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PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, PES 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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55 thoughts on “PES 2022 Wishlist

  1. The biggest problem in every PES game is defence. it reflect to all game. like all annoying mistakes companies AI defensive play,poore passes and all other nonsense For me the defence have to be more realistic. No one team can press 90 min or Tackles to be so precise. The team work is more important. If the defense become more realistic both Player and AI. in offence game can be made more controllable, not like now it looks like a ping pong (win the ball lose the ball). There is a lack of inventiveness, imagination. In next pes i want to see beautiful game (jogo bonito)
    It will be interesting to see different football styles different tactics

  2. tell konami that what they are doing from this game is a total disgrace and comedy, especially the last three years! This year they only released an update for pes, and promise completely new changes and return this game, tension, fun and quality as it was, but sorry, many still do not believe them, and with a new mistake they could dig a grave themselves, but with the right and playful football, full of goals, and action, no nonsense like the last, and I don’t know how many years, and especially the last three with these disastrous passes, slow players, no legendary sprints, nice and fast turns, dribbles, passes, various fouls, game no tension, exclusions, reversals, no goals from top players in races, no rocketing from distance and wings, and players following the balls and jumping, moving horribly, and few players switching and joining the ball, no fine change of direction in the player’s race, there is no possibility of stealing the ball, fine possession, keeping the ball in the lead and pulling the player out of defense, without changing the rhythm of the game, real gengen pressure, no different styles In the game we do not want to adapt to the game, and that the computer is always stronger, and the game is always the same !!!

  3. * Playing against a strong team should not affect my player to the unrealistic degrees we see in the game today.
    * Defence AI still needs a lot of work.
    * NO DIVING.
    * Sportsmanship controls; for both ends, from kicking the ball out for an injured player to a full-blown Pepe asshole-ness.

  4. the dumbest thing is that this game is filtered, and it’s not realistic if the result doesn’t depend on how good you are, but the game manages things on the field! It’s too stupid that my mother can take a stick in her hands and you can’t achieve it if you’re better 10 pieces, and that has nothing to do with reality, and reality !? We used to play this football and enjoy it, and today you can’t run a slower player, there is no nice dribbling through one, and two players with nice controls, and with that goals are scored, but also exclusion violations, various excitements, and something unpredictable! And I agree that many scores mean nothing took the strongest players in defense, or attack, you can not score goals on the computer on the hardest even if you put everything on the highest score in attack or defense! The last pes of 2016 was fun, it had room for improvement but with the pes of 2017 it was playful and was not filtered, you could put in defense two strongest stoppers or in the attack of messi and ronald and you would see the difference and some changes, today it is comedy doesn’t play!

  5. The worst thing that has happened to this football is that it has lost its roots, and that is the biggest shame, something that they did wonderfully and had amazing and addictive gameplay, and now it has become an exaggeration, without real action, goals, passes, control, you can have body balance 99 always push you out, you can have 5 messiahs in attack and midfield no difference in passing, no magic passes, fine mushroom turns where you can turn a player and two make room to pass and kick, everything is slow, hard and awful! The shots are also a disaster, limp, slow, sometimes you fill the shot to the end, but you barely get to the goalkeeper, and sometimes the ball goes over the goal even if you put the player 99 striking technique and 99 strength !? I just tried what many say here, and that is a shame, a filtered, automated game full of bugs, which determines for itself how things will unfold on the field !!! I hope you will remember the fine strokes and control of the game as on the pes 2006 and 2013, and combine the best strokes, passes, atmosphere , judge, commentator !!! This shame has become this football !!!

  6. when I remember the last playable football pes 2016, where you had the power, control of the game, and where the player ratings meant, for example you could take a fast player, and make a mess of the opponent’s defense, today it’s a push, no fine control of the game, all players the same run, scores mean nothing, before you could put on 99 speed players,and leave behind the defense and be in front of them on the move, and keep the ball in your possession, at 99 strike force knock the ball behind the goalkeeper from a greater distance from the side, with excellent passing scores send top balls, on the ground and in the air throwing players face to face with the goalkeeper! You could have done it at 17, there you might have had a bug whatever you did, put the defense jump 100 strength and I don’t know what you would always receive a goal with your head from centarsuta, so it irritated us and today!?!? Today this is filtered garbage where even when the game is boring you can’t do anything with great player transfers or change of ratings, everything is always the same and I read that many people complain, and the computer always stronger than you, especially the legend , it’s a shame that you can’t score a goal from a distance, score players, have great control of the game, possession, steal the ball, and change absolutely nothing! Give us a nice visual game, like rush football 2, and virtual soccer pro, with several different shots, where you can hammer the ball with strength and technique, and break through the goalkeeper, pass one or two players depending on what kind of player you have and ratings, as in real life, and more offenses, exclusions, much better referee, better audience, teamwork ratings in game, the ability to improve your images and music in the main menu, commentator who shouts, shouts, raises the game to a higher level, pressing even higher while you have dominance, we want Victoria to one goal, goals, reversals, game in the rank of pes 2006,2013 and old international superstar soccer, not a game where you can’t break a computer, or a weaker player, an artificial and filtered game of horrible passes, dribbles and player movements where they don’t follow the game, and don’t enter the space, and after the goalkeeper’s defense they are not first on that ball, of course is!

  7. Make a game without inventing nonsense, with real additions like in the old versions without this art, where science fiction is to play a quick and nice pass, hold possession to play 80 percent possession, as we could once, who aspired to possession and draw and tire the opponent’s defense ! The game is all artificial as well as dribbles that are awesome, players slow, disaster animations, and the referee! There are no rocket shots where you can pierce the goalkeeper from a distance ,and they are very inaccurate by great players, only controlled shots pass, completely stupid, as well as movement we want space gameplay, where you can play perfect defense, but also excellent possession control, top play, return passes as before, but much better reading of the game, pressing, and stealing the ball, it’s not here !!!

  8. I don’t know how to describe this stupid and unplayable football, without fine control of the game, fine dribbles, real soft passes, always some crowd, pushing, no nice release of the game, and when, for example, you finally receive the ball with a
    strong attacker and you turn around two, the other players do not offer themselves and do not enter the space standing and waiting for the invitation!?!? goals from greater distances as well as real center shots and a nice head game !!!

  9. this game has been a joke for years, filtered and it controls how things will behave on the field, no crazy twists, high scores against weaker opponents, surprises against much stronger players, when things don’t go well or bad form breaks, or ugly start direct red, and maybe others yellow !? I just read from many people here, and I almost agree with everything, the computer is always too strong, which is ridiculous to put 99 power, shots, player speed, 99 dribbling players, and you can’t pass, have dominance in strength, or let’s say in a jump, can’t break through the goalkeeper with strong shots like adriano 2006, or run away like with martins on pes 2006, no difference between players, ratings are worth nothing, form, no geniuses in the game, fine fluid passes, and in the air, and whatever you do with the players, and that you have 5 aliens you can’t steal the ball from the computer, fight the red ones to break them !? We want a game where everything is possible, depending on who plays, strength, individuality, centers here also horrible and play gl avom, the game of possession, individuality, and that the game adapts to us and our style of play, because this is a severe shame for years !!!

  10. We are all ready for playstation 5, and new top TVs, we hope for real and top gameplay, which we haven’t felt for years, full of nice actions, goals, dribbles, great shots, reversals, exclusions, where you can break a weaker opponent, where every result is we want addictive games like pes 2006,2013, and pes simulator rush footbal 2, and virtual soccer pro, with nice additions, different animations of goalkeepers, more possibilities of fouls,shots, better visual dribbles, and game control, dribbling 1 on 1 !!!

  11. 3D beards to edit player.

    Dual citizenship to BL and edit player.

    National team management seperate from clubs, and more things to do in that.

    More player and manager cinematic stuff, to games and off field.(ml)

    Cpu manager comments and sideline cinematics.(ml)

    Reserve squad management in ml.

    The #followers thing away and more stats to the main screen in ML. Top scorers, etc.

    More news before and during world, european, asia, africa and america(copa), Cups and tournaments.

  12. disastrous game, now I have to put it on a proffesional level and again you can’t taste nice and play, the game is hard, and ugly!

  13. it’s funny that more people are playing pes 2006 or 2013 update, that you have disappeared for years, and destroyed everything good !!!

  14. I told myself I wouldn’t buy the 2021 pes update, but as a big and keen pes lover, believing in you once again, I did it, even though the game is the same and irritating, damn filtered and boring! I don’t know where to start, the game doesn’t have those nice visual dribbles, where as before, by quickly turning mushrooms, like driving a car, you could go one on one and through two players make room for a kick or a great pass. The game is boring and filtered, there are no wizards in the game, the player’s movements are robotic, the players avoid jumping, do not enter the space, do not follow the game, come back. Passings are annoying, inaccurate, and funny that,I have to hold r2 for each pass, in an already hard, slow game where you don’t have the ability to play one on one, and fast players leave slower behind, and player movements are awful, but long shots aren’t fabulous! You can put all the players in perfect shape, and again against the computer you will not have dominance, control, possession, you can put all the players strength 99, they will be stronger again in the duel, faster than you, you can not steal the ball funny, not to mention can your computer get red, let alone two !? Pes 2016 was still the most playful with the pes 2017,so you could score three goals on the computer in the first 10 minutes, with transfers, and changes in player ratings and speed to 99, for example, and in this filtered and disastrous game, player ratings mean nothing, no differences between players, characteristics, fine balls, you can have a whole midfield with passing ratings 98, there is no difference in speed and passing technique, and with a goalkeeper you can’t go one on one! Worst of all, when you hate the game, that by changing the ratings, and the transfers of the best players in your team, you get nothing again, to be more competitive with stronger colleagues, and if you are much better, beat anyone 8: 0 as in real life, and turn the score 0 : 3, and maybe 0: 4, there is no such thing here, no goals, no fun whatever you do! See a virtual professional in football and powerful shots from a distance and hurry up football 2, dribbles, player movements and more opportunities for beauty!

  15. tell konami that he’s overreacted, with this filtered and horrible gameplay, the last three years especially! When we played pes 2016, and pes 2017 we thought it was a good game, fun but far from those starry days, and then thinking it would get better if you were on the right track, do the last three years, a severe disaster the worst and most boring three football , with pes 2015! No different shots, everything goes only on controlled shots, no nice shots, from the first after a quick pass, or be too weak or always a goalkeeper defense, remember pes 2006, and those highkick shots after quick passes, and this today no fine quick passes, too it takes five days to add and set up a controlled pass, no fine dribbling with the mushroom, like on a pes in 2016,and 2017, now it takes science fiction for the player to pass, no passage in the race, everything is slow boring and frustrating, and worst of all the game is filtered , and artificial because let’s say on pes 2016 you could put ratings on players at 99 and leave them slower behind, you could, like Adriano, score goals from a distance, hit a great long ball and throw the whole defense on the floor, and nothing is possible here, not even ratings I don’t even know which player transfers to put, you can’t score a couple of goals, especially on the computer, the hardest, to gain possession to control the game, then how else to do it !?

  16. I’m afraid the pes will never reach fifa again, this game has nothing to do with the gameplay as it was, and when we were all with the king, I’m afraid the glorious days are over, and horses can no longer make real football! The game is a disaster, especially the last three where I don’t know what to do, I can’t add nicely, whoever the player and team I take, it’s all the same, you can’t have possession, control, play fine actions, go dribble one on one, that’s ridiculous. I still read from many people, how is the game is so filtered, that it doesn’t help even if you change the ratings, raise the rating of shots, passes, power, so nothing is all the same again, and the computer is fast again, stronger in a duel !? It is impossible to enjoy goals, reversals here in any way , crazy events, disqualifications, various goal starts, passes, and player movements are a disaster, there are no real centers, goals outside the penalty area, legendary sprints in addition, there are also referees and commentator horror !!! Everyone who expects improvement on ps 5, and return King, I pity you again, the horses will make you a fool, if for years everyone has given up on this football, why would they give something new now, and everyone would love real football, all kinds of events, something new every time, and a crazy commentator, an audience that follows events, clubs and players of different qualities , and the possibility of stealing the ball, easy goals, differences between players, clubs, and that form means something in the game, and ratings, much stronger pace, but also the ability to play different styles, and teamwork ratings we want in the game, and to give us a game like rush footbal 2 and virtual footbal pro !!!

  17. Please see how they played, and control the game of masonry, and ronaldinho on the legendary pes ​​2006, and the characteristics, where someone tasted, playing then with martins the fastest player in the game, and adrian who scores from greater distances, someone is took some other clubs that had a great defensive player, who was unsurpassed in defense, or a great goalkeeper who was a specialist in one or one defense !! Today there is no such thing, there is no difference or feeling that you have Neymar, Mbappe, Messi, Ronaldo, Davies, Gnabry, Lewandowski, Haaland, Kevin de Bruyne in the team, a can that is powerful in races, duels, so many good players, and clubs like atalanta, leipzig, and young players like smart, fat, and they are very poorly made and rated, and with different characteristics, and a special feeling like nowhere else !!!

  18. unknown what konami has been doing for years, but give up his gameplay, and start doing things like this for years without taste and smell, and chase away the most ardent fans, who have long lacked real football, full of goals, fun, reversals, raising and lowering the pace, various goals, better passes, player movements, goals from a distance, fine head kicks, stealing the ball, and mistakes, but also beautiful plays and tricks, various fouls, dribbling one on one, and with better and faster players, go to the second yellow card! unpredictable things, goals in the first minutes, early reds that mess up the scores, the game is filtered, boring even the forms and ratings can’t change anything, like on the pes 2016 and 2017, the last threads are these games for which the fans were the craziest in 2006 and 2013! We want a game where something new and unplanned happens every now and then, not a game where the result is known, the same thing always happens, and the result depends on the filtered game! Boring, boring, and not playful !!!!!

  19. this football has become incredibly boring, and exhausting, without real balls on the ground,throwing players,a chance in front of the goalkeeper, players poorly follow the game, you have the feeling that you manage only two or three players, do not enter the space, do not go on bounced balls, balls on the air is also inaccurate, the head game is also bad, there are no rapids in the game, you have the feeling that everyone runs the same, every goalkeeper defends the same, there is no difference between players strong in duel, speed, giving real balls, those who can steal the ball, and different characteristics !! !!

  20. even when I put the power of the blow to some players 99, and I scored the technique 99 once from a greater distance, but it is rare and too stupid that the grades mean nothing, that even when you strengthen everything we can’t score a couple of goals outside the penalty area, and when the defense goes On that shot, put a great ball in the air, and on the ground, because the passes are incredibly inaccurate! Fun, nice controls of holding the ball, fine dribbles, passes, individuality, player characteristics, goalkeepers, exclusions, reversals, players do not follow the game, others do not follow the bouncers, do not join! We want real football !!!

  21. We lack strength, we lack goals. We played in FIFA 20, so we can only talk about it at the moment – We are tired of mining the whole game for a lousy goal, I want excitement, we want the goliath we witnessed in the first round of the Premiership (ask Manchester United and Liverpool). We want better al players better control of the game where players run faster, better and smarter!

  22. give us much better, and playful gameplay, with nice player movements, dribbles, and passes! Return teamwork ratings to the game !!!

  23. The worst thing for me is that with horrible passes, and dribbling where you can’t pass anyone one on one with fine mushroom controls, and leave behind slower players to get in front of them, like on pes2016, than the fact that the game is filtered, put five in your team 99 ratings, again you can’t break the computer, no difference also put the speed of the player at 80 or 99, or power at 99 again you can’t steal the ball, score from a distance, make pressing dominance control, or at least taste like that, and win computer, this is so hard, boring whatever you do, they are too strong again, and the grades don’t mean anything the same had c.ronaldo, messi,mbappe,or I don’t know who, the game is set so you can’t break the weaker, irritating !!!

  24. we are all looking forward to the pes, and we hope that with the new console it will be a new era, and the return of the king and the feeling we didn’t have after pes 2006, real dribble animations, controls, one-on-one games, and conquering space with moving players , visually beautiful balls in the air, which throw out the defense, great shots from the volley, goals outside sixteen meters, top balls on the ground that bring the attacker in a matte position, much better movement and tracking of players, not irritating play without difference in speed, dribbling , and catastrophic passes, and a terrible referee, and a commentator who is boring instead of raising the tension, and gives the dimension more! We want a faster tempo of the game, better pressing, stealing the ball, also easy goals, and more different fouls, exclusions and reversals, crazy results as in real life, we want in the game war, and our music to be able to insert, we want the ratings in the game to mean something like forms, and player transfers, not that the computer plays invincibly and that the game is filtered, and automated and disgusting!

  25. you started exaggerating first, and most importantly many ardent fans have turned their backs on you, and I think the playstation 5 and new pes 2022 are your last chance to get this game back to where it once was and take it to an even higher level! Here’s an example we all loved playing in football manager and let’s say we use a variety of programs, where you can invest more money and bring in the same team of messiahs, c.ronaldo and very brutal players, and of course I would score a couple of pieces and win, and now you can bring mbappe to that manager, messiah and I don’t know who you can’t beat without distinction, you have to know tactics, talk to players, you practically need a password to win, it’s okay for someone to put together a better team than you, who has a better defense or it works better on the field, and I can’t play attack with c.ronaldo and messiah, so I have to put one on the bench, just as neither suarez and haaland can be together in attack, but it can’t happen that those same attackers score one goal in 4,5 match, or I lose to osassuna, and elche I fight for survival, which is an exaggeration, so my sister runs Liverpool, she would fight for the title and that is an exaggeration! automated! Tactics are a good thing, but there must be different styles in the game, players, goalkeepers, clubs and where when the score breaks down, the game can be tackled individually, but don’t overdo it! So it is in real life!

  26. They need to add the option of changing players hairstyle in Master League… That will definitely change the game. And they should make CPU change its players hairstyles as well…. guys please back me up on this one

  27. believe me we all live for a new console, and finally that feeling we haven’t had in years, as far as this game is concerned! We want fun, tension, goals, reversals, better dribble animations, one-on-one passes and ball steals, much better game control, perfect passes to the space, but also game readings and mistakes, I don’t want this garbage where the computer has the main word, and I put, for example, the entire defense at 99 marks, strength, speed, jump, and again I can’t play 3 games in a row without conceding a goal, although I have a space defense, and I can do the same in the middle attack, the computer scores more, especially on legend, if you are already doing such stupid and filtered games, then at least let them go away, and a change of grades can make a difference, and there is no difference at all! but also 0: 0, if both of them have top players in defense, and they are still looking good. What are the grades for, and why did you bring this game of beautiful pes 6 and pes 13 to this shame! Ps 5 and the pes 2020 can bring a big shift, everyone wants it and this could be a big turnaround or total death of this game, it’s up to you, because the dog used to be adored by children and the elderly, all generations !!!

  28. first of all, give us real gameplay, playable with wonderful controls, great passes, holding possession, and drawing defenses, to open them with a great ball, but also great dribbles, and one-on-one game that is missing here, as well as several different foul possibilities, and exclusions, on both sides, and unplanned events! We want better online stability, and the possibility of online master league !!! kick strength, and good kicking technique, that you can score goals from a greater distance, and two in a game, and that with strong players you can steal the ball and fast, at least so we have some fun for ourselves, not this nonsense, where hardly you wait to play and you can’t beat the computer the hardest, to put everything in shape and better grades! dignes rating n emozes have dominance, nothing and so for years the game is a disaster, and yet it offers its bugs, and they decide on everything, not on how good you are, what are your player ratings, form and which players do you have! Funny !!!

  29. you started trying too hard on some nonsense, hindering the game, and filtering it, so that you can’t break anyone, I don’t know if you see for yourself that it doesn’t make sense and that neither children nor adults who were crazier than children like this game anymore. or they don’t play it or like the pes anymore !? Clubs don’t have licenses, come on, many of us and we can beat that, just give us, as before, that we can take off our coats of arms, jerseys, and if they still offer us leagues, together with clubs and the downloadable players we want it would be great, but we can’t get over this awful gameplay, especially the last three years, where even ratings don’t mean anything, whatever you do, whoever you bring you can’t break anyone, let alone beat the computer, on the hardest, and they play the same played against san marina, or brazil!?!? Before, the game was fun, for example, someone dribbles with Messi, breaks up with him until a more experienced and smart player arrives who won’t let him just disperse, keep possession of control, or play a different style !!! I remember younger fanatics come and score. they break up with a player, and then when they come with a more experienced one, they say to the guy he can’t mess with me, what’s hehe, but also depending on the forms, that’s why they exist, how will we play, if 7 great players play, then we put everyone the same on random forms, and when there are those who are much worse, let’s put random and then, when you need worse, and the opponent of the weaker great form, you have a lot of trouble with it, what a stupid filtering game!?!? It’s okay to be great game, and not just throwing in the for and on the fast, but this is far from the 2006 pes, where you could choose a club, for the sake of a top goalkeeper, or a top anchor, a fast, or on the center, and there is no difference, everything is also without color, taste and smell !!!

  30. you started trying too hard on some nonsense, hindering the game, and filtering it, so that you can’t break anyone, I don’t know if you see for yourself that it doesn’t make sense and that neither children nor adults who were crazier than children like this game anymore. or they don’t play it or like the dog anymore !? Clubs don’t have licenses, come on, many of us and we can beat that, just give us, as before, that we can take off our coats of arms, jerseys, and if they still offer us leagues, together with clubs and the downloadable players we want it would be great, but we can’t get over this awful gameplay, especially the last three years, where even ratings don’t mean anything, whatever you do, whoever you bring you can’t break anyone, let alone beat the computer, on the hardest, and they play the same played against san marina, or brazil!?!? Before, the game was fun, for example, someone dribbles with Messi, breaks up with him until a more experienced and smart player arrives who won’t let him just disperse, keep possession of control, or play a different style !!! I remember younger fanatics come and score. they break up with a player, and then when they come with a more experienced one, they say to the guy he can’t mess with me, what’s hehe, but also depending on the forms, that’s why they exist, how will we play, if 7 great players play, then we put everyone the same on random forms, and when there are those who are much worse, let’s put random and then, when you need worse, and the opponent of the weaker great form, you have a lot of trouble with it, what a stupid filtering game!?!? It’s okay to be great game, and not just throwing in the for and on the fast, but this is far from the 2006 pes, where you could choose a club, for the sake of a top goalkeeper, or a top anchor, a fast, or on the center, and there is no difference, everything is also without color, taste and smell !!!

  31. this game lacks fun, tension, fluidity and imagination, different results, reversals, victories on one goal, especially if you need a victory of 1 or two differences, and in that game you are extra horny, motivated and eager to win, or you have the most top players in top form! There is no game to experience, motivation against some clubs, ie colleagues, friends, derbies, passes have been made terribly in recent years, every player is the same, there is no difference between fast, a player who is strong in a duel, in charge of stealing the ball, geniuses who team feed on great balls and create clear chances one on one, two on one! This game, there is no madness, tension, crazy twists, and no results in real life, say Aston villa-Liverpool 7: 2, Manchester united-tottenham 1: 6, depending on whether two attacking teams play, or two more cautious or excellent in defense, and depending on the form of the players you have that game! The game is filtered, set up, and it decides the events on the field, and the results have no fluidity, the computer plays unbeatable, the game is full of bugs, and disgustingly irritating !!! This game also lacks teamwork ratings from players and clubs, and inserting your own pictures and music on the main menu, the spectacle would be, for example, registering players and, the history of all results against the best friends, and playing the tournament in the hall. which would be another special thick! We have been waiting for real eternity for real football like pes 2006, pes 2013, and 2016 football had some fine manners! Focus on the beautiful pes simulators virtual soccer pro and rush football 2, and give us real control of the game, top dribbles, features, and variety in the game, and more styles! Give us a king !!! R.I.P. Fifa !!!

  32. Is it possible in this game of recent years, to squeeze a stronger club, as the leeds did yesterday against Manchester City, to squeeze them hard into their own half, and to play openly, hard, offensively without offense, and was not subordinate but more active, and had chances to win! Take a look at Atalanta, which does not have a mega star, and scores 3.4 goals per game, and for two years in a row, top strikers play football, and up to 90 minutes they had 1 against Paris! Here to take say man. united and seven of the 11 players, you get in shape, you can’t achieve great dominance, press, and have a couple of great chances because the games are automated! There are no top passes in the hole, in space, from the turns of passing on the ground, in the air, the players move terribly, and do not follow the game, there is no real high pressure, real balls taken, more serious fouls, and various fouls, and more exclusions with both sides, and that the computer can also get it, you make a mistake! Give us the real gameplay at last and to line up with it, because everyone wants a playstation 5, and for the king to come back at last !!!!!

  33. First of all, work on the game so that it is not limited, and filtered, and that player ratings, player forms, and transfers mean something, are valid and can be changed in the game! Work on passes, controls, where a top player can with two players less with fine turns and mushroom controls can save the ball as before, and throw the player in a chance, and here it is not possible with all players! Work on evaluating new great young players like fati, haland, davies, sancho, werner, haverts, gnabry, and many more! Introduce war, and work on better theft of the ball, movement of players, pressing, better centers, fouls, and much better referees, who do not forget the forgotten second yellow card, or a foul after the advantage, even if the action lasted 3 minutes! the goalkeeper can come in attack, in breaks, especially when they are last minute! Bring back the team work score in the game, and give a crazy and real commentator !!!

  34. many already avid fans have long since stopped enjoying this football, and don’t play it or have gone to fifa, and many still believe or don’t play the best football ever dog 2006! The last great football was in 2013, and now fifa has overtaken us for miles. There is no ease in the game, beautiful balls, wizards, great openings by dribbling, or playing fast players, here everyone runs fast, dribbling is a horror, you have the feeling that the player has 100 years, no ease, fast turns, one-on-one games, no top balls in space, and those top balls in the air, like 2016, and legendary sprints like 2016, missing goals outside the penalty area, and longer distances, stronger tempo, and more beautification, exclusion, reversal, thickening of the game with smaller clubs, when you play against weaker friends, not this game where there is no difference in anything! Give us a much better soft gameplay and game when you think you’ve seen it all, and that’s enough game for today, so you will stay with the team for hours, we haven’t felt that for a long time !!! Watch today’s football, everything is possible from the results of manchester city-leicester 2: 5, Hoffenheim-bayern 4: 1, barcelona-bayern 2: 8, remember the turnaround barca-psg 0: 4,6: 1! It’s not here, it’s always played ugly, hard oh, there is no raising the pace, lowering, great control of the game, and who plays on long possession, no strong genpressing, stealing the ball, easy goals, one-goal games, domination, every game is hard and stupid !!!

  35. The players retiring system is bad. It is really annyoing.. I Hope that it will change next year. The age distribution should be 36-40(+). And yes sometimes under that, if there is injuries more often.

    Its very sad when a player you like retires aged 28-30. Its not as cool to play a regen player either.

  36. the funniest thing is not only that the game is filtered and that helps the weaker, but that the ratings are worth nothing, whatever you do, you make them a space team, you can’t beat the computer on legend, let alone break it, and then I tried what people say put the computer in the attack of the goalkeeper two and so, no matter what you do they play the same shameful mechanism of the game !!! We want a game where everything is possible, from reversals, easy goals, mistakes, but also perfect play, and depending on our mood players, and which team and players you use, as in real life !!!

  37. definitely do not intend to buy a 2021 game, and I know that many would buy it if they knew that the Pes 2022 on ps5 will bring,and return this football as it was, and give us a real top gameplay, not a filtered game, for years they work and make fools of us, how can we believe it anymore !? For me, it’s a game switch. I can’t enjoy if the result doesn’t depend on how well I play, ok sometimes, for example, a weaker opponent will be lucky, for example a goalkeeper who is in shape, then take off a few shots, or hit an outside shot, but that to score players, or forms mean nothing, and do not contribute to this game, and you still can’t break a weaker opponent is beyond any normal! There must be some differences, so there are weaker and stronger clubs, for example players, or random forms, so luck means a little, but this is filtered nonsense in which you can put a messi, ronaldo, mbapee attack, and in the middle of maradona, zidane, ronaldinho and put everything in shape, and I don’t know three stoppers and goalkeepers in the computer middle, they play and score again because of stupid automatism in the game ??? So grades and form must mean something, and we have to decide which players to play with, and clubs, and not that the computer and the game help someone and make the game harder! Horror !? If you don’t fix it then I don’t know, bring back the king and the people who adored this game like good day !!!

  38. half of the old and concerned fans, switched to fifa, so my group and I are sad, we don’t play dog ​​anymore, and we’re not so crazy anymore, and so we lack real, gameplay, goals, reversals, space gameplay, not filtered game , in which the game dictates how it will be played, there is no fun of tension, thick, real dribbles, exclusions, tension, and what keeps us up all night as it used to! Shame on the horses, I’m afraid friends, and so I would like everyone to shout football is back, the king is back and let’s forget this year of shame!

  39. if you don’t bring back this game as it once was and that old glow, and addictive gameplay now that there’s a new console kill yourself! What kind of scripts, and helping a weaker opponent, it doesn’t make sense, if you are a much better and top player, then you need to show that result, not to hate the game you adored, and those weaker players then take a stronger club, and even if they are lucky and if you need them, great form can surprise a great player, but here it is not worth anything, no grades, no form, no real control, dribbling, pressing, no different styles, jumping games, individuality, an example of difference if you play with athletics who plays, hard, strong in a duel, with the boat they have such possession or with psg with which you have to feel the power with mbappe and neymar. What a pity you have made of this game !!!!

  40. if you don’t make the right move now that a new console is in sight, and get this game back where it was, then kill yourself! you can’t break a weaker opponent, like in real life if you’re full stronger and then you don’t get dense in that game, if you’re so good and it doesn’t work, also a weaker opponent will have his chances if he chooses better and stronger players or a club, but here it is worth neither grades nor forms, the game has no different styles, for example a game of jumps, a solid game of individuality, a one-on-one game, no difficult starts of exclusion on both sides, the game does not adapt to us, and it is slow! give us a game like dog simulator rush football 2, with gameplay of pes 6 and 13, and old international super star soccer!

  41. this game has no soul, passes are terrible, controls, no fine dribbles, throws through two like xavia or iniesta, or those in speed that leave you breathless, this game lacks real dribbles and one-on-one game capabilities, and more nice passes, a hundred will lead to more beauties, collecting cards, and direct reds, more easy goals, and the possibility of stealing the ball in pressing, legendary sprints are missing, balls with eyes that throw the defense, on the ground and in the air, there are real center shots, better head game , with the possibility of returning to the head or volley to a teammate, and fantastic goals from a greater distance, and volley !!! There are real commentators who are freezing blood in their veins, and they are still bored with the pressure when the team is in a subordinate position, and we want a better referee, and war! , and the characteristics of the players as before, and the clubs that play, just like that or very hard! Put teamwork back in the game, when we make transfers, and everyone has their own team and the players as they are chosen !!! listen to our wishes from pes 2006 you didn’t give us top football, you didn’t even get close to it, let alone surpass it, and we believe that you can do it now with playstation 5, and a game in which ratings mean something, not whatever to do you can’t beat the computer 5 games in a row !!!

  42. this game is filtered, and helps the weaker opponent not to break it, player ratings are worth nothing or bring changes in the game, because it is so narcissistic that whatever you do it offers its own, and there is no change! Work on passes, dribbles, pressing , stealing the ball, and more serious offenses, and a better referee, and a commentator !!!!

  43. Give us a real game of top gameplay like 2006 and 2013, not filtered garbage of the last three years, which are along with the dog 2018 and 2019 the worst games, where you can boost ratings, and put all players in shape, again there is no change, you can’t score like 2006 how could you make a mess in the defense and leave the defense behind with an adrian from a distance of 99, with martins and his 99 speed, there is no difference and characteristics between the goalkeepers, each goalkeeper is the same, and you can put three goalkeepers on the computer to attack, and yourself body balance 99 you will receive goals again, and you will not be fast, more dominant in duel, jump, speed, nor can you go one on one, let alone two players in the style of messiah, neymar, mbappe as in real life! Make a game in which it is possible to score in the 1st and 5th minutes, where 4 goals can fall in 15 minutes, but also in 90 plus minutes two goals, as well as in real life, where you can break a much where you can break a weaker player and 8: 0,10: 0 but also the other 0: 0, as in the last good games of 2016 and 2017, and depending on what forms the players are, and of course luck !!!

  44. We haven’t played football since pro evolution soccer 6, which kept us awake until late, and you don’t have the desire or the will to play this today! win, and I just read what no one wrote here, the game is filtered and the ratings also mean nothing, to increase the rating or have five messi or mbappe in the team, no difference you can’t run a slower player, dominate the weaker in a duel, jump, control the game , make a turnaround, beat a couple in a series of computers on the hardest, and it is unknown whether it is possible for the computer to earn a shutdown or two sometimes sometimes! and not me to her !!!

  45. the pes has not been what it has been for a long time, some kind of reality is being pushed, and this has nothing to do with reality, but the game simply repels you, and you are crazy with this game and you feel like they stabbed you in the heart !!! There are no top plays, wizards in the game, players are burdened like veterans, there is no nice control of the game like for example in 2016 and 2017, there is no possibility of stealing the ball, fine dribbles, various reversals, tension in the game, exclusions on both sides, audience following events on the field, commentators who raise tension, vice goool, that everything is burning, and it’s funny that player ratings are worth nothing, neither form, whatever you do and raise your ratings, or reduce the computer again, they score neatly, they are stronger in the duel , especially the legend, because the game is a comedy and filtered in recent years !!! There are no unpredictable events, for example a much better player than you gets a red after that and another yellow, so that you can break it, you just play on the counter, very few goals fall, you immediately receive a goal if your defense is high and it’s always the same, and we want every new game to be a new experience! Take a look at dog simulators rush football 2, and virtual soccer pro and give us finally top football, and return teamwork ratings to the game, and it gives us the ability to insert your music and pictures in the main menu!

  46. We want to make a game like pes2006 and 2013, addictively playable, and go to a higher level, not to play these filtered games, horrible passes on the ground and air, horrible player movements, and game monitoring, top one-on-one dribbles, creation excess, and get an exclusion, it doesn’t matter if you dribbled with an iniesta or a goalkeeper, there is no speed, and the softness of dribbling nice turns, and mushroom movements, and there is no difference between fast and slow players and those legendary sprints, no top goals from greater distances, goals from races, stolen balls, easy goals, real gen gen pressing, player ratings and form mean nothing whatever you do, you can’t steal the ball, hold possession 75 percent, you have no control of the game, you don’t feel the difference, you don’t feel the difference 99 jump to be domonananan in the jump! Funny

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