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PES 2022 Leagues Survey

Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to have in PES 2022 game. Cast your vote here and show Konami which soccer leagues should be licensed in the next Pro Evo Soccer.

Your favourite league does not exist here? Don’t worry, you can ask us here or on our Facebook page to add it to this list.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for PES 2022?

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Note : FIFPlay is not an official vote from Konami. We will only submit the survey result to Konami Entertainment.

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122 thoughts on “Vote for PES 2022 Leagues

  1. Emang didenger konami vote dsni, udh bbrp kali edisi, Indonesia selalu di depan.. Cuma gak prnh kesampaian masuk pes… Hahaha

  2. Hey heart’s ♥️ fan here can we get Tynecastle Park our home stadium we are like the 3rd greatest Scottish team all time!!. Also for Master league I’d love to see the Scottish Championship fully licensed & Scotland’s 3rd kit please!!.

  3. What we need in PES 2023 is Tynecastle Park I’m a Heart’s ♥️ fan!!. Also let’s get the Scottish Championship fully licensed please for promotion & relegation and we need Scotland’s 3rd kit!!.

      WORLD CUP 2022 QATAR

    2. (Choices between
      French league
      Italian Seri A
      English premier league
      La liga
      Portuguese league )
      ( Compulsory UEFA champions league
      World cup
      Europa cup)
      (Managers with original names and with at least two formations of same manager)
      (And more space in same squad around 22).

    1. Bundesliga 1 Bundesliga 2
      Croatia HNL
      primjer ligue 1
      primer ligue 2
      Russia ligue 1
      serija a tim 1
      spin ligue 1
      spin ligue 2
      portugali ligue 1
      sweden ligue 1
      svicland ligue 1
      cezge ligue 1
      rumuni ligue 1
      hungari ligue 1
      Americi ligue MLS 1
      Holandija ligue 1
      Grace ligue 1
      Serbia ligue 1
      klubovi liga sa licencama
      puno stadiona

  4. Tunisian League+ CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE I believe Mama Africa should be in the coming PES for over 20 generations we have been ignored

  5. Please,
    Just add a lot of fake leagues and give us the option to edit the Master League tournaments structure and let the modders do their job. It’s done, you have gived to the world the greatest football game in history.

  6. Cepatlah Update Jadi 2022 ada Liga indonesia Pemain ku jg jadi carry over player Jadi Buruan udah nggak sabar nichh

    Kota Blitar,SDN Keplor 2 nicee

  7. Campionato lega Pro Italia
    Campionato ceco
    Campionato greko
    Campionato ucraino
    Campionato croato
    Campionato polacco
    Campionato uruguaiano

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