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Write your wishlist for the next version of Konami’s football game, PES 2022. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2022.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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4 thoughts on “PES 2022 Wishlist

  1. Give us a real game of top gameplay like 2006 and 2013, not filtered garbage of the last three years, which are along with the dog 2018 and 2019 the worst games, where you can boost ratings, and put all players in shape, again there is no change, you can’t score like 2006 how could you make a mess in the defense and leave the defense behind with an adrian from a distance of 99, with martins and his 99 speed, there is no difference and characteristics between the goalkeepers, each goalkeeper is the same, and you can put three goalkeepers on the computer to attack, and yourself body balance 99 you will receive goals again, and you will not be fast, more dominant in duel, jump, speed, nor can you go one on one, let alone two players in the style of messiah, neymar, mbappe as in real life! Make a game in which it is possible to score in the 1st and 5th minutes, where 4 goals can fall in 15 minutes, but also in 90 plus minutes two goals, as well as in real life, where you can break a much where you can break a weaker player and 8: 0,10: 0 but also the other 0: 0, as in the last good games of 2016 and 2017, and depending on what forms the players are, and of course luck !!!

  2. We haven’t played football since pro evolution soccer 6, which kept us awake until late, and you don’t have the desire or the will to play this today! win, and I just read what no one wrote here, the game is filtered and the ratings also mean nothing, to increase the rating or have five messi or mbappe in the team, no difference you can’t run a slower player, dominate the weaker in a duel, jump, control the game , make a turnaround, beat a couple in a series of computers on the hardest, and it is unknown whether it is possible for the computer to earn a shutdown or two sometimes sometimes! and not me to her !!!

  3. the pes has not been what it has been for a long time, some kind of reality is being pushed, and this has nothing to do with reality, but the game simply repels you, and you are crazy with this game and you feel like they stabbed you in the heart !!! There are no top plays, wizards in the game, players are burdened like veterans, there is no nice control of the game like for example in 2016 and 2017, there is no possibility of stealing the ball, fine dribbles, various reversals, tension in the game, exclusions on both sides, audience following events on the field, commentators who raise tension, vice goool, that everything is burning, and it’s funny that player ratings are worth nothing, neither form, whatever you do and raise your ratings, or reduce the computer again, they score neatly, they are stronger in the duel , especially the legend, because the game is a comedy and filtered in recent years !!! There are no unpredictable events, for example a much better player than you gets a red after that and another yellow, so that you can break it, you just play on the counter, very few goals fall, you immediately receive a goal if your defense is high and it’s always the same, and we want every new game to be a new experience! Take a look at dog simulators rush football 2, and virtual soccer pro and give us finally top football, and return teamwork ratings to the game, and it gives us the ability to insert your music and pictures in the main menu!

  4. We want to make a game like pes2006 and 2013, addictively playable, and go to a higher level, not to play these filtered games, horrible passes on the ground and air, horrible player movements, and game monitoring, top one-on-one dribbles, creation excess, and get an exclusion, it doesn’t matter if you dribbled with an iniesta or a goalkeeper, there is no speed, and the softness of dribbling nice turns, and mushroom movements, and there is no difference between fast and slow players and those legendary sprints, no top goals from greater distances, goals from races, stolen balls, easy goals, real gen gen pressing, player ratings and form mean nothing whatever you do, you can’t steal the ball, hold possession 75 percent, you have no control of the game, you don’t feel the difference, you don’t feel the difference 99 jump to be domonananan in the jump! Funny

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