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PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. Need more Net types:

    -Old Wembley nets
    – Deep nets
    -Shallow nets
    -Triangle nets
    – More net patterns
    – a net edit mode like kit edit mode.

    These would be great with Classic Teams Option Files and for variety.

  2. take a look at a little rush footbal 2 and thus make the movement of the player, beautiful visual dribbles, realistic movement, fouls, long shots, and goalkeeper simulations !!!

  3. this game doesn’t have the tension, it doesn’t have the soul it used to have, when people could hardly wait for the dog to come out and be in the garages, until the wee hours, drinking, and coming to work hungover, today it’s not that anymore, this is one the game is automated, and even when you change the ratings, increase your own, and reduce the computer, it still means nothing because it is so set up that it has its bugs and whatever you do you will not pass anyone, run, fight off, be more dominant in jumping, dueling, stealing ball, it’s just ridiculous, but the game has a good idea and with a little better commitment I believe that on ps 5 we can welcome again those magical moments like before !!! We love you horses !!!!

  4. pes 2021 gameplay is horrible, irritating, tiring and 90 percent of people will say that, and there are those in the minority who like this football, because the computer helps them and a few goals fall, so it’s good for them! Pes 2020 is more advanced than 18 and 19 , and he has a good idea, but there are still a lot of mistakes, there is a lack of softness in the game, and passes, better control, and better keeping of the ball, and mushroom dribbles, like 2016 and 2017, goals from a greater distance, much better pressing, stealing the ball, easy goals, reversals, tensions, it is enough to look at the ratings and how many people played and loved in 2006 and 2013, it lacks that old feeling and smile on its face like before !!!

  5. so many complains from people here. yes there are some bugs. like players should run smarter without the ball. the corruption with referees 😛
    but i have to say pes 2020 is the best pes game ever. and i tought it would be really hard to beat pes 2019. because that was sooo good. i like the difficulty of the legend mode. superster is getting a bit to easy when you have a team that has a good teamwork rate.

    i do agree with someone who mentioned the retired players that comes back with age of 16. thats annoying. because i like to play many seasons (like 6 or even more)

    also every week i play with 2 other friends in one team in master leauge. its a lot of fun. we do miss the team role play. it was so nice. pes 2017 had it for the first and last time. i hope it comes back one day.

    cant wait till 9 september to meet the new pes 🙂

  6. work on these awesome passes, awfully hard game without softness, real control, player movement, game tracking, player entry into space, quick controls and dribble animations, multiple goals, reversals, starts, exclusions, goals, space action, and real fun and tension! Dog 20 is terribly hard, slow and boring, dumb changes rhythms, games and you have to adapt to the game, instead of us to us and there are no characteristics of players and clubs … Restore teamwork ratings in the game!

  7. first of all make a game where of course there are mistakes, and you need to get used to and learn new things, but not a game where there are always hard, hard dribbles and no nice mushroom control, and it’s hard to get by with fast players, which is silly never worse and always strong and inaccurate! Isn’t it stupid that when you put the strongest players in the team you can’t have dominance and score more goals, what are the ratings of this game for the last three years, in 2016 and 2017, when you changed or created players you could raise play at a higher level and thus beat the computer to the strongest and 7: 0, and here it is impossible because neither the forms nor the ratings are worth anything, because the game is funny, full of mistakes, and always offers the same, and every game the same, increase or decrease ratings , there is no difference, it’s disgusting and you can see that it doesn’t make sense, not as dense as it used to be, when transfers are made, so first the best players are chosen, the weakest in quality, and then the strong ones last, so the quality equalizes and the game becomes even more tense. by creating you speed up the game or be what it is you want to, but here it is impossible to steal the ball, have 80 percent possession, and make a crazy turnaround, if only it could be great this way you don’t like the game, and you still can’t change anything because it’s full of bugs and set up !!!

  8. I am a big fan of Master League feature since PES 2013. I think if Master League PES 2021 have this following improvement it will be more enjoyable to play it.

    1. more fictive young player list, so we can scout these young player and add them to our academy and the retired player won’t reborn as a young player.

    2. improve the training method, so we can train these young player and make them a star of our team

    3. edit feature in master league so we can edit player accessories without finding the player former club

    4. more real face and team/league licence please 🙂

  9. this football has a lot of disadvantages, but with a little more investment in the game it can be much better! First of all, it’s stupid that when you put players in the best shape, you can’t have a strong dominance to run in front of the computer, push you out, or if you build and the players are sluggish again and you can’t escape, there is no quick reaction of the players, dodging between the players with a mushroom without l3 moves and the like, a lot a lot is missing, some ease is missing this is too hard, and it’s too stupid that a computer is as strong as playing from another planet , and you, even when you reduce their grades in defense, and put yourself in attackers and midfielders speed, duel, strength to the strongest again you do not see the difference in the duel, ie they are stronger again, and players again with 99 dribbling speed is slow they turn, a little stupid that even under such conditions I can’t turn a player quickly, and with fast agile players, you get a goal chance, exclusion, goals from a distance, but you can have 99 shots, technique and speed, again you won’t score from a greater distance, if you squeeze harder defense blocks you if id es weaker goalkeeper defense, there is no rocket shot like long ago adrian who killed goalkeepers with 99 blows, and martins who with 99 speed, sowed danger and panic, and that has already been written by many here, the game is hard, horrible exaggerated, filtered , limited that it offers its own ratings and player forms, offers nothing and does not bring change and so for three years, you can put everything on 99 and you will not be able to get 70 percent possession of the computer on the legend, steal the ball and make a victory, and let alone a turnaround, it’s a bit exaggerated that you can’t break anyone, football is good, but with some real things you can reach top football, and that we all love it and want to play like we used to, not whatever we do you can’t steal the ball, score from a distance , to dominate in a duel, to jump possession, and to beat worse players with experience, and not to let the computer help them because it is so winded up !!! Come on, we love you, you can do it!

  10. .Add coach mode faces on the teach line
    .Bring the champions league back please konami
    .Add more club stadiums
    .Add more realistic referees
    Since the game is like realistic, all that added will make it more interesting thanks so much

  11. I can’t wait to see what kind of konami 2021 is preparing for us, and I’m afraid it will be copy paste uncontrolled garbage, filtered, passes that are always strong, inaccurate, hard passes, and in the sprint it is impossible to pass, nor is it possible to separate from a slower player. , always some pushing, dribble controls are awful, fake also no throws, and long balls, are not in the range of pro evolution soccer 6,and 13, player movements are robotic, far from realistic, players run away from jumping, running into space, nice fast double passes are missing, fast plays, better pressing, subtractions, reversals, more slips, harder starts, more exclusions, stronger victory of Victoria on one goal, not this slow, hard, unplayable automated garbage, where you can’t break anyone, the results are identical, and the game just tires you ! I’m just interested in what you’re preparing now, I just think that this team is not worthy to do these games, and that it’s not that team and the generation of the golden age! Give us a game like rush football 2, and the ability to insert your music and pictures, more tournaments, and playing indoor soccer, and better online gameplay!!!

  12. Add more slot player.

    A lots old user have much player and they need to remove some player to trade another box draw or feature player.

    Konami actually have some Option to get benefit from this issue.
    1. Add player card from buying with coin. Exp.
    2. Add slot player card is gift from campanye or event.
    Or another situation.

    I think this feature make old user happy and get more motivation to stayed longer and they actually very loyal.

  13. take a look at a bit of dribbling iniesta and xavi, on the spot, then in speed, not to mention messi when there are four and five players in a row, who line up and wait, or say they pass neymar, ronald and mbappe! You have a good idea but the realization is still always far from desired, bad controls, passes are always inaccurate, players are sluggish, lose balance easily, stay buried, their balls bounce hard, grades mean nothing and many have written to you, whatever you do there is no progress, nice fine play, precise nice deep balls and on the ground, and one, two passes, and throwing the defense, the controls are very bad you can put the whole team dribbling speed and control 99, and yet you can not hold possession, drive the opponent crazy strong dominance, great possession, no turnaround , lack of fast animation dribbling, rabbit fouls, three four goals in the first 20 minutes, reversals in the referee’s compensation, better goals from greater distances, goals from volleyball, the possibility of more theft of the ball, easy goals, and better pressure him, a lot better referee, a lot much crazier commentator, better online gameplay !!! , and that the ratings are valid and the game is not set up, automated as was the case in 2016 and 2017 !!! Pes 2015,2018,2019 and 2020 are horribly hard uncontrolled games, in which it is made that those who defend have an advantage, and you can’t break worse opponents, the game has no charms, no soul, and that’s how it will be in 2021, believe me, my people … give us back the lost years and which will not be automated and the ratings will be valid in 2021, which I hope will be much better updated than in 2020 and there will be a visible difference between stronger, faster and slower players and geniuses!

  14. shame on this game what they did with the additions, and game controls, which many have written here no real movement, space entry, ease of play, fine manners, you can put speed at 99, and balance power at 99, and again you the computer pushes with his hands, and the other takes the ball, and he can’t separate from the opponent to run in front of him, although he is fast and with 99 dribbling it is nice to get rid of him like 2006 and 2013, and like 2016 and 2017, when the players followed you. automated, filtered, full of bugs, pushes, uncontrolled passes, bad controls, and when you put 99 speed, power, long-range ratings in one match, you can’t dominate the whole attack and midfield and break the computer into a legend 5: 0 Let’s say! When the computer got red or someone wrote two there, is it possible to gain 80 percent possession and keep the ball with fine controls, not to bounce, and the players are buried slowly, and the computer is always stronger and when amplify the ratings … the game has fallen on the hard misery !!!

  15. the funniest of all is that you can put three attackers with a score of 50 from start to finish on a computer attack on a legend, and so on in defense, and yet you can’t score a few pieces, steal the ball, and put everything on 99 ratings, you won’t get stronger domination, make a strong possession, press, steal the ball, play the top ball, on the floor, and the air balls are always irritating, inaccurate, there are no legendary accelerations of players like mbappe, vinicius junior, nice moves, entering empty corridors, nice controls, reversals, exclusions on both sides, and there is no one who will not agree! If you are only thinking of updating pes 2020 for this year, at least work on the fact that when we create our players, and do ratings, it means something and not that it is an automated game, and that possible, various reversals, goals from greater distances, red cards !!!

  16. the worst game ever in the last 3 years where you can’t break anyone, a weaker opponent or a child, let alone a computer on the hardest, the game is full of mistakes, and ratings mean nothing, it’s funny that you can put ratings all at 99 or forms all top to your players, and you can’t achieve dominance line up a couple of games, steal the ball, achieve longer dominance, play great last passes on the ground, or the air that throws players one on one, the other and the players do not follow you can not go 2 on 1 in front of the goalkeeper and play it, no reversals, exclusions , tensions, 10 updates would not make this a game! The biggest shame is that ratings do not mean anything to this game, nor can the forms bring changes, and significance! Shame !!!

  17. change this embarrassing gameplay, catastrophic, hard, uncontrolled passes, without the softness of fine touch, without real nice controlled dribbling, and horrible controls of changing players, unrealistic movement, entering space, passing sprints of powerful and fast players, and a game full of , in which for three years now neither the form nor the grades can change anything, nor is it possible to break the computer, dominate, steal the ball, force them to make a mistake, shut down, I don’t know if the computer ever got a red card, let alone a match where he earned two exclusions! The game is embarrassing and set to fall one goal, it is impossible to break players who take the joystick in their hands for the first time, it’s a joke, no different results, harder starts, goals in the first minutes, crazy twists, yelling commentators on goal as if he is crazy, to keep the pressure and tension, it is impossible to put the best players in your team to break someone, come into possession of up to 80 percent, the last dog that was worth it and the ratings are acile was a dog in 2016, to some extent in 2017, and since 2013 we don’t have that recognizable game of the king !!!

  18. Pls change AI system. first, players very frequently ignore the ball even if it is right next to them. secondly, sometimes it is impossible to get the second ball. my players bump into with each other just letting the baill go through while AIs don’t miss the second ball even when they lose balance. thirdly, AI don’t have any strateges. they just pass the ball within their half and always attack through flank. it is such a mundane routine of attacking pattern. fourth, when difficulty becomes higher, all AI players become unbeatable despite their low ability. fifth, i can’t even understand why my players` passing and ball keeping ability become meaningless when i raise the difficulty. Konami should rename the ‘game difficulty’ to ‘player degradation’ because game difficulty is nothing to do with real difficulty. it just makes user feel awful. lastly, this game has no consistency. even with same tactic and players, players` movement is always different and don’t even stick to the tactic everytime.
    also Konami should fix game plan. it should be more detail than this. i don’t believe Konami refers to actual football matches. players have their own playing style and konami did reflect it as a playing style in game. however, in real match, lots of team managers order players to play in certain way on the pitch by giving them individual tactic. Konami does not have that kind of thing. so the tactics are so similar and nearly impossible to differentiate mine from others. individual tactic should be included in pes 2021.
    players stamina is unreal too. world class full-backs like jordi alba, arnold and robertson, they can play full time in the real match. but strangely, in pes 2020, full backs become exhausted generally after 70 minute even though their stamina ability is not that low.

  19. Sugerencias pes 2021 (propias y varias otras sacadas desde internet y grupos de facebook sobre pes):
    – Pes shop
    – Poder crear un equipo en liga master hasta con camiseta propia
    – Editor de estadios
    – Scanner de caras en modo editar (como lo hacia el pes 2010)
    – Que vuelva el tour mundial (pes 2008)
    – Selección de arbitros antes de cada partido (como en el pes 6)
    – Selector de publico visitante y local (por ejemplo que el estadio pueda estar vacío)
    – Creación de DT en el modo dt que pueda tener tu apariencia
    – Creador de trofeos
    – Licenciar mas competiciones (por ej. Copa america o copa sudamericana)
    – Mejores cinemáticas en liga master y ser leyenda
    – Marcadores y publicidad relativos a cada liga del juego (aunque sean genéricos)
    – Mejor diseño de menus (el morado es un poco hostigoso de ver, podrian ser distintos menus con distintas combinaciones de colores dependiendo de la competicion)
    – Poder hacer la nómina de la seleccion o equipo para una competicion importante (por ej. Los 23 convocados del mundial)<
    – Divisiones en my club (sugerencia desde grupo de facebook)
    – Armar mejor la barrera ante un tiro libre (sugerencia desde grupo de facebook)
    – Modo de juego que sea reeditar los mejores – momentos de la historia del futbol (por ejemplo jugar la final de la euro 2004, o la champions 99), muy similar a lo que aparecía en el david beckham soccer de ps1
    – Poder jugar las eliminatorias al mundial (no solo en la liga master o ser leyenda)
    – Que vuelva el desafío nipon
    – Que, ante el advenimiento de los juegos olimpicos el otro año, se podria licenciar el torneo de futbol olimpico (pudiendo asi armar tu propia nomina con jugadores sub 23 y un maximo de 3 mayores a esa edad
    – Quizá añadir una liga extra con equipos historicos a nivel de clubes y/o selecciones campeonas del mundo

  20. Make an online league? Matches should be played in weekends, but here is the big thing. Players should use the normal in game clubs, but the transfers can be made world-wide. If a manager (a player) lists a player, it should be on the market, and both parties should negotiate for the player. Matches should be played on weekends, there should be a pre-match interview if there is a derby or the opponents is stronger, a half time interview and an after match interview. There should be the ability to create your own online league. You decide what teams should be played, and when the matches should be played. If a player can’t play, just use AI. The league should also be normal. There should be european qualifications and games and also league cups. And lastly, there should also be relegations.

  21. change this gameplay, and fix these uncontrolled passes on the ground, air, make realistic movements, and better tracking of players, entering the space, make better control, and fast animation of dribling, more goals, reversals, the possibility of stealing the ball, much stronger pressing, and longer dominance, better possession, the difference between fast, and slower players, dominant in jump, duel, quick surrender, possession, and a great final pass, face to face with the goalkeeper! Give the real reality, not a game on one or two goals, and only from the counter, and that your defense receives the goal as soon as it is high! Make better follow-ups of players, not only when the player switches, but also on better player transfers, and more goals from greater distances, harder starts and exclusions !!!

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