- much improved commentary
    6- The ability of the player with the ball to hand gesturing to team mates to come closer or move right/left..etc. For added realism
    7- a little bit more life on player’s animations while standing, running or throw ins…etc

    I really do think that the main emphasis should be on animations. That what made me and others I know, come back to Pes after a couple of seasons with FIFA.


  26. Hey Konami, please add Malaysian, Indonesian, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnamese, Brunei, Cambodian national team. I also have request on adding leagues, please add Liga Super Malaysia and Liga Premier Malaysia. I sure fellow Indonesians want to play their local footballers in Pes 2022, so please add Indonesian League Division 1, Division 2. Konami, you are from Japan, right?
    Please add J-1 League and J-2 League. Also, please add Bundesliga, Scottish Premiership, and Northen Ireland League. It’s just a suggestions, choose one or either two or three new leagues and choose any of those suggested national teams. I hope you don’t regret me.

    1. Malaysian league only 22 games per season, +malaysian 2nd division has 5 development teams which is stupid. Indonesian league still ok but, their quality is super bad. Not agree adding weak asean national teams, only the strong ones enough, like vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore, Myanmar & Indonesia (weak but alot of suporter so ok). Teams like laos, cambodia, brunei how to make their stats?? They are so weak. Pes lowest stat limit is 40, These teams probably have players to me are stat ranging from 20-30 ovr (Extreme shit). The only league that is logic to add is K-league, J-league, CSL & Thai for east. Iran league, saudi league for west, UAE & Qatar has similar style league like malaysia, play below 30 league games per season but atleast they are better in terms of quality of players. Just hope Pes make the afc asian cup 24 teams like uefa euro & AFCON. Add south african leagues (profesional & good stadium & good fanbase) & Maybe Egyptian league (best african league in terms of player quality). And the Indo malay comunity usually pirate the game so why should they make shit league for you?

  27. This football has nothing in it, no nice precise passes, those finals that throw out the whole defense, no fine controlled dribbles, and especially not messianic style, no sudden changes of direction in speed, and those nice turns in speed, and in place! There are no goals from greater distances, the movement of the players is horror, the defense is also, and the goalkeepers are all the same !!!

  28. 1 spitting on the Pitch at appropriate times e.g after being fouled or committing a foul, after missing a long range effort and after being yellow carded
    2 Time wastage e.g taking the ball to the opposition’s corner flag and trying to keep winning corners,just passing the ball around to kill time,goal keepers hitting hitting their boots against the post before taking a goal kick, getting yellow carded for wasting time and keepers waiting for you to charge them before picking up the loose ball to continue play
    3 when goal keepers throw out balls it goes all the way to the center line of the pitch,this is so unrealistic,sure keepers can throw the ball far,but not as far as that, this should be looked at and changed
    4 Konami should feature the faces of the real managers of the various opposing teams like Sean Dyche as Burnley manager, it’s annoying always seeing the same people at the sidelines,one of them wearing a brown suit and the other a black trouser and a white shirt
    5 these animations that pop up when a player misses a chance when the ball is still in play,he’ll be busy lamenting his miss while play is still going on instead of chasing the ball for a follow-up,this is really annoying cause most times it’ll be that player that is in the best position to score,but he can’t score cause he’s still lamenting or even when a defender misses a chance and the ball goes out of play,the defender is supposed to be seen running back to his goal in case of a quick goal kick,the only time he stays there lamenting is when he misses the equalizing goal and the game is in it’s closing minutes or when he misses the winning goal and the game is in it’s closing minutes
    6 FIFA is a great game until kick off, PES is not so great before kick off,but fantastic after, Konami should work on their menus,we won’t really mind if you copy and paste FIFA’s awesome menu,just give us a different menu system for PES 22
    7 Before matches, please include cool cutscenes like when the step out of the buses in their suits or tracksuits,and when the coaches gets out of his car after parking it,with the media flashing cameras everywhere,and realistic pre-match interview rooms,and better questions asked,a pre and post match interview done after every match just like in real life,one for the managers of the both teams and one for a player from each team,also cut scenes like players warming up for theatch in their training kit,not just in a beer and probably getting injured during training as these things happen if you watch a football match very closely,then at halftime there should be a review/analysis show featuring ex players,club legends,analysts and pundits,club legends,former coaches;sacked ones,the after the halftime break,the players should be seen coming out of the tunnels and warming up for the second half,with the substitutes leaving the field for the second half to begin
    8 the transfer logic and team of the AI should be looked upon and improved,as how will kepa,Alex McCarthy and two other goalies be on the same team,and the AI selects one of the other goalies who is 67 rated,to play against you,who is using Man City,tell me,does that make any sense? The only time it can be done is in cup matches that is when playing against a fellow not so big club or when injury has plagued the squad
    9 when it come to the transfer, loaning of players, negotiation of contract,the manager doesn’t have a hand it this,he only short lists who should be kept,who should be sold,and who should be bought,and it’s up to the board to see whether the players on the short list are good enough to be bought, whether they should keep the listed players in summary,the manager proposes,and the club does what they feel is right,so the transfers, loaning should be done by the AI and you’ll just be notified on the details of the deal,how it’s going,the details of the contracts like the role he wants to play,whether he wants to be a regular starter,e.t.c,all the financial aspects of the deal will be dealt with by the club, you’ll just see the contract details,and when it comes to loaning or selling they’ll just show you the offer and it’s conditions and you’ll be asked if a deal should be agreed, however since it’s the board that and the transfer team that’ll control transfers and contract negotiations,they’ll be cautious of the money they’re are spending and if you feel the money spent is too little you can request for more funds at higher expectations,so you should beware of the kind of board you’re working under which brings me to my next point
    10 Konami should include the visual negotiation of the contract for you the manager,which will include the amount you will be paid.among the contract details,the type of bored you want to work under will be chosen, either a supportive,hard,e.t.c.the money you will be paid will be spent on the welfare of your manager and his family and also on agents when you hire them to get you jobs, during which they’ll be paid depending on their expertise
    10 real life player agents should be introduced into the game such as Jorge Mendes who is a super agent,an agent for Ronaldo, Pogba,e.t.c for the become a legend and possibly master league mode
    11 much more features should be added,such as to make the off the pitch activities as interesting as on the pitch activities
    12 when customizing managers,much more custumes should be added,such as coats,caps,of different colours e.t.c,and there should be an option to change clothes every match day
    13 Konami should introduce a feature in master league of being present in the training ground where you can monitor your first team squad and see how they perform to know who features in the next match,the training of the players will be com controlled,you’ll just watch them,and there should be options to watch youth team,such as the your clubs youth team and other youth teams,even national youth teams to seek future stars,the training could be skipped however and a scout sent to watch these youth games if you’re not interested, bringing back stats (useful and descriptive stats)
    14 managers should be able to appeal for or against fouls, free kicks, penalties,corner kicks,and they can be booked by the referee if they feel their appeal was offensive
    15 the referees should have characters of their own,like there could be one who loves giving out cards,one who loves awarding every single foul,and one who would over look so many fouls
    16 it’s so annoying when you are hauled down in the box or taken out and tell ref doesn’t say anything,you’ll often feel like that was scripted to happen or you were robbed by the AI,the ref’s can remain like that,but there should be VAR with the normal logic for giving penalties
    17 players should be able to show real frustration,when being taken off too early or in a match they’re playing so well in,some could even refuse substitution like kepa did in the 2019 carabao cup final against Man city
    18 opposition players should be able to exchange their shirts after a match or take off their shirts when celebrating a goal
    19 there should be variation in the injuries of the players,not only when you are slid or tackled from behind,but also head injuries, bleeding nose,e.t.c,and a competent looking medical team should rush in and treat the injured player,and the referee will be gesturing the medical team to take the injured player off the field with his replacement warming up in the background and getting ready to come on
    20 managers should be seen shaking or embracing before and after matches
    21 when a player is playing against his real life or master league former team,it should be acknowledged by the game and the commentators
    22 databases of the history of clubs and their meetings should be embedded in the game,as this will make for fun commentary lines or fun headlines like Liverpool losing at home for the first time in three years(that is if they loose in the game)
    23 other teams should be able to sack their managers,and those type of stories should make the headlines
    24 in terms of international football players should be able to decline your offer to play for your national team
    25 players should be able to put in transfer requests,because of lack of playing time,better contract offers,when they feel it’s time to move on,big money moves like to the Chinese league,when they want to move to a bigger club,or they could push for a transfer to a club that has made an offer for them,you would be able to stand in the way of the player’s departure, however risking loosing the player on a free transfer if he doesn’t renew his contract or sign an extension
    26 the club’s board of directors, owner(s) should be able to buy players of their own,or sell any player in situations when the club are in desperate need of money,or selling a player of their choice to accommodate an incoming player like Alex Iwobi being sold to Everton for to accommodate pepe,and teams should be able to owe money for a player,but be given a deadline to complete the fee,like maybe a deadline of five years and will face consequences for failing to do so,a player could be sold if the board looses patience in him and the assistant manager should have a say in all team operations,like formations and tactics to use
    31 the contract details that you would be given when signing a contract should include:how the board would be(supportive,hard,e.t.c),the transfer and salary budgets you would be given
    32 when signing for a club, certain clubs will strongly urge you to continue the traditional style of play of the club like Barca who play attacking football,but won’t force you to play it,but however it will near your head to the chopping block, and it will get closed depending on how well you get on the nerves of the board.
    33 players should also have a say on whether the manager should be sacked,the manager that should be hired,whether your contract should be renewed.this will scare people away from freezing a player out of the squad, especially if the player is a key player,and everyone will have much more playing time, I’d also like it that after getting sacked you won’t have to pick up a new job immediately as you not like the job offers on ground, instead players will be able to roam master league, reading the news and checking every other things apart from managing squads,and during that time you could hire an agent who will be paid weekly depending on his expertise to get you a good job (another way manager salary money could be spent) or you’ll just keep roaming master league as a free agent until other clubs enquire for your services, however job offers can be taken by other managers or withdrawn
    34 in master league let it be possible to try out for clubs,like Martinelli trying out for Man United and failing and becoming a rising star in Arsenal
    35 in master league let it be optional to attend award giving ceremonies,but the player or manager will be COM controlled
    35 goal of the week,month,season,player of the week,month,season for club and league should be available for review in the news section and the goals be available to be watched
    36 the news in master league should be sub divided like it is on FIFA,into:club news,league news and global news
    37 use of nose masks,social distancing, maximum of 2000 fans in stadiums or no fans at all should be reflected in PES 22
    38 new animations when players get subbed on or off should be created as the current ones are old,I’ve been seeing it since PES 16
    39 the news should occasionally link other managers to your job depending on your performances and how well the other managers are doing
    40 players should be able to just for transfers,or force moves both in master league and become a legend and it should be mentioned in the news
    41 big money takeovers should be possible,such as having billionaire owners or being taken over by a huge company,and teams should be able to increase their stadium capacity, depending on their budget or growing fan base,and while the stadiums are undergoing renovation,the teams using those stadiums will share stadiums or use the national team’s stadium,and teams like Lazio could one day build a stadium of their own, depending on their budget or it a takeover happens,the building shouldn’t be controlled by the player,but by the AI or game engine

    1. I love this, its crazy cause I honestly thought I was the only orsini that had these ideas, it would be nice if someone in Konami had your attention to detail.

  29. The pes is no longer a shadow of what it used to be, today it is an automated, and filtered game that players have to adapt to instead of adapting to us! Pes 2016,and 2017 were good for fun, before and after except pes 13, nothing worthy of praise. This game lacks: 1. Real nice passes precise on the floor,and in the air, there are no more of those perfect balls! 2. Much better movement of players, entering the space, opening on several fronts, and following and running players on the rejected balls of the goalkeeper and from the goal! 3. We want a real referee who doesn’t judge, a real offense, but stops the game for any nonsense, and make war at least for penalties! 4. We don’t want a filtered game, in which you can’t show what you know, and how good you are but it prevents you, and offers its bugs! 5. We want a crazy commentator who gives this game something more, who yells at goals, opportunities, exclusions creates an extra atmosphere, and tension! 6. We want much better dribbles, and the players pass those nice visuals, without running fast nice, and turns, and going through more players, and more fouls, and exclusions !! 7. We want legendary sprints in the style of mbappe, mane, messi, as it was once possible in 2006 with martins from inter! 7. We want goals from strong shots, so that you can break through the goalkeeper as in real life, and not just controlled shots, as was possible with Adrian in the 2006 game! 8. We want different characteristics of players, goalkeepers,and their animation, not that each player is the same, to stand out in speed, strength, duel, speed, jump, stealing the ball, pressing, penalty defenses, one on one, defenses from a distance, and also, clubs !!! 9. We want a better atmosphere in the stands, and the audience to follow what is happening on the field !!! 10. We want better online stability !!! These are the greatest wishes of all your pes fans, space gameplay, addictive game, full of goals, reversals, exclusion of tensions, a real referee, crazy commentators, and it would be a great thing to insert war, maybe a tournament in the hall as on fifa, music, and pictures on the main menu !!! I read I follow the comments,and this is what 99 percent of players want, and they want to finally fulfill our wishes, not that it is impossible for the mission to beat the computer the hardest, and ratings and changes are not worth the form, and nothing changes the game or the results, it’s too stupid and embarrassing !!!!

    1. Every cast I agree with everything, really every cast master I would just add two more things, and those are increasing and decreasing the tempo of the game depending on the result, then much stronger pressing, the possibility of stealing the ball, and much better control of the game and possession !!!

  30. In PES 22 a few things I wanna see are the Dutch Eerste Divisie lots of Dutch people play pes and like lower division teams plus we need Cars Jeans Stadion home of Ado Den Haag my team!!. Give us the Norwegian & Swedish league & Polish league!!. We need the Thai 2nd division the J-League 1 & 2!!. Give us the Netherlands 3rd kit & offical match ball a fully licensed USA national team!!. And every league already in game needs there 2nd division!!.

  31. We want a nice visual game, with nice soft touches, mistakes, reading the game, but also those magical additions, not these ugly ones, and a game without nice controls, dribbling one on one, goals in many ways, nice shots, head kicks, real shots outside sixteen, legendary sprints, reversals, crazy unplanned things, crazy offenses, exclusions, better atmosphere, crazy comments, people want a Pes !!!

    -Add 16 African national team so the African national tournament will be group stage before knockout stage.
    -African world cup qualifiers should be group of 4 teams and only group champions go to the Intl cup.
    -African champions league (doesn’t matter if its fake ) and 1 fake African league. There is a big fan base in north Africa such as Egypt/Morocco/Tunisia etc where they love their local leagues a lot.

    -Add 16 concacaf national teams ( it doesn’t matter if its fake) for tournament in that region with group stage before knockout round.
    -Top 8 national teams will play the concacaf world cup qualifiers (International cup) “only 14 match”. 3 teams qualify or 4 if you can make it posible for concacaf 4th place play off vs oceania winner.
    -Add the north central america and caribean champions league and one fake north/central american and caribean league. Again HUGE FANBASE IN MEXICO and they also love their local football more than anything.

    -Top 5 european leagues must have 2 division, english, french, spanish, italian, german(if pes gets the license next year/ if not, highly suggested to add 2nd division on the fake european one).
    -The international cup qualifiers is boring in master league where its only 4 teams one group and 16 european teams qualify, thats too easy to qualify. Make it 5(35 euro teams) or 6(42 euro teams) 7 total groups. so 1st and 2nd place of that group qualify for world cup and it will be more challenging if theres more team to play. Its boring if you qualify in just 6 matches. ( The national teams added doesnt have to be real/ Fake ones will do jst fine).

    -Add atleast 1 western asia leagues( dont care if its fake). J league if possible,
    -Add 20/24 asian national team(fake ones wont matter). add 1st qualifying round for asian international qualifiers 5/6 groups of 4 teams each. winner and runner up from each group qualify for the 2 big groups of 6/5 teams for international qualifiers.(1st round 6 games+ 2nd round 8 or 10 games = 14/18 games total. Same game number as South american international cup qualifiers). A lot of your fans are Asian after the addition of ACL.

    -add 6 best oceania teams including new zealand to play here.( feels wierd seeing new zealand in asian cup)
    – just make their tournament knockout stage.
    -For the world cup qualifers make them 2 groups of 3 and group winners play final. The final winners will go to international cup or play concacaf 4th place.

    -6 Teams from 6 region. Concacaf/ conmebol/ uefa/afc/ caf/ oceania(just add fake auckland city to play here)
    -concacaf/afc/caf/oceania play quarter finals while uefa and conmebol wait in semis.

    -Add the confederation cup where winners of all 6 region plays in knockout stage after the region championship ends. Just like club world cup. european and south american champions wait in semis while other plays quarter finals.
    -You can select who to play with at the start of the season for the 4 international break, so you can pick national team players/or try new players according to your opponents.
    – you can select which international break will be home or away/ or just vary it so it looks tad realistic.
    -Please simulate other national team friendlies in master league and add it in page like database information in the master league like in 1 season there / september / october/ march and june international break. If theres no tournament you should show this information in the tournament database in master league.
    -Some of us love national team football as much as we love club football.


    1. agree with you. alongside targeting big clubs exclusive license, PES needs to play to their strength by securing license of underrepresented but huge potential regions and leagues where there’s less FIFA influence. Go for India, Indonesia for market and Iran, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa + China, Brazil, Russia already there and boom you have the national league of 49.05% of global population under PES. All these plus great gameplay and graphic and FIFA will be irrelevant in matters of one or two years.

  33. 1 Please and please scrap off player ratings and stats cause in real life they aren’t measured in numbers,each player will have their special abilities and techniques,but just don’t show the stats and overall ratings

    2 In master league,rather than your scouts suggesting random players for you who you aren’t so sure about,I would prefer if you could actually watch the game of the player suggested by your scout, rather than being provided with just the players stats and overall ratings,and when watching the game,the camera angle should be from where your manager avatar is sitting,and you can make cool cutscenes of the camera pointing at the manager and the commentator could also acknowledge your presence in that game,and if you don’t want to watch the game,your scout would bring back match reports like interceptions passes completed rather than overall ratings and stats or you could just watch the highlights of the match

    3 I think it would be cool if you could watch the matches of other teams in master league, during the week and even on match days,So this could give you insight on how rival teams play and ideas on their weaknesses,rather than waiting until you’re battered 3:0 before you understand their game plan

    4 In real life when players come out of the tunnels for matches,they wear tracksuits and hold children, FIFA 21 have included players holding children in the version for next gen consoles,but they left out tracksuits,Konami,you guys should capitalize on their omission and include players holding children and tracksuits

    5 so many football gaming enthusiasts have been crying out loud for a kit editor,and I’m surprised that FIFA didn’t include it in FIFA 21,but I think Konami can give PES fans by giving something better than even kit editors, instead of you to edit your kits,let the game engine change the kits for all the teams,at the start of every new season in the master league,if you still insist on creating your kits yourself,what happens when you run out of innovations for new kits,or would the game be fun playing season after season if only your team ises new kits while the other teams are stuck with their old kits?

    6 Konami should make it possible that in master league,your club can change kit producers or sponsors, depending on how well your team is faring like if your team has been performing so badly for a couple of seasons your kit producers, could decide to terminate their contract with you,and your sponsors could also do same,you could even be sponsorless like Roma in 2018

    7 Konami I think it would be cool if players could change their hairstyles during the season,or maybe keep a beard or shave it off or even change boots,all these, should be controlled by the game engine

    8 In real life when the players are in the tunnels,the goal keeper doesn’t wear his gloves,even if he wears one and holds one in his hand,or holds the both, please this should be implemented in PES 22, because little details like this matter a lot

    9 In real life when players are in the tunnels,they usually greet,shake and embrace each other,or even have a chit chat,but in our present day PES,they just stand in their straight lines, please this change should be implemented

    10 reading the news on master league is now lame as, they’re like the same thing with repeated phrases,just a change in the subject, Konami please change and revamp the headlines on master league

    11 I believe I’m not the first to complain about the commentary neither will I be the last, Konami please improve the commentary as we often hear repeated lines and phrases,the commentators are super,the commentary is quite lively and really nice compared to FIFA’s boring commentary,all we are asking are just lots of new lines and phrases and possibly more commentators like the commentator who commentates on dream league, his commentary is quite good

    12 I would like it if you could fully customize your manager like in FIFA cause I don’t really like the idea of being able to only use legends,and the options for what your manager wears should be vast like on FIFA rather than just choosing between suit,shirt and sports wear

    13 Another thing PES is in massive need of is a revamp in all their menus like the main menu,master league menu, become a legend menu,every menu there is on PES

    14 Konami please battle for licenses with EA,like the premier league license and the champions league and Europa license, please get them back from EA, and when you do, please actually do something with like what EA did with the champions league license when the got it,and the premier league’s license too,you could also try getting the bundesliga

    15 Please when showing tips, Konami, please put players who play that position that is being talked about in the tip or who is performing the action in the tip,the player could just be standing and smiling or in in action in the background of the tip,you could use your partner clubs or leagues for this

    These are all the suggestions i’ll make,cause I want to give room to the development team to give suggestions of their own. PES 2022 is driving at taking PES to a whole new level,I strongly believe that if these suggestions are looked at and considered,that PES will truly be taken to a whole new level,and the moon will be the starting point for PES 2022

  34. Long ago lost that nice feeling playing this game, no magic passing, fast double passes, strong shots, and beautiful goals from long distances, no legendary sprints, one-on-one dribbles, attractions, nice goalkeeping defenses, fine player movement, running in space, separate balls, no real fierce pressing, victories on one goal, harder starts, exclusions, reversal goals, but also playing top defense, it all comes down to the same, boring, and hard !!! The pes is dead years ago !!!! The new console is a chance to go back to where we used to be, will I doubt it, I hope the horses listen to our wishes !!!

  35. I hope it reaches the pes developers. Pls add optional file for xbox I bought efootball pes 2020 and couldn’t put real kits ,emblem and real life banners.In master league I feel like there’s room for improvement there’s something missing but needs something extra. Licenses please fight hard cause you lose these licenses to your biggest rival. In the future I can imagine lot more licenses.last but not least in my opinion I loved the champions league in pes. Fifa 19 blew up with champions league but fifa 20 same commentary same things it felt boring my opinion.#BRINGBACKCHAMPIONSLEAGUEINPES
    and try new commentary lines .

  36. Uhmm…okay I have a lot to say,this may mean nothing coming from me but I hope this idea or ideas reach Konami entertainment.I’ll probably keep trying to type and send this so the possibility of it reaching Konami will be high.without wasting anymore time let me dive Right into it. PES’s biggest competitor is FIFA,I love PES,and when I ask around not everyone share the same view or opinion,and when I ask,they say FIFA is more realistic,when they say realistic they don’t mean graphics they mean the atmosphere of the game. PES are excellent at mimicking the atmosphere of football on the pitch,but off the pitch like in master league,I feel there’s volumes of room for improvement. Not that I’ve played the PES’s of recent times,the most recent I’ve played is the PES 2017, it’s because I don’t have a PC with the specs to play 21 but I’m saving for one Sha, anyways I do go online however and watch a lot of master league and FIFA manager career mode and usually sit back and compare them, therefore I bring forward the points I’ve high lighted
    1 honestly I think it would be a cool idea to scrap off player ratings from PES,that would add to it’s realism cause in the real world we don’t have player ratings, instead won’t it be cool to attend the games of the player you have in mind to sign in person? it’s actually what happens in real life,take for example Gareth Southgate who attends premier league games to see players he can call up to the England squad,now implementing this in PES,it will just be like when you simulate a match but you’re watching it the difference will be that instead of the camera angle to be at the camera angle you set for your own games,the camera angle will be from the point where your manger is sitting and the game could show little cutscenes of the manager sitting to watch the match,and the player how ever will visibly be pushing himself to the limits to impress you. If you don’t want to watch the match,tiu could send a scout to attend the game,and since I said the player ratings should be scrapped,your scout will instaec email you the players stats for that match like through balls completed,match ratings e.t.c,I know you may be against my idea of scrapping the player ratings but I think it would be a very great idea cause PES players would always want to go for players with higher ratings,with the ratings scrapped PES players can go for any player. With this idea of attending games in person in the next PES you’d be able to see the player you want to buy in action,and it’ll save a lot of people from the scenario of spending a lot of money on a player and he doesn’t play like would like. Along with the idea of scrapping over all ratings I think stats like top speed, acceleration, passing, crossing should be removed, because in real life we don’t see Messi’s passing ability in numbers,we don’t see Ronaldo’s shooting ability in numbers,it will go a long way in improving the realism of PES off the pitch. I know FIFA were brilliant in bringing Volta,and they made the beat use of their league licensing which PES didn’t do when they had them,but who says you must do what they do to beat them cause I’ve heard people say PES should bring their own street football game mood,but I just think Konami need to think outside the box cause in master league as I said earlier on has volumes of room for improvement,so first I think master league should be looked upon and improved before another game mode is added,and this idea I just gave is a great idea,it’ll give master league a new feeling. Aside from what I stated, I think the games does a horrible job in transfers during master league and offers for your players from certain clubs.gow would Liverpool have both ederson and Alison in the same squad,or Man City moving for dembele,when you consider the real football world it’s just not possible,what I’ve noticed in FIFA career mode is that they studied the transfer market and in the game you would see players that are being targeted by their respective clubs being targeted in the game,like the Paul Pogba to real Madrid. Aside from a not so good transfer engine another thing that is weighing the PES master league down is the regeneration of retired players,I think it should be stopped,but I don’t think everyone has the same opinion some may like it,so I think it should be optional. another thing I think would add value to the master league would be the ability to communicate with players, FIFA has something like this which players send you messages, it’s mostly about starting games and loaning them,but I think PES should add that,but it would be better if you could also communicate to the players as in FIFA it’s only the players that communicate to you,you could choose to talk to them in scenerios like subbing a player so early in a match,of course the player won’t be happy so if PES can make a way for the managers to communicate with the players as the players communicate to him it would be awesome. Another thing that would improve the master league experience would be if players could hand in transfer requests to go on loan or a full transfer as a result of no game time,being unsettled or looking for greener pastures then I said something about the teams coming in for a player,Konami should try and do something to fix scenerios of teams like fc kiln bidding for van de bewk cause we know in real life they have no business with him.another thing I’d like to be added would be a cutscene for negotiating transfer of players and their contract like we have on FIFA,but in much cooler places. Then I think PES should work on their menu,the game menu,the master league menu,it all seems pale,look at FIFA yow their menu is so nice and their career mode menu is so organized with so many things you can do,. offering a lot more than what master league offers off the pitch,so PES should work on their menu,make it fancy like in FIFA you see mbappe’s picture in the main menu and when they show you tips you see player pictures in the background of the tip, PES could copy that initiative,maybe when there’s a tip about goal keeper controls like charging your keeper out you could see Manuel never in the background smiling or in action for Bayern or Germany,as at when I started writing my phone was 40 now it’s 19% I hope this is not a scammer that Konami will actually read this and possibly put it in the game,cause my fingers are aching me,so until then,I’ll keep thinking of ways to make ML better. I await your feedback

    1. the biggest nonsense would be to remove the scores, because then each player would be the same and there would be no difference in either the characteristics of the players or the clubs, the ratings serve that players can differ in speed, strength, jump, punch, punch strength, punch technique, good or top plays, and the ratings are there if in our opinion a player deserves a rating, we can change and decide for ourselves how many people will have a lot of people, when he plays tournaments and make transfers and select all players, and make their own ratings how much they think players deserve, and that’s the best thing, it’s time to get up and the rhythm of the game, as well as changes in form, someone likes to play normal form, someone that everyone is in perfect shape and it’s wonderful only in this filtered game for three years they mean nothing, whatever you do there is no difference !!!!!

    2. Great Idea Mate but Its not possible to remove stats bc stats are the Only think that keeps in game Players running. If you scrap out Stats all players will be the same. I like PES and the realism they offer, But they can still go miles ahead of Fifa by Implementing simple stuff that fifa nor FM has to Master League.

  37. Pes 2016 and 2017 were the last we played, they weren’t nearly as good as pes 2006 and 2013, but at least they weren’t filtered like the last three, and if you have better players on the team you could make a turnaround, and beat the computer, or if you say you put ratings, at 99 speeds for players, and boost defense, and passes you could have 70 percent possession, and in the first five minutes, and score two goals, and today whatever you do the computer is always stronger, faster than you boost your grades, or computer reduced, it’s always the same, and what’s worse is that if you don’t like the game, you can’t do anything with transfers or rating changes! From 2006 instead of making real football and even better, you have fallen on low branches … We want something like a pes simulator rush footbal 2, and a virtual socer pro, not disgusting and filtered games !!!

    1. to agree with you, like many fans here, such was the dog 2015 as well, like these last three, filtered, horrible, unplayable, and yet neither transfers nor changes in player ratings meant anything, that at least so you can beat and smash the computer, so the worst possible thing, whatever you do, there is no change, the only thing is that you can kick the game and throw it! There are no different styles of play, so someone chooses a player who has excellent dribbling and scores goals with top shots, someone chooses a top goalkeeper, someone defensive, someone a ball thief, everything here is monotonous and the game is tasteless and odorless! change if you haven’t so far won’t from now on, even if a new console arrives and a chance to redeem itself for years, and bring back fans and drive us crazy like it used to, but I honestly don’t believe it, God forbid I’m wrong !!!

  38. BAL:
    1. bring back Man of the Match feature, highlight it, add interview at every end of the match.
    2. i want to see my current contract details
    3. i want to counter offer any contract that was offered to me. Raise in wages, bonus, etc.
    4. i want to see all my current achievements: how many man of the match I’ve got, how many times I was selected in team of the week/ month/ season, how many times I’ve got MVP of the season, how many times I got top scorer/ assist of the season, how many times I’ve won the best European/ World player, how many times I’ve won the world cup/ euro/ league/ cups.
    5. During gameplay, option to request for a direct or through pass.
    6. Please do not treat end of year as end of season, number changes can only be done at the end of season.

    PLEASE fight for the club licenses! It has been decades, you have really strong fan base! You loose many potential players to your closest rival because of it.

    Add new game mode, such as 7-a-side indoor,street or beach match.

    I want to play my ML or League co-op with my friend through online.

    create a player: bring back skin/face mapping where we can upload our own/ player faces.

    PLEASE revamp the commentary! Very bored of hearing the same dialogue over many generations of PES.

    Bring back coin toss, u have this feature back in ISS days. Choose to kick-off or side.

    BAL & ML, retired players remains retired, not come back as young version. Or make it optional.

  39. Please include 2vs2 Couch koop in ranked!
    Not 2vs1 and not 3vs3 with a bot. Just 2vs2 separated to 1vs1 ranked. Just look at Rocket League or your older PES games.

  40. The game has nothing to do with reality, there are no beautiful,and magical passes in the air,and on the ground, every pass is added the same with the messi,or goalkeeper, the players are slow, sluggish and everyone runs the same, funny !! We want a game where by dribbling and speed you can leave more players behind, which will lead to more fouls, exclusions, unpredictable things! The ratings in the game mean nothing because the game is filtered and awkward, the commentator doesn’t raise the tension, he’s terrible just like the referee, and the audience doesn’t follow the situation on the field! Let us be able to put pictures
    and music in the main menu, and return teamwork ratings! We want a game like dog simulator rush football 2, and punches like on a virtual football pro, with much better tracking of players, and player movements, and playing like the best pes ever pes 6 !! !! Konami wakes up and returns passionate fans to this game !!

    We don’t want artificial and filtered play, we want rocket shots in the rank of c.ronaldo from greater distances, we want the possibility of leaving players behind in the style of mbappe, sterling, mane!!!Strong players in a duel like ibrahimovic, and haaland, we want the player ratings to be valid, and mean something, we want different styles, different results in the game, goals, reversals, but also great defense, and different goalkeeper simulations !!! We want king back!!!!

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