PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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770 thoughts on “PES 2021 Wishlist

  1. Saya mau di PES 2021 ini di perlihat kan wasit nya di sepanjang kick of..
    Dan saya mau di perlihat kan pmain saat pergantian pemain itu aja semoga bisa

    Jaya trus pes 2021 is the best

  2. Konami,saya pengen diperlihatkan pengangkatan pemain saat cedera , diperlihatkan wasit saat kick off, dan diperlihatkan pergantian pemain

  3. Assalamualaikum
    Harapan saya di PES 2021 Konami ada banyak

    1.uang setiap hari dapat 10.000 setiap hari dapat 20.000
    3.ada wasit
    4.komentator nya tidak perlu didownload,cukup membayar pakai uang seharga 5.000,bagi yg mau download silahkan di google
    5.cuaca lebih banyak lagi
    6.komentator Indonesia
    7.selebrasi lebih mantap
    8.ada UEFA Champions league dll

    Segitu aja dari saya semoga dapat terkabulkan


  4. Assalamu’alaikum
    Harapan saya di konami ada 5
    1 ada wasit dan hakim garis
    2 ada kameramen
    3 bisa ganti cuaca
    4 ada liga Indonesia
    5 ada pelatihnya di pinggir lapangan

  5. I really want PES MOBILE 2021 to exist
    – Court
    – Can change the weather
    The club uniform was added to the original, not plain

  6. Pozdravljeni,
    zelo si želim, da bi v novo verzijo pes 2021 dodali Prvo ligo Slovenije, ali pa vsaj Nogometne klube NK Olimpija, NK Maribor, NK Celje in NK Mura. Prav tako bi rad videl še FK Partizan in Crveno zvezdo.

  7. Konami saya mau ada wasit ada pelatih sama wasit lainnya dan satu lagi Konami pemain cadangan harus semua di dalam stadion dan paling penting Konami buatlah kompetisi bola PES 2021 yang menang dapat piala

      1. Ada wasit
        Ada turnamen cup yang menang dapat piala atau liga Champions.ada pengaturan cuaca dan ada timnas Indonesia atau club’ Indonesianya
        Sekian dari saya.

    1. Does this have incredible speed in the pes, and dribbles mbappe, and neymar and such crazy turns in 90 plus minutes and two goals per minute !? There are no these crazy dribbles, one on one, and the passage of top players through two or more, crazy starts, exclusions, and individual moves, and more styles of play, but we adapt to this filtered game, which has no difference in player speed, amazing side speed in game players, like neymar, mbappe … I watch psg atalanta and think about what the dog has fallen for years!

  8. Saya mau di pes 2021
    1.ada wasit pemimpin pertandingan.
    2.ada hakim garis.
    3.ada fitur ganti cuaca
    4.ada fitur ganti lapangan.
    5.waktu pergantian pemain di perlihatkan.
    6.ada mic di waktu mabar

    1. Saya ingin di pesisir 2021 mobile selanjutnya
      1. Ada nya wasit di lapangan dan setiap saat
      2. Pergantian pemain di perlihatkan
      3. Pengangkatan pemain yang cedera di perlihatkan
      4.bisa ganti cuaca

      1. Saya inggin semua pemain bisa bicara
        Bisa membangun stadion
        Saya inggin tidak ngelag walupun jaringan bagus
        Saya inggin liat pergantian main atau pengangkatan yg cedera

  9. could you add legend from goalscorer list either international or club..i would love to see one of malaysian legend, mokhtar dahari in the game..ranked no 3 most international goal..

  10. Hello PES. Can u add more North American national teams like at least 4 more. Also for Master League can u create something for us to partnership with a club. Easier for us to get more loan/transfer offers of a player. In the same time it’ll do benefit for the club. Win-win situation.

  11. Good afternoon,developers at eFootballPES! Could you in eFootball PES2021SeasonUpdate Ps4 in the edit section to make the partition the referees.Also in eFootball PES2021SeasonUpdate Ps4 should appear five fic-
    tional women’s soccer leagues.Women “s soccer is progressing.In the developers the don”t want include women’s teams in the Game eFootballPES 2021Season Update PS4, then they should resign.In PES we need innovative developers,which will make these new modes

  12. I would like to see training modes in master league and BAL like they do in FIFA. And I would like to see BAL get totally revamped. Giving the option to control the squad on the pitch or controlling the player. In BAL the auto selection team process isn’t my favorite either. I feel they should give you the option on that as well and the manager should have you coming off the bench a bit more in the first season. I don’t have a lot of complaints about ML at the moment I feel they’ve made some positive changes in PES 2020.

  13. It’s funny that the game is conducted, the passes are catastrophic, without feeling, and top plays on the ground, and in the air, and the funniest thing is that he added the same with Kevin debruyne, or to put the goalkeeper in his position there is no difference, no difference in ratings, you can’t score goals from a distance, nor with 99 speed, the story of a slower player, everything is the same, there is no difference, ugly, hard players are like veterans, there are no goals from races, taking away balls, real pressing, easy goals , exclusions from both sides, unpredictable things, reversals! Horror!!

    1. That the masters did exactly that, as Adriano used to do with his deadly shots from afar, or the Obafemi Martins from Inter Milan, at the time, with their ingenious speed, and each player and team had their own characteristics, and the player ratings meant something, and the last three pro evolutiona soccer are a scripted game running its own, every game always the same without tension, soul and feelings, and the same results!

  14. Potw players don’t make carry-over and give iconic bonuses and lots of coins and the box draw agent is full of legends, there are no bases players and the referee doesn’t replace colinna anymore and don’t make the club logo strange and match the PC version

  15. For Master League (my fav mode):

    ▪ Full club customization:
    • Fully editable and realistic uniform creation:
    – Real world presets, textures, more layers,
    – Choose a basic sponsor/manufacturer for first season for the uniform
    – Option to renew uniform each season as well as uniform sponsorship/manufacturer
    – Unlock classic and modern kits design through challenges, winning tournaments, etc.
    – Option to create 2 uniforms for keepers, training kits as well as official club uniforms and accessories for managers and players
    ▪ Full stadium customization with upgrades (including chants, banners, flags, images, etc.)
    ▪Sponsorship deals (with objectives, demands, bonuses, etc)
    ▪Harder and more realistic contracts:
    – e.g. cheaper loaned/bought player at the expense of being in the starting eleven certain amount (or all matches) of National League matches
    – Players’ ambitions and expectations (could be included in contracts) as well as personal challenges/goals, e.g. Score 25 goals in National League, Give 12 goal assists = Automatic contract renovation for 1 season.
    ▪A more detailed and organized news feed (club news, league & cup news, international news) with link to see the mentioned player(s) and/or club
    ▪A fully reshaped UI:
    – Social media followers: add feed to see players’ moods/opinions as well as what the fans are saying in general about the club, players and last match
    – A more intuitive and functional design,
    e.g. One tab for the whole squad, where you will see all players as a list, with their respective status, abilities, etc. From here you can access Lineup, formations, tactics, contracts, conversation with the whole team as well as when selecting a player the first thing you see is a new window with him, his position(s), score, statistics with tabs to access more detailed information like contract status, have a conversation with him, etc.

    ▪More realistic form, condition, spirit, morale:
    – e.g. Having a conversation with a player where you can tell him he will be in the starting eleven since he did well in the week training and if you use him as substitute his morale will go down instead of up
    – If a player has good form you can maintain/prolong it by giving him minutes and a good training regime

    ▪More in-depth & personalized training:
    – Training profiles (orchestrator, destroyer, classic no.10, etc) are good but you could give a focus and/or personalized training each week/month with a qualification for each player (depending in his mental & physical status)
    – Would be nice if you can add the option to see the players training and choose if you want to talk with whole team or only one player.

    *Conversations with players (1 time each 2 weeks)
    *Conversation with whole team (1 time each month)

    ▪Manager creation:
    – Option to create a custom face & body
    – Fully customizable clothing pieces & accessories with a full array of options for each one, even the color! or choose the club official kit for managers (kit for trainings and kit for matches, as well as accessories like scarfs, hats, ties, glasses, etc)

    ▪Option to enable or disable Youth Regens
    ▪Fully customizable and upgradable Sport city/facilities for all matters like hiring scouts, agencies, sponsors, oversee youth training and development, stadium, hq, trophy room, uniforms room, legends room, etc

    ▪Spanish (or generic) 3rd tier division PLEASE
    ▪More realistic skin, hair, textures for created players

    P.s. Hell…you could include season passes and become F2P next year as long as you give us the option to fully live and play a 100% personal experience and continue to improve and adding stuff to the game with updates as well as focusing on signing a deal with Twitch Prime Gaming and enhancing tournaments and the whole competitive scene…come on, Konami. We want to believe in you, we want you to truly be the #1 on football games. ♡

  16. this is a wacky idea but what about something like you can change the year of the teams you are going to be using, like you can play barcelona of 2015 vs liverpool of 2014 like that

  17. I hope that the party can add new features to create their own character and can start from the lowest division club to move up to the highest division, the example of the character that we make can be contracted for the lower division club and even the top division club, so that it is even more exciting to play in my opinion. Thank you in advance 🙂

  18. Can your add advanced stats (like in coop-mode) in every match, in every mode (espessialy in MyClub). And it will be great if you add professional statistics: such as xG (for team and for players individually). That will allow gamers to get satisfaction, even if they are not lucky. And it will allow you to improve the level of your game, because you will be able to assess how really dangerous your chance is.

    It will also be great if the replays after match will reflect the chance to score in xG: when is a replays playing is showing 0.09 xG for example.

    And of course you should develop myclub mode and limit the possibility of getting top performers at the very beginning of the game. Players should have a constant incentive to develop the team. In the beginning, you need to play with bronze/silver, then gradually collect gold, reach the black players and only then sometimes get the players of the team of the week.

  19. Does this have incredible speed in the pes, and dribbles mbappe, and neymar and such crazy turns in 90 plus minutes and two goals per minute !? There are no these crazy dribbles, one on one, and the passage of top players through two or more, crazy starts, exclusions, and individual moves, and more styles of play, but we adapt to this filtered game, which has no difference in player speed, amazing side speed in game players, like neymar, mbappe … I watch psg atalanta and think about what the dog has fallen for years!

  20. Pes has been a filtered game in recent years, incredibly hard, terrible, and helps weaker opponents that you can’t break them, there are no nice nice dribbles, one-on-one games, and running, and when catastrophically inaccurate passes are added, and a terrible referee and commentator without tensions, and a bad audience, which does not follow the situation on the field, and terribly bad movements, and offering players, this is a simple shame! You put it as if you’re playing against a colleague, in twos, and you’re playing against yourself, and you can’t run, you can’t overplay the automated defense, and you can’t beat the computer on legend, so who knows what you do. HORROR!!

  21. Gue mau ada wasit dalam pertandingan,beserta wasit Len juga.
    Gue mau ganti fitur cuaca.
    Dan gue mau kalu boleh ada liga cup.

    1. Tolong pes ada kn wasit tambahkan liga Indonesia. Logo clube harus yang asli
      Tambahkan pesib liga Indonesia .

  22. Hi please can you look at adding the PSL league from South Africa to the PES franchise as I am a avid fan of the franchise and have been playing the game since it was released on Playstation One, I have since moved on to the Xbox one console and can say that the game is the best football game ever.

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