PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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177 thoughts on “PES 2021 Wishlist

  1. we want football to be the complete opposite of this, great passes and the perfect last one that surprises the defense and throws the player into clean chances, but also a much better reading of the game, subtraction of the ball, pressing, movement fake movement bidding. much better dribbling and more player pitching and what is also missing from ps 2 accurate slips but also errors that lead to shutting down when a player is fast and can leave you laughing here … we want to an even better liar, scoring goals from a greater distance, lowering high players and pleasing you!

  2. ps 5 new console is coming and now you will see that you are worth the click and are you ready to cure our heart, which you have taken away for years

  3. my last pro evolution football i mean unfortunately i dont know what should happen to get back to it !!! only if the video had just intrigued before going out that it was much easier, softer, softer to add that it could suddenly hit the long ball and throw in the players’ chance, not only in the counter but also in the small area, and the back pass and back on the floor. that tense atmosphere, you can go three players when you have space and from the center for example one, two controlled fine dribbling one at speed, and so mix that will lead to more exclusion beauties which is brutal and missing here !!! plus to be a report that the judges are better, the commentators are much better, the crazier and the atmosphere give the tension, to hear it simply be crazy !!! Then I would think and be intrigued to see first what kind of game to buy is no, because a lot of promises fell, so nothing! and that it can be played with dense with smaller clubs that the surprises depend on the form, rating of the players and changing them to see the big difference !!! return team work to the Champions League game and make it possible to upload pictures, music on the game !!! I had to write, but there is nothing to do when you have been doing nothing for years! a real pro evolution soccer is missing in your head and now a new console is coming! hurt !!!

  4. it is a shame to not even put all your players in shape and change the score. It is impossible to win by scoring a few goals or holding a 75 percent possession. put on 99 dribbling, passing, power and again he can’t beat a computer or bother him with a few goals in a row … a ridiculous game or what is this decisive and put 20 players in the most impossible way to dominate and score goals !!! r.i.p. Konami

  5. If 2017 was bad, 2018 was very bad, 2019 was bad as hell, 2020 now is just a pile of shit … Pes 16 good.

    I am scared just of imagining how phucked up 2021 might be . So, for me this is the last Pes I paid.

  6. If pes 2021 has the same gameplay as 2020, and wont buy it, 2020 is by far the worst of all pes, and have no fun even when i win, its my least played football game ever, pes 2016 had its problems but was addicted anyway, this year? Im already splitting between this and fifa.

    The gameplay changes were atrocious, there is no dribble, the players look stiff as fuck, the defense overpowered, theres not a single piece of magic in this game, also with the money greed, they can go fuck themselves, who hasnt got all the big players by now?

    Pes 2021 needs to revert the gameplay, update their unbelievable terrible servers, at this point might as well do a full remake of the game.

    It brings pain into my soul just thinkin what a great series The dogs were back in the day.

  7. the game is too tight and very difficult to add, maybe the game is great, but many people are terribly difficult and it is no wonder that for a hundred years you have lost fans and switched to fifa, which now looks more like that age of playstation 2 and softer is nice to add, controls and very nice dribbling. then make the game only for professionals, not for players who have played great before but now can’t put together a couple of tied passes and throw players into pure chances, and it is impossible to repeatedly go one-on-one or one-on-one with a goalie and I tried to raise the player ratings by dribbling at 99 power to 99 and I can’t pass players, let alone two goals from close range, let alone from distance and neither take away a couple of balls and score two three goals to the computer. , and legends are impossible to beat! there are times when you dense to play with smaller clubs, you can’t even play big ones here! what a game it is if you can’t even score a few goals with a change of grades, turn over and win at legends a couple in a row … r.i.p konami fifa is better!

  8. give us a much better addictive gameplay than this one. better games to play two-on-one and play lightly
    I can switch from l1 to the volley and the head of the player to another tripod and blank branch to be last seen on the pro evolution of soccer 16! this game has a potential demo it looks a lot better and easier but it’s far from what we expect! give us back the king!

  9. we want a much better passing football of nice and better passes on the floor. moving without the ball, offering and opening the player! faster animation of dribbling more crazy beauties stops players, red cards of unpredictable things, and turns. something in the style of italian yesterday inter-milan 4: 2 (0: 2) and betis barcelona 2: 3 and two red cards sometimes more! more goals from a distance, better pressing with more players and seized balls, especially if the player has the speed and reacts faster!

  10. my rating of the best pro evolution simulations and these last if that can help, other people also give their views on the comment! Pes 6 10/10 Pes 2013 9/10 pes 2015 5/10 pes 2016 7.5/10 pes 2017 7/10 2019 5/10 pes 2020 5.5 / 10

  11. can the king get back to the people with that feeling of playstation 2!? come playstation 5 and the perfect time to offer people graphic and perfect technical football with wonderful touches, quick turns, brutal dribbling, more tension, action, opportunity, red cards, turns much better atmosphere, definitely better referees, get your Champions League license back and not play this game you have at home, and you don’t want to light it or play it so much that you can’t even change your dribbling score, add to the passing of players and change anything and score a few goals give us a game not automatism !!! at least we can change something if the game is not right for us too hard is too hard and impossible !!! I would give 100 euros and more for real top quality pro evolution soccer, and not only me! destroy fifa my whole society has passed on it, and they love pro evolution! Ps 5 and top football for a new king and our heart return that has been sad for years !!!

  12. make the game technically soft with great previews, superb soft dribbling and great back touches and top goals and
    with a vibrant atmosphere as the best game of all time pro evolution soccer 6 !!!

  13. work on the additions this is far from the top, dribbling also do terrible work on fast turns with arrows, better and faster animations of dribbling. more goals to fall from a distance, and from the sides. many more pure opportunities to be, turn around and not like I read from different people here, the game is automated, that the result may end up 4 4 but also 0 0 all depending on the player and the way of the game, not here many people have tried and by changing the grades, creating a chance to score a few goals more, this is impossible.

  14. what are the player ratings for, I wonder, if you can’t try dribbling again on 99 passing players and with a pass 98 played fast, I’ll make a couple of clean chances !? the game is set up and it decides for itself, you increase yours until the end, you will receive a couple of goals and you can’t change anything that’s the worst. At pes 16 and 17 you could if you didn’t want to play the game change something, and for the last three years whatever you do the game dictates your ! work on adding nice, better dribbles and turns with arrows like those two footballs and the feeling you stole from playstation 2!

    whatever you do change your grades to the most in defense, attack, and in the middle you keep pressing you can’t beat a computer, and on legend it’s impossible to score a few goals again and you can’t score three goals in five games !!! , no game full of bugs is computerized when even the ratings can’t change the course of events!

  15. this is an overly difficult and impossible game. the additions are awfully nervous, there is no beauty, the softness, and that unexpected addition and the end of missing out on tension, turnarounds, red cards, a better referee, atmosphere, and a better crazier commenter. and by increasing skills one can beat the computer on legend, not that the game is the one that decides and is computerized!

  16. what are the ratings on this game if i put the dribble at 99 and the speed at 99 and can’t pass one or more players and get a clean one-on-one chance and shutouts, put 97 passes and again can’t play defense and can’t change anything, and it’s impossible is to beat someone or a commuter on the toughest and the legend to score two three goals at least! the most pain whatever you do, the game is automated!

  17. playstation 5 is a great opportunity to offer top-notch football and something new, graphically perfect, top-notch additions, not as awful as this game, much better dribbling and passing, much more goals and tensions, and bring back that feeling we miss from plastation 2! please conami

  18. with pro evolution soccer 16 and 17 we think you are on the right track to bring back the king! but for the last three years, these are games we don’t want

  19. adding the worst in the world, very difficult to get past the player dribbling horrible, missing as many strikers one-on-one with the goalie, finer and better dribbling, turns, controls and finishing passes!

    what are the ratings of the players in this game, if picking them up you can’t change anything again and score a few goals against your computer most often and with a player with 99 speed dribbling you can’t go one on one!?!?

  20. you were very close to killing fifa with a pro evolution 20 social that you were tracking and finishing demos! demo 20 was better than playing, make it easier to play, fix controls, easier one-on-one, and more out and about goalkeeping and license more major clubs !!! additions be as nice technically as controls and much better player movement, and will be killing the fife like it used on playstation 2!!!

  21. hellooooo to konami and thank for this magical game but i like that th time of the play increase to more than 6 min and the game be slower because a one can not feel the play goodly.thank youuuuuu very muchhhhhh.

  22. Hallo konami ich bin aus germany.license die ganze deutsche liga und arbeite an diesen furchtbaren ergänzungen und es ist möglich mit dem letzten pass zu spielen oder im stil von messi, neymar oder mbappe zu dribbeln! Mannschaften, geschweige denn starke, treffen dann, wenn das Spiel ein eigenes Modul und Bugs bietet! Mehr Unterbrechungen, Fouls, Stillstände, verrückte Dinge, insbesondere Umsätze, sehr lange. Weil der Torhüter den Schiedsrichter nicht erreichen kann, oder während die Ecke oder die Ecke gespielt wird. dass wir ihn beschwören können, anzugreifen oder zu springen !? Geben Sie eine bessere Atmosphäre und einen besseren, verrückteren und lauteren Kommentator, der zu verrückten Zielen, Wendungen und Wendungen beiträgt !!! und alle unterbrechungen, die änderungen werden kompensiert, manchmal 6 minuten oder mehr wenn nötig, also die verrücktheit wenn der spieler sieht wie viel mehr da ist und es schon ein sieg im kopf ist !? und diese fünf, sechs Minuten Entschädigung verlangsamen sich immer noch, so dass sie nicht so schnell vergeht, so dass Sie, obwohl der Tisch ein 5-minütiges Beispiel zeigt, zwei weitere Angriffe oder eine Minute für sich allein verlängern und wenn es immer noch eine Verzögerung oder Unterbrechung gibt!

  23. First of all, this game is stencilled, rigged, full of bugs, and made to be the way it was decided. , power and steal a couple of balls passed and scored a couple of goals, and even in 2017 it could be seen. even when one of these players is in top form then it is still top or even if their in weaker form and raising the level of adding, and even speed in adding a computer, I could get all the matches in a row and that’s the top thing if your game doesn’t fit, you can change something. , adding like you’re playing a bargaining game sometimes you don’t know what to add !? and that it is very difficult to win even at a professional so this is exaggerated, this is a game and not a professionalism and chess game and it is played on one goal, waiting and counter !?

    1. in pro evolution soccer 16 and even 17 you could if something didn’t work for you and when you changed forms and changed your grades and raised them, the difference was especially in pro evolution soccer 16 to a degree and 17 though in pro evolution soccer no matter how much this kick, and raising his jump and strength ratings, would be scored again by kicks and ronaldo players, which is most annoying when you can’t change a thing, but if he scored two goals I could score two or three turns. the last three years of pre-rigged play, the game decides how much it will be, cut you some additions or make them stronger, it plays the same thing again, it’s ridiculous and says everything about those games! the direction di is impossible dribbling, never worse thesis, stupid adding without precision of feeling, then what do you say. I didn’t believe that I would go over to Fifa I didn’t honestly have some special feeling to play, but at least a little remind me of the glory days of pro evolution Shoo Miriam!

  24. playstation 5 is coming and i hope finally the return of the king in the form of wonderful simulations of virtual footbal pro, and rush footbal 2. it’s time to turn around, top game for a few years in a row !!!

  25. make this game a lot easier, make a lot of fines, harder additions, sudden additions and final additions … more one-on-one outs and two-on-one passes. work on a faster and softer pass, and better and faster dribbling, especially for better players, this is a feeling It’s like going head-to-wall. More fast dribbling, and leaving fast players against athletes, which is not the case here, and no difference will lead to more beauties, more attention, more interesting things, and more exclusions! Missing early goals, more tension, dynamic atmosphere like 2014 games like pro evolutions 6 and 13 and, some wonderful things like 16! they allow higher play styles to be played at 70 75%, but I play strong strikers, keep the ball and throw in the east, and lower on the return, as well as fast goal-scoring wings on the side from more difficult positions and only controlled punches, but also through punching through the arms or legs of the goalkeeper, and this can be quickly resolved if it is not withdrawn … it is not possible to dribble one-on-one here with one another, not one step, the addition is never worse, the referee is very, very bad … it is not clear to me you are very close, you still cannot win and leave fifa behind … every year we expect even better and better football, and the case is not going to get worse and worse !!! they weren’t a bit of a license, we always loved the pro evolution of football because of the game, and now it’s fifa more accurate for dribbling and for adding, and it has realities and better movements that weren’t as robotic as here … though of course it would be nice to work on me, those licensed major clubs, and a little strengthen the ratings of some players as well as clubs, like manchester city, tothenham, leipzig. Bring back teamwork to the game is much better when the team played league everyone has their own team and players to make it special too the thick you have taken for us. give us more leagues we can create, introduce qualifiers for the World and European Championships !!!

  26. Can’t wait for Playstation 5! I hope I’m in a new twist and return of the King as he has been since Pro evolution football 2013!

  27. the wishes are like this: make it possible for us to insert the music we want on the main menu, maybe the pictures! Make the soft passes, soft, fine as well as one-on-one ability to pass, not that it is so ugly difficult, easy and impossible to add difficultly with more players at the chance, and the referee is awful! make better and faster animations of dribbling … it would be nice if you could even squeeze a player when you push him, and if you double turn him, he misses a lot of things thick and feeling! The graphics are there and can be now when ps 5 is better al I don’t know if it makes sense to buy a game!? This time I will not, but in the game room I will try or ask the advice of others, who I see and share an opinion with me here and see! I would buy a new plastation 5 only if you were a couple of years old, and returned this game di used to be … if you have not been in doubt so far, but would love for a miracle to happen!

  28. Pls give us more cup tournaments,make training more realistic,create your own teams
    And leagues,cups.interviews after matches
    And add more dribbling skills to players

  29. this game seems to be the last time I bought it, it stands at home and I don’t play it after a long time I throw a few games, and I can’t create three chances in the whole game against the computer, pass the players let alone two, and throw the player into a clean chance !? i wonder if this is a game for crazy or pure professionals who have a magic wand. this has become a shitty, desolate tactic, automating the game and dangling nowhere! I can’t get past the players again, I turn it around as fast as I used to, and I’ve won empty tournaments on ps 1, ps 2 and since then there are no dogs for me like many dogs … I see there are some dribbling tricks but to me this is ridiculous. if you can’t, with the arrows, you can even twist the player in the manner and xavi, plus a fake who can and must be better, and with a quick run, stop abruptly, and change direction, or pass the player. I put 99 on the player power, strength and nothing … I read that comment from someone, and to his credit I laughed at how computerized the game is or I don’t know how to make the decision. Controls are our last great game pes 2016 and everything with it, but it was a bit silly because the match ended just too 6 5 5 5 but it was top playable, but you had to upgrade it and it would be great and make the game ranked pes 2006 and 2013.

  30. not clear to me how you do not understand that this is impossible to play with no dense or beauty … the additions are awful and I cannot, and whom I ask the bay score two three goals on a superstar, let alone an even harder legend … with my club every game would end 0 0 or 10, so we quit not only because of this, but the game is full of bugs, terribly irritating, hard and hard! there is no beauty of soft flowing, tight-fitting players very bad dribbling and control. I don’t know what to do to score goals.

  31. bring back the children and the people with a smile on their faces – whether or not pro evolution football has been no more than an unrivaled year, and it is not clear to me that you cannot see the mistakes since when! I remember before, and when I could play the match it was on my face and I could hardly wait to play another one, and today when I win some strange feeling, and soon this game is boring, I don’t know how to describe it !? Work on a fluid pass and take a quick pass and a strong pass can surprise the defense and go out as many times on a goaltender or two players and play it off to add another to a blank branch. was the case in demo.I don’t know if with l1 and triangle, the undermined ball can also hit and throw the player in a clean chance as well as the top last dog is not here, additions are like a pinball player! work on better dribbles with stronger and crazy risky starts, which can lead to stealing the ball for a clean chance, but also risking red cards. moving and offering players is ours! let the game adapt to us and not us and everyone can play as they wish. someone will play a tic by holding possession of up to 75 percent to tire and pull players and open the opponent, while someone throwing a high attacker will ask him to lower his balls or head and chest and keep the ball, and this is not the case. has a strong balance power with his build up and more players on himself that he can even hit the ball and play in a clean chance to knock out one or two players !!! buried do not follow at all !!!

  32. we are waiting for great football from PES 13 and then PES16 is good and instead of building on the future for the last three years I feel like a beginner and a stranger in this football but not only I was not in plastation 3 as it used to be in playstation 4 even less! playstation 5 now or never for the king to come back this must be our year !!! please conami and I’m just watching comments from people and I have to agree if the game doesn’t fit you why then serve the ratings and player forms when you can’t do or change anything again picking them up or reducing them for someone to win squeeze him to steal the ball and also beat his computer on legends I don’t know if it’s possible !!! chances are even more if he is in very good shape and for the last three years nothing 2018 2019 and 2020 are terrible hard controls dribbling additions and you can’t apply and change anything … for that matter, now with playstation 5 to give us back what we deserved for a long time !!! konami please your fans can do it !!!!!!

  33. i wonder what i see and most people write here on comments what player ratings are for !? if we think that a player deserves a better rating that we can improve it as we wish, which is very great, but if it does not serve anything, especially for the last three years, I look at whatever I do, I cannot manage and change the game and beat my computer the hardest .. .I remember in 2016 and 2017 you could set an example and take the ball and score a few goals if you changed or reduced your computer and could win the legend … and for the last three years at 2018 2019 and 2020, not only are the games difficult and horrible, but they are automated and whatever you increase or decrease the game dictates your own !!! let’s at least work if the game does not fit in and the answer is that by changing the grades they can steal the ball and go to the goalie alone and if I put the dribbling all the way to the fast they can go turn the player and if my speed is 99 I can make an impact or if the defense is 99 it is hard to score a goal and here whatever you receive you will give at least work on it … as well as for licenses if they are gone we can download!!! Plizz konami read this!im your fan

  34. the gameplay is awful, the additions never got worse on the floor and the air. work on dribbling, control and movement of players of real pro evolution soccer has not been since 2013 !!! 2016 was good, it was great dribbling of the contention of the game of 2017 good too, only that there were a lot of goals scored after throws and centershoot … for the last three years this has been unbearably playful and very difficult !!! make more of a game like the pro evolution soccer king of all football simulations pes 2006 and the last one that made us happy in 2013 !!!

  35. work on the additions are very awful and irritating, it is difficult to play hard on the floor and in the air to hit the player in the eyelash.The lack of lucidity of the fine touch of straight and fast dribbling can be easier and make a two-player surplus, more tiny and wicked beauties which leads to crazy fun more turning off goal turns, fighting tensions, and the feeling we don’t have than ps 2! comes playstation 5 and has really top notch animations like rush footbal and now I think it’s time for a pro evolution soccer and going back, which everyone will agree with !!! will you give us the ultimate game we’ve been expecting for years and shake before the king again? I doubt … ps 5 and new football would have to erase that bad feeling in your throat that has already accumulated a long time !!!

  36. speed up the game of dribbling here it is impossible to cross over and make a surplus … make it easy for us the real dog we have been waiting for years back !!! improve the online system much better by adding another one-on-one goalie and adding a blank line and playing … returning teamwork to the game is more fun when each player chooses their player and who makes a better team so it’s not just a line of defense and attack than
    and how they function in the field and agree !!!

  37. league creator, cup creator, national team creator. Customizable scoreboard/Adboard/menu UI. because of license absence. gameplay tweaking sliders. more randomness like pes 2020 demo gameplay. more injuries in Master league and loan transfer in Become a Legend mode. more myClub playing options. keep the system settings just as pes 2020. but may add an option to add soundtracks.

  38. 4 Improvements to make for PES 2021:

    1)Make adjustable sliders in the customization section like in fifa (ex: shot error adjustable slider, passing strength adjustable slider, etc)

    2)Stadium creator/Team Creator/League Creator/Trophie Creator

    3)Ability to edit Master League in the edit/customization section (ex: editing the champions league spots per league, team budgets, ability to turn off cinematic scenes and press conference in Master League, etc.)

    4)Players to have a less harsh decrease in stats as they age in master league (ex: There should still be players who are 33-36 years of age and have 88 acceleration and sprint speed)

  39. First, a court decision should be corrected. Then it wouldn’t hurt to make people who look like dudes look nicer, better because they’re nasty. Put in most animation. Put in the game so that the opponent can be told at the touch of a button whether they liked the scene in the game or not

  40. look at the rush of football simulation and that nice touch of passing, spinning players and long ball and with high players lowering their heads to the punch and head in that direction! Also remember how good the controls were on evolution 16 and dribbling!

  41. my desire is to make space soccer fast much better technically refined with the action of tension tension but that can all be calmed down by light nice short additions to the abrupt and superb dribbling controls and quick turns with the mushroom … then it would be great to make a player when He loses his balance or if you turn him down twice he drops him and throws him on the floor and then he just has to tear himself down … for a long time I didn’t let anyone take the guy in 3 and 7 minutes that it was immediately possible to do some nice action and then steal the ball and you are already in ten minutes at 2 0 but to turn 2 0 with two reckless shutdowns or equalize the missing of these dribbling offense and insanity, and this loss of balance or having a player fall when you spin it would be great!

  42. make something new like say rush footbal come ps 5 and it’s time to finally play top-notch football after 2006 with much better graphics and refinement … please wait for years!

  43. First, repair the online system so that it can be played beautifully online! Then work on the softness of the finer touch by adding nice and fast turns with dribbling and player movement and fake movement. For example, when a player has a ball in the center, he makes a play in front of the defensive and can be thrown out to come out one-on-one as well as a fast double pass! major leagues like English!

  44. don’t know if you understand me well, so I will write again! So I increased and increased my players’ scores and reduced my computer and again you can’t add a nice ball and a finish and score two goals at least and by no means win the hardest and legend at all! I manage to score one goal in 4 games and the defense is at 99 power speeds and I can’t stop them, sometimes they score two goals in a few minutes with me! Then the scores are worth changing and at least something like that can be changed in the game if it’s impossible to play !!!

  45. would like to know if you want to bring back those people who used to love this game and now switch to fifa!? bring back that old addictive gameplay.when I saw the demo I thought maybe it was possible for King to come back !? and you totally took the game to wrong direction the game is based on mistakes, too much on tactics everything is set up somehow has no style. improve these additions are much better at fifi as well as movement … new console is coming something new now is the right time to start a new revolution fifae on pro evolution soccer though many doubt it al new console new graphics right moment … i didn’t see you saw how people liked football with ps 2 those twists various blows from afar lobs thickened in the game this today is just chess hard hard impossible and disgusting!

  46. just read the comments of people who write and I increase a lot of their players’ scores and I can’t score how many games are goal naked on a legend let alone two, three then I reduced them a little bit and again they score two goals three because it was decided that the game would score and that If so your game is already horrible then why and what is all this for when you can’t do and change anything in your own way and speed up the addition and create clean chances again??!?

  47. If you post a little more effort and refine some segments the dog may be great! the referee is awful judging everything and really terribly upset and irritated as well as the addition that is never worse … this is too difficult and sometimes you wonder if this is possible to master and if you play at all .. controls are very difficult, the movement of players is a lot to lose as and ball rolling also hits the l1 long ball players … you are very close again very far! give some lightness and finesse to this game!

  48. speed up the game to be more action, pressure on stolen balls, improve passes … miss that crazy marvelous gameplay! missing these plays and adding to the blank branch it was beautifully seen on pro evolution 13 and 16!

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