PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

Write your ideas and suggestions in the form below.

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  1. Why can’t you get the following leagues?:

    -Czech Rep

    -Korea Rep
    -Saudi Arabia

    South America:

    If you managed to get even 5/6 of those leagues it would open up new markets. I get the reasoning behind ‘Premium Partnerships’, but you’re throwing so much money to get Nou Camp/Old Trafford etc that you could get so many new leagues. Why does a Penarol fan care if you have the Allianz Arena? They don’t…but they would like their club in the game. Playing offline modes is better with more teams, and even if not just give us more fake leagues and we’ll do it ourselves.

    Also, you are missing out by forgetting about Africa. Seriously, get the African Champions League plus 1/2 leagues

  2. please add the handball feature, I sometimes like to be frustrated when shoting or passing it by the hand but don’t add the handball please

  3. I liked what they did with the master league this year but it was not enough they were able to do much better, they need the scoreboards of the licensed leagues (such as Serie A Tim or Ligue 1, Liga NOS, etc.) and details of those leagues. We need a new BAL (Become A Legend) I do not care that they do not have the top leagues such as the premier league or the Bundesliga … we also need more fictitious stadiums and more scenes in the Master League (they can be based on the suggestions of DurandilPES which is a youtuber who is creating scenes in the master league for you to see and in the future they can do it) I have always loved the PES saga, thanks to PES 2012 I learned more about soccer, please do all this if you ever read it

  4. This game is funny, strenuous, uncontrollable, and the worst thing is that you can put all players on a score of 99, and it can’t beat the computer on the hardest, let alone break it! I don’t know if they were laughing or crying!

  5. ePes 2020 is probably one of greatest product release by Konami. I’m a fan since International Superstar Soccer was released.

    I think Master League should be more editable (a classic mode could be cool, with division creation etc..) because in ML mode a lot of teams are often excluded ! We need teams from Africa/North America and Oceania and this is related to edit mode. It’s not important if they are licensed or not, with edit mode the fakes will fixed. I hope there is some improvement here with Stadium Creator and Team Creation.

    Sometimes there are little problem with changing player during match, a kind of slowdown when you are press change player button near the ball. Some player movement are bugged.

    Player retired are retired. It’s a thing that always fought me but I don’t like to see player born again. Random and fake names are better for Youth Team.

    I’d like a lot how a player-coach live the career in ML. Tactics-Press Conference-Budget and transfer reminds me game like Championship Manager so I hope there will be another improvement in this case. It would be nice to be able to choose to coach a National Team or single team without being forced to do both.

  6. look up to the best games of recent years pes 6,13, and 16! Give us nice visual dribbles, like the virtual soccer pro simulator, change these disgusting and uncontrolled additions, hard and hard dribbles, and give passages in speed, we want more slips, harder starts, exclusions, tension, much better shots, and goals from a greater distance, not only on the counter, and play on one goal, and to immediately receive a goal, as soon as you raise the defense high !!! to experience, patience, not a rigged game where you can’t play your girlfriend, or people who are playing for the first time, and don’t know how to break the keys, because the computer is playing for you !!!

  7. we hope in these few months, that we will get a different game, and something similar to those best days, and not irritating gameplay, in which you give only a few goals in 10 games, every game is the same, terrible controls, passes, dribbles, long balls too disaster, head game, and the game is not changed by significant changes in player ratings, automated, full of bugs, every game whether those players are in perfect shape or you can not break anyone, get off, no one-on-one game, fast controlled play, beautiful first touch , we want a better referee, commentator, better online gameplay, teameork ratings, our music so we can insert, and pictures in the menu, save results against colleagues, and more tournaments where possible put for 4 players in the semifinals, in two games where the away goal is worth two, but also that we can remove the possibility, and the possibility of only one game in the semifinals. We want the game real tension, various tensions, events, top goals this one from greater distances, kicks from the side when you pass so that you can break through the goalkeeper, as in real life that anything is possible !!!!

  8. First of all, let’s make a game with feeling, where we will sometimes fill the pass, a little harder with speed, and the ball will pass right next to the player, who entered alone on the second tripod, but there should also be beautiful balls with eyes on the ground, and in the air!!Because this is, to put it mildly, retarded, and not controlled, give us more precise, and fast passes, and plays! The other thing very irritating is dribble without tricks, and finesse rather than nice control, and quick reactions with the mushroom without a quick run! The movements of the players are awesome, take a look at the simulators and what the real realistic movement looks like, and the entrances to the space with several players, and that the players follow the game, your every pass, and conquer the space, not to sleep! Also work on the fact that the game was not made with a mistake, and does not offer us its own project, in which it is impossible to score more goals, break them no matter what you do put 15 players in attack, or defense, change ratings, or forms, they are the perfect can’t make a mistake, you can’t score an easy goal, steal the ball from them, and have the computer shut down, sometimes, two, and every game that is unpredictable is that possible! bring teamwork scores back into the game, improve gameplay curves also finally more, give us war, the right referee, the right commentator who doses the game rather than lulls it to sleep, and let us insert pictures, on the main menu, and the music we aspire to, more tournaments in between yourself, and qualifying for the European and World Championships! Enter the Bundesliga for sure, Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund !!!

  9. Where are those glorious days like 2006 and 2013, if you don’t give us back that enthusiasm on playstation 5 now, then my konami won’t be sorry if this game fails! First of all this is a shameful exaggeration of the game, hard, unplayable, horrible controls, and not contagious like before we knew all night to be awake for this game and now after a couple of games we feel exhausting, you can’t break a 5 year old so is crystallized, there is no real football where with good possession, or strong pressing, and playing experience you break colleagues who were simply neither fanatics nor good players of this game, and then you see how far this game goes and bring the strongest game to your team, and you can’t beat the computer more than 1: 0, then you either change the rating rating significantly in your favor, or you raise your forms to perfect form, and again you can’t get to 70 percent possession, steal a couple of goals go one on one, and two on one And play the goalkeeper, the players don’t follow you, and the computer gives you goals, even if you put them in the attack and defense of players from the amateur league !? Give us a game that is playful, addictive like real life, all kinds of games, new experience, real referee, crazy and monkey comment, which charges you with pressure, gives charm to the game, a game where the game is not full of bugs, but adapts to us, and gives more game styles , ratings, form, football experience, and this game that we have been playing and waiting for for years has disappeared! We live for a real, old dog, and a new console with better graphics, gameplay, action, and goals that will give us a sense of real football! Introduce war, restore teamwork scores in the game, and online gameplay!

  10. Give us the feeling we had playing pes 6 and 13, and even better player movements, and following other players’ play, fast dribbles, better dribbling control of that game, much better passes, better pressing, more balls taken, and more exclusions, goals from when you pass from the side, more shots from greater distances in the rank of adriano 2006, and the separation of fast players in space, and the possibility of passing into the race, isn’t it funny that one mbappe can’t overtake a player from say saudi arabia, or luxembourg? ?? Take a look at the player’s movements, those fine movements, and the wonderful manners of dribbling, on rush footbal 2, and the virtual soccer pro, then the fouls, and the animations of the goalkeeper !! First of all, make a game where the grades are missing, not that you can’t run over anyone, with 99 speed, and 99 strength and strike technique you can’t score goals from a distance on legend impossible mission !!!! Farce!!!

  11. turn on your brain and give people the right game, the right reality where anything is possible, from passing two players on the spot without a fast run, then a nice first touch and more running the last, into a slower player, to various goals, better centers, better head play than floor, turning his head on the head of another player, lowering his chest, and head on projectiles and volleyballs, and more goals from a distance, and better players passing in the corner and on the first tripod, and better movements, and following the game!

  12. Insert the difference between faster, and slower players, better control of the game, dribbling, better tracking of players entering their space, penalty movement and fast simulations of dribbling, and the difference between faster and better players is a reality, so there are ratings and better, worse, stronger, more aggressive players, and steals more balls with much better pressure! However, you exaggerated a little too much, that goals, grades and forms fall so hard and changing them doesn’t mean anything, isn’t it a little funny, if we have a well-chosen team, that you can’t break the computer, say 6: 0, and a couple of games in a row you play badly in a bad game, so they break you too, but that there are different results, and that it is possible islands and two or even three players, especially if you raise your rating, and reduce the computer a little, if there is no will to play like this, or you want to speed up more players and the game by changing the ratings, not whatever you do there is no change so the game is stupid to me, not to mention the referee, the atmosphere, the audience, and the commentator! Introduce you to a better commentator that will give these two extra tension to the game, and give us teamwork ratings !!!

  13. Funny game for many years, players
    uninterested, do not follow you at all when you finally manage to pass, they do not run to the second post and you can go out on the goalkeeper two on one, or three on two … There are no better passes, dribbles more hard starts, exclusions, goals! Take a look at a little rush fooball 2, and finally make real football with that playfulness that drove us crazy but positive !!!

  14. With the pes 2015, 2018, and 2019 worst football ever, I don’t know if I am irritated by these inaccurate passes, terrible game control, dribbling or refereeing! Players do not follow the game, a hundred times it happens to me to throw the player to the side and go down to the goalkeeper, and the opposing player catches up with me even though, i am three steps ahead of him, I can not escape by running fast, and the other two attackers even when I put that they are in great shape, I can’t get them to pass on an empty goal, but they watch me go down from the center, and the hips go down to the goalkeeper, and they don’t run but wait for the invitation, funny game is full of nonsense and bugs, no control, nice long balls , the top last pass on the ground, no difference between slower and faster players! Work on even better shots from longer distances, and kicks from races, and better passes in speed, and better and faster dribble controls without ciphers, than quick mushroom controls, and dodging players, without excessive pushing, stumbling, losing control and judging all nonsense! Work on better movements and following the game !!!

  15. Perfect these passionately bad passes, and much faster and better dribbles, and fakes, better and faster dribble animation, much better game control, full of bugs, and the game constantly offers its and always the same, we want the characteristics of players, clubs and more styles in games, and to play the way we want! Introduce the possibility of stealing the ball, more difficult starts, exclusions, reversals and the game of different results !!!

  16. Although many people complain about gameplay, I have the impression that if you are smart, that you can finally make this football a top gameplay, and a game for a rating of 10! While this pandemic was going on, I forced myself to play, and although the gameplay is pretty tough, and lacks a lot of it, it reminded me of real football at times, but you need to work on passes that are uncontrolled, sometimes catastrophic, and I wonder if did I send that ball or did the game itself work, then work first on less pushing, and crowding, and tweak nice fast, controlled dribbles, much better player movement, crossbreeding, entering the space of more players, watching the game, not only that when you transfer a player he reacts, and that he doesn’t run only in one direction !! And it’s very stupid that a game this hard is very irritating, and another referee adds to that! the other day I significantly boosted player ratings and ratings, speed, strength, punch technique, strength, overall attack and midfield to almost 99, and I failed to score a couple of computer goals on the superstar, and later I put play on legend, and still put that we players are in shape, and I didn’t manage to win two in a row, that’s the scariest thing, that a levat must be able to win in such conditions, and let alone people who were more than professional in this before, let there be mistakes in the game, and the picture of real football, but then let there be a difference between fast, weaker players, stronger in a duel, fast and better in passing, not whatever you make the computer stronger, and fast, too stupid !! You are not far from the real game, just think a little, and it will bring you back to the old glow, we want to believe it!

  17. ***Implement gameplay sliders (ex: shooting accuracy, shooting speed, player agility, goalkeeper saving ability, etc.)***

    ***Allow us to turn off press conferences, cut scenes, player form, etc. in Master League***

  18. This has nothing to do with reality, no one-on-one dribbling, which was the main feature for many of us, no nice fine controlled passes,dribling without fast running, blackmailing cards, speed sprints, you have the feeling that everyone runs the same, then what are grades for !? !?! The reality is not that you can’t break weaker players, who are helped by an automated game, there is no crazy pressing and pressure on one goal, the reality is that sometimes a goal falls in the first minute, so it can happen in 7 minutes
    that your fast player escapes, or you make a fierce and stupid foul in the middle of the field for the red, and you totally fall apart, even though you are great in defense, so there were defeats of 0: 4, but it used to happen that in return change of things, some early goal falls again, so the gap is made up, now it is no longer possible, as well as to give a player 99 a speed rating, a hit strength of 99 and a shot technique of 99, and again you will not pass a slower player or score a pair goals from a greater distance, which is comical, you can’t even get a duel and steal the ball from the computer on the legend with an increase in the score of 99 players, or to put a 98 rating on the technique and speed of passing, again there are no changes in the tempo of the game you had messiah, ronaldo or some much weaker players, it hurts the most to have the game done the way it wants and the end of the story, and we want reality but also fun, and the reality is that when two great players play in the beginning are respected watch, play with op cut and matches, they end sometimes 0: 0,1: 0,1: 1, and sometimes it falls like I said, the early goal falls, you get an exclusion, then it sparkles on the field, and sometimes you go openly and get bored just waiting, the match flares up, and both opponents start to play crazy open, so we knew how to stay in the group 1: 1 and 0: 0, as I was alone with this one in the 2016 tournament. 4: 4 !!! That football in 2016 was interesting and the grades were valid as in 2017, I had something for which, in 2016 you should have been in that direction, only some things were a little improved, some used to complain that in 2016 there were even too many goals, and stupid results, but when you are careful and wait, I can play and stay 0: 0, but also 4: 4 and break the worse 10: 0 and it was football with a few more little things it can be perfect !!! we don’t want this where there are no controlled dribbles, nice goals from greater distances, even from rebounds, on strength, power, possession, experience, just like that, that everyone plays as he wants and the characteristics of the club and players plays as they want and that we do not adapt the game but it to us!

  19. watch the match team ronaldo vs team ronaldinho 11 ronaldo against 11 ronaldinho, on pes 2017, and great long-range goals, and 4: 0 in the first part, not an automated game, in which you put 5 ronaldo, you can’t score a couple of goals, and the change of ratings and form, nothing also changes, nor can you break the computer into a legend !!! Insert legendary sprints of rapids that can reach almost any strong ball, as in pes 2016, and gameplay as in pes 2013 and 2006 !!! Give us back the king! !!!

    I don’t think there’s a bigger fan than me when it comes to pro evolution soccer, we miss that infection like we used to, when we played and drank all night, the years go by, and we haven’t had that feeling like before for years, in 2016 and 2017 we were angry had objections, but we knew how to play, and hoped that in the coming years it will be better, but in recent years there is no fluidity, fun, tension even close to pes 2013, let alone 2006 and those passes in speed, like martins from inter milan who was the only one with a 99 speed rating in the game, and adriano 99 long shot, and everyone could play with the club he wants and find characteristics in some players and the club that suits him here is played on one goal, and you can’t break anyone colleagues that, for example, you won 10: 0 on pes 2016, and they are not in your rank !!! Let the game cost 150 euros, and believe me, these keen fans will buy it, who no longer play pes, or have gone to the dark side, ie others football, but make a real addictive gameplay, in which player ratings, forms mean something, and carry certain pr mentions in the game, give us the opportunity to insert clubs and all licenses, and music and your pictures, and on playstation 5 it would be a hit and let the game be 50 euros more expensive than the others, under these conditions believe me it would work, for years this football was destroyed , ps 5 is an ideal opportunity to return for years in a row !!!

  20. Gameplay is tragic, and so for three years in a row, it lacks top goals and projectiles from a distance,great goals from the side , passes are embarrassing, and uncontrolled, dribling no lack of better control, and fast dribble animation, better possession, much better and nicer first touch , turns, player movement, and pressing, and taking the ball, reversals, zesci offenses, crazy dribbles, slips, starts, and other yellow cards, dribbling one after the other yellow, and direct red cards! , and a change of pace, much better possession, and better pressure on one goal, fast plays, and breaking the bunker not only goals on the counter, but also from long shots, from the side with a volley, nice head shots from the floor, playing on an empty goal , and another tripod on the floor, and in the air, and much better monitoring of the game, jumps, movement, and the difference between stronger, slower players, and those who pass the ball faster and better … Return teamwork ratings to the game, it’s very important, as well as the ability to insert images and music into the ig ru, online gameplay !!!

  21. no wonder that pro evolution is in decline for years ,you have no licenses, and now you have lost the Champions League, and the gameplay that has adorned this game for years !!! R.i.p.

  22. for years there are no licenses, shameful design and menu, where we can’t put our music, and maybe pictures, but you still lose the rights to the Champions League and for years you give us this shameful unplayable, and uncontrolled football without nice passes of fast and powerful players, without team and player characteristics , without controlled dribbling, possession, horrible passes, uninterested players, horrible movements, entering the space, jumping, and I don’t know what else …

  23. pro evolution soccer 16, and 17 were not even close to the rank of pes 6, and 2013, but they were playful, they were not automated, and the ratings meant something in the game, except in 2017 whatever you do you would receive a goal from the center with your head,and it was only automated and a bug in the game, it had its drawbacks, but the pes 2018,2019, and 2020 is already a horror over horrors !!! Change gameplay!!!!!

  24. if you continue with this kind of gameplay please cancel the game, or let some other organization make good football !!! You have been mocking us for years, saving on money, licenses that we can tolerate, but something like this! Players are slow, sluggish, there is no good control, you are always pushed, and you run into a crowd, no fine dribbling, work on a better fake in the race, and kicks from races, not when you get out of power, a strong anchor like Lewandowski or suarez that you can’t break through the goalkeeper, or sometimes you shoot too weakly! Players move uninterestedly, don’t follow the game, avoid jumps, run away from the ball , passes are equal to disaster, I don’t know what to do to hit a nice nice long pass to a player when he runs, and when by some miracle I hit him the ball bounces … Disaster !!! Passings on the floor are also a shame, inaccurate uncontrolled always strong, they are bad centers, there are no real head kicks from the floor, head down on the head of another player, nice volleyball, playing on an empty goal, when you are in front of the goalkeeper, no reversals, harder stops, exclusions on both sides, reversals !!! Judges are a horror, too and commentators , and online gameplay is also just a shame !!! The only thing you introduced well is that the player can be blocked, but even that is too much pushing, you can’t win in a duel, wrestling and fights have become football, and what we can praise are the quick changes, that we don’t have to take a break elsewhere for years os pes 2013 SHAME !!!

  25. I see PES 2020 as a good step up from 2019, that is until the countless patches hit in, and some good changes were reversed, that said here is my list of suggestions for the next title:

    1. More random and inventive dribbling, it feels very rigid at moments with pre-set skills you use to beat the AI in specific situations and it doesn’t change, there’s no incentive to use certain skills or go past some basic ones: double touch, step over, cross over, cut behind
    2. More random and fluid passing: I am honestly fine with pass support levels and if it can’t be changed so be it, but the passing now feels also very rigid and constrained, through balls barely work as either the player doesn’t respond on time or it is overshot, simple passes when the player isn’t directly facing the other player are whiffed horribly ie. 2 CBs passing between themselves 40 yards out from any opponent and also AI passes which are still laser guided and can be very disruptive in gameplay when Burnley plays with the same style as Barca
    Increase team uniqueness, as said above, teams need to feel like they are in real-life. Good improvement was made this year, like long ball tactics teams going for direct long passes out back to their central striker and switching of play with parallel long balls, but the short passing issue where they play one-touch with accuracy still persists.
    3. Increase player responsivness by a large margin: players standing idle in the box, letting balls through when clear on goal, sliding all over the field when a simple pass doesn’t directly go to them, continuing to run in the same direction when the ball is obviously going elsewhere. This is by far the most noticable and annoying issue I have, I understand it was made to emulate real football and it’s tempo switches and players trying to catch up, but it is too clunky and disruptive in other areas of the game like simple build up and fighting for headers, the latter being a real mess as any rebound ball is bound to evade 3-4 players due to their lack of response
    4. Improve goalkeeper AI, again a step in the right direction was taken, it just needs to be improved, more unique save animations, more handling mistake animations that may or may not lead to rebounds, more unique mistake proneness, again much like other aspects it feels a very rigid area where only certain types of goals can be scored. And maybe add more cutscenes when a goalkeeper makes a save, particularly for penalties.
    5. Improve shooting: Another very rigid system with some cartoonish animations, shoots need to vary a lot. I saw the improvement coming into PES 2020 as more long shots went in and low driven shots along the ground made its way to the net. Now paired with improved GK AI and more shooting animations and trajectories the ball takes, it will make the game feel a lot more real, as more types of goals will be possible to score.
    6. More player skills, by far the best addition I’ve seen to PES in terms of player customization, possibly add a scaling player skills formula whereby higher rated players can have more unique skills ie. players over 89 can have up to 15-16.
    Also some new skills I’d suggest: set piece specialist- adds higher accuracy for swinging in balls from corners and long range free kicks
    tackling expert- makes sliding and standing tackles more easily executed by the players, to give variety in defending styles and make certain hard tackling CBs stand out.
    Defensive line leader- a sort of captain of the defense role, where he can cover for other players that go out of their position more effectively and increases chances of setting up a good offside trap
    1-on-1 scoring- simply increases the finishing ability and maybe adds more unique ways for strikers to score in a situation where they face the keeper alone
    1-on-1 stopper- makes GKs more capable of saving previously mentioned situations
    7. Make more varied player ratings, so players can be more unique and customizable, for example:
    Add offensive and defensive responses as ratings- they increase player reactiveness in DEF/ATT specifically and positioning relative to ball movement
    Separate penalty and free kick accuracy- not all free kick experts are also penalty experts and vice versa, this will give more uniqueness to players whereby someone who is good at penalites ie. Harry Kane won’t be bending in every free-kick like he is beckham, still retain the PK specialist skill, just also have a special penalty stat within player stats.
    Separate finishing and shooting accuracy- same as above, there are players who are excellent with shots from outside the box and overall shooting accuracy, but aren’t good finishers, good example are Centre Backs with good long range shooting ie. Inigo Martinez, Rakitskyi, Naldo, adding this rating will also add diversity in midfield play, separating good midfields who play as hole players and attack the box, and usually are decent finishers, with more reserved box-to-box and playmakers, who rely on shot accuracy and long shots
    Mentality- a lot like form but in the form of a rating, as it is higher the impact of low stamina and bad form decreases
    Teamwork- an old PES stat: Teamwork relates to supportive off the ball movement. A player with high Teamwork (Xavi, for example) supports their teammates by moving around the field, making themselves available for potentional passes. Additionally, in the case of defenders, Teamwork effects a player’s ability to work with his defensive teammates as a unit.
    Add more ratings for Weak foot usage and weak foot accuracy to 8 for example, instead of 4. To further make players unique and separate players good with their weak foot from truly ambivalent players.
    Good example would be Ronaldo, uses his left a lot and is accurate as a goal scorer with it, but isn’t on par with players like Santi Cazorla or Ivan Perišić who deserve an 8/8 rating in WF usage and WF accuracy.
    8. Improve headers and heading speed, headers can be very anti-climactic in PES 2020 and PES 2019, as player responsiveness heavily affects it. Point blank headers will be wiffed completely, long range headers no matter how well hit will almost always have no pace on them, and will be easily saved by the goalie.
    9. Look back to old PES titles for solutions, KONAMI has had amazing previous titles that stood out by a large margin, PES 3, 5, 6, 8, 13, 17 to name a few in my opinion and things that were well done in those games ought be replicated in some way
    11. Add more and I mean a lot more player haircut styles, facial hair and overall face and body customization options, so players with default faces can be properly customized. Possibly even add a basic tatoo editing system if possible.
    Master league changes for this year were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this mode, as well as Become a Legend. Hats off to Konami for that, and I hope some stuff I suggested here will be considered or looked at.
    Greets from a loyal master league player.

    1. Also, add more licenses for leagues, no matter which ones. If big leagues aren’t available, small european leagues for more talent pool and unique players in master league and competitions is great. Examples: czech league, croatian league, greek league, hungarian league, austrian league, romanian league. Add another league for other european teams for the purpose of european competitions like: Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, APOEL. AEK larnaca, CSKA sofia, Slovan Bratislava, BATE borisov, Astana, Žalgiris Vilnius, Maribor, Olimpija Ljubljana, Legia Warsawa, Rosenborg, AIK, HJK Helsinki etc.

  26. Pes is a good game. Only complain is when playing coop online. Stop matching normal clubs against my club opponents. Its unfair. Please do something about it. Thanks.

  27. I only have 1 complain. Please do not pair normal teams with my club teams when in coop mode. It is unfair. Please do something about it. Thank you.

  28. This is to suggest for a change in improving fake team names & crests. Especially for PES Mobile users which doesn’t have a team edit name feature for all teams unlike PES Club Manager & PES console versions. Remove all fonts(letters & numbers) in all fake team crests/badges for english league & spanish league teams. Examples would be removing North East London & NEL for Tottenham or MSR & MSB for Liverpool & Everton, remove MD RW for Atletico & remove MD club de futbol for Real Madrid as examples. Make all team crests/badges clean like the ones used by Chelsea or Newcastle & Granada.

    Instead of labeling them as Liverpool R, Chelsea B, Manchester B, Leicester B, ….Maybe give these unlicensed teams better sounding names when finalized in the game based on their team nicknames.

    Liverpool Reds
    Manchester Citizens
    Leicester Foxes
    Chelsea Blues
    Wolverhampton Wolves
    Sheffield Blades
    Tottenham Lilywhites
    Burnley Clarets
    Crystal Palace Eagles
    Everton Toffees
    Newcastle Magpies
    Southampton Saints
    Brighton Seagulls
    West Ham Hammers
    Watford Hornets
    Bournemouth Cherries
    Aston Villans
    Norwich Canaries

    Madrid Los Blancos
    Sevilla Los Nervionenses
    Sociedad La Real
    Getafe Azulones
    Atletico Los Colchoneros
    Valencia Los Murcelagos
    Villareal El Submarinos
    Granada Nazaries
    Bilbao Los Leones
    Osasuna Los Rojillos
    Betis Verderones
    Levante Granotas
    Alaves Babazorros
    Valladolid Pucelanos
    Eibar Los Armeros
    Vigo Celestes
    Leganes Los Pepineros
    Espanyol Periquitos

  29. never worse passes, dribbles, movement, control, switching players, control, players do not follow the ball, switch and follow the game only when the ball reaches them, no wizards, beautiful precise balls, nice jumps and tracking jumps, and games, nice passes without a fast run, and in the sprint of fast players they are all hard sluggish, and equal there is no one-on-one game, tension, fun, exclusion, reversal, this pro evolution soccer has become a joke and a disgrace, and this gameplay from which I no longer play this sport!!!

  30. the most tragic of all is that we are bored at home a couple of months since the crown, and we would like to play real football, and you do not want to play this !!!! This pes is died a long time ago, we hope for nothing more, although we would like, the pes 2021 to be finally playable as in the best days, and on playstation 5 let there be a year break, it doesn’t matter if you give us a game in the range of beautiful pro evolution simulators, with top passes, mistakes, but also crazy games, real fun, music, and yes we can throw it in ourselves, the right game, that player ratings, and forms mean something in this game, not that there is no furniture, whatever you do, you can’t steal the ball, score a couple of goals, and the computer is always stronger and faster !!!

  31. Give us back the game and the feeling it was like on pro evolutin soccer 6, and the last playful and addictive pes 2013! Work on player ratings, to see the differences between them, like sometimes when someone would take, say, a weaker club because he would play there, someone who suits him in attack, say a very fast player, another would take a club for a great stopper, and a great goalkeeper , third because that team plays as hard as Atletico Madrid or Watford, someone does that because the team has a great team work, and that thing, and here everything is the same, whoever you play with, that you played and there is no darling, that infection !!! Work on even better ratings of stronger and faster players, and real already proven players, but also young talents, explosive, strong so that psg, real, barcelona, ​​Liverpool, manchester city, juventus, bayern are extra strong, but that right there they will be strong chelsea, atletico madrid, arsenal, leipzig, tottenham, atalanta and many other clubs that have a strong, fast dominant player, or in speed or jump, strength, a great scorer, and that they can enjoy playing against big clubs and not this, either the big clubs are too strong, or these are too weak, and depending on the forms they need, there will be more surprises !!! Give it something that was before, and as in real life, for everyone to find a team that suits them, and the difference between players, and characteristics and clubs, and not a game that we have to adapt to, instead of us, and goals fall hard , always one, or two, if that, and goals from the counter !!! There are no real passes, brutal ones, one-on-one dribbling, off, reversals, real possession, counters, stealing the ball, crazy pressing, experience game !!! … the game is automated and full of bugs, and so on for three years !!!

  32. can you make a game with wonderful ideas like dog virtual football simulator pro, soccer race 2, beautiful kick animations, extras
    , player movements and enters the space as in real football, and insults !!! And another very important thing, and that is the difference in the players and that the ratings and shapes mean something in this game, and if the weaker one has a stronger team, for example Barcelona, ​​and I say inter, or atletico madrid and I said a lot it’s harder to beat him, especially if his main players are in form, so there are forms and that’s the charm, we want to play in normal forms, or by accident! For example, when we play a league, 6 great players, we put normal forms and all equally, and when we play with a couple of them and weaker, then it’s cool for the weaker, and the last-placed players take away points, or take full booty when, when their luck smiles in shape and on the field !!! We don’t want a game where we get the players in shape or add c.ronalda, mbappe, van dijk to the Barcelona team and again you can’t beat the computer or break it to the strongest, it can reduce their defense, and who knows what not to do, they play more the same! ??! So we want above all addictive and playful gameplay, with better dribbling control, keeping the ball, holding possession, passing in speed, better shots and more goals from a distance greater, better goalkeeper animation, the difference between faster and slower players, and also stronger, dominant in the duel, much stronger pressure on which the computer can go wrong, more balls taken away, nicer deeds, exclusions, fun, as in reality, not a single goal of the game, and where the weaker player cannot be broken !!! We waiting for you konami

  33. this is a shame, what you do for years instead of reaching a higher level, and give us football even better than pro evolution 6, you fall lower and lower !!! I don’t hope for anything anymore, I have for years, so I just get a knife in the back, I’m afraid that the pes is the end of the story for me, although I would love the game on ps 5 and back, when fifa looked back at this game!

  34. give us a game, and fine add movement, dribbling and wonderful ideas like pro evolution simulator, virtual soccer pro, and rush football 2 !!! This is a heavy shame, and the biggest stagnation in three years, and since 2013 we didn’t play real football and had space addictive gameplay!!!

  35. change this awesome gameplay for years, we want fine nice dribbles, and fast dribble animation, better control without fast running, in the range of iniesta and xavi, legendary sprints of mbappe, dembel, sterling and powerful players, better controlled mushroom passes without fast running, but also in sprint , better pressing and taking away the ball !!! We want better movement, and more players entering the space, which will confuse the defense, and false movements we do not want goals only from the counter, but from possession, and that it is possible to reach 75,80%, and we want the ball to be followed not only by the nearest ball, and when we switch it it has nothing to do with reality, nor does this that the ratings and forms of players are worth nothing, and do not change, and the computer is always fast, better, stronger you can’t break it, not even a weaker player, that’s funny, we want real football where you can break the weaker 10: 0, but also win 1: 0, where all the results are possible, three or even 4 goals in the first 20 minutes, but also two in the 90 plus for example, it increases tensions, madness, and gives tension, and not this unplayable and plays on one goal !!! Work on the atmosphere, that the audience follows the events on the field, a much crazier commentator who screams, yells gooool, screams when pressing gives tension, raises pressure, better referee, and give us back teamwork ratings in the game, the top thing is when we choose our own team, and we make transfers, see which team will reach the highest score, and give us a better online system, which immediately finds an opponent, and which does not interrupt, and also very important and important, so that we can insert our music and game, and in the main menu and our own pictures , or your favorite players, that would be wonderful, as well as indoor tournaments, which has fifa !!!

  36. remove this horrible gameplay that you’ve been beating us with for years, fix passes, dribbles, controls, fine-tune the ball, and dodge, and control without r 1, quick animation of dribbles, more fouls, those mild for a yellow card, precise slips, but also the tougher ones for red cards! We want a visible difference between faster,and slower layers, and introduce legendary sprints, and a difference between stronger, and weaker players, much better player movements, fake moves, more players enter the space, that the defense doesn’t know who to target, and add, we want better pressing , the possibility of taking away the ball, and more errors in pressing, and not whatever we do, the computer is invincible and always fast stronger !!! Especially work on these worst inaccurate passes that are with dribbling and disaster control !!!

  37. The gameplay in career mode while controlling one player is just wack. The players don’t respond to the ball unless it is within a few feet from them. So they can continue to stare at a ball that is close by and watch the opponent come from afar off and get the ball before they wake up. I was just playing career mode and my defender literally moved away from an oncoming attacker with the ball because he dint want to leave the person he was marking. A lot has to be done with regards to the AI response and defense strategy. The player should not wake up only when the ball is close by. In real life, you don’t wake up when the ball gets close. You wake up the moment the ball is in motion because you have an idea of where it is going. The AI should also be programmed that way. So annoying. I’m moving on to FIFA for now because they seem to have all that figured out. Bye for now.

  38. change this disastrous gameplay, and improve passes, dribbles, player offers, player entries, more serious fouls, multiple disqualifications, tensions and reversals, rather than a one- or two-goal game where the game is installed, so you can’t break a child, and let alone the computer to the legend, even when you change the player ratings, you raise your computer, or reduce the speed, and technique of the computer a bit, or you can put the goalkeeper in their attack, just like a couple of guys wrote there, and again they play the same, you can’t steal the ball, score a couple of easier goals , nor does changing the rating and form make any difference … it’s just a shame from the game, and it’s so set up, installed and there is no charm, so there is an option whether to change the forms to play random, normal or that everyone is in top form. play even faster !!!

  39. On playstation 5 we want much better graphic football and gameplay like virtual soccer pro, and rush fooball 2 !!! better control, pressing, domination, not helping the computer to weaker players, missing goals, actions, tensions !!! We want a pro evolution that will surpass the best dog ever pes6, and progress, not work harder and worse!!!

  40. we dream that dream of playing relegation tournaments again, then the league each with each other, as we haven’t been for years, and our desire is huge, on playstation 5, we want the king back, and games like pro evolution 6 and 13, good gameplay was the last on pes 16, to some extent on 17, and player ratings and forms were worth something and with them you could speed up the game, increase the pressure, and here you can’t beat the computer the strongest two in a row! rush footbal 2, and give us back teamwork ratings, which is a wonderful thing about transfers, then a real crazy commentator, a great referee, player and team characteristics, and to see the difference between mbappe speed and a much slower player !!! Return people to tournaments, and to taste the same as when they are waiting for a favorite game of a club or a Champions League … These pro evolution soccers are far from that !!!

  41. gameplay for the last three years is a total shame, I didn’t enjoy anything in 2016 and 2017, but if I wanted to raise the game to a higher level, I would choose better players and make transfers in my team, and so I played and tasted, and beat the commuter, and here I raise the rating or lower and I can’t break the computer on the superstar, nor the computer on the legend, too stupid because the game has some module, that they are always stronger, fast, passes are always too strong, players are all the same slow, as if they are veterans , i can leave two or more players behind, neither in speed nor in dribbling! In pes 16 and 17, I could increase the scores,and score the computer and three goals in 25 minutes on strong pressing, and here neither the forms nor the grades mean anything, that’s more the biggest shame of anything !!!

  42. Game mode like pro clubs where you and your mates create a player and play in a team or drop in matches, better commentary and more commentators, better crowds, more teams and ease for downloading mods and updates on console, kit editor/creator, dedicated market for player designed mods eg real kits more detailed players who arent scanned, more details on outside the game i think the gameplay trumps fifa tenfold. Add features in master league like coaching staff who you can hire upgrade etc, more news of other teams eg new managers at clubs, transfer rumours just things that make the game world feel alive, add extra lines and for press conferences for different manager personalities, little things that add up, only new to pes but think its superior to fifa in most ways other than the licenced teams players leagues etc

  43. Work on the additions, this doesn’t make sense !!!
    Make sliders in the customization section as in Fifa (e.g. slider that can be adjusted to the shooting error, volume adjustable slider, player slider, game speed slider, affectivity / goal coverage
    Stadium Creator / Team Creator / League Creator / Trophy Creator / Jersey Creator / Club Badge Creator / and the ability to import all these features !!
    The ability to edit the Master League in the editing / customization section (eg: editing Champions League videos, then the possibility of stealing balls, and much stronger gengen pressing, not that the computer is still superbly added, and when you have a brutal team, you raise grades, or we reduce them !!! We want the ratings to be valid in this game, as in boxing when you lure, a boxer or in a shot to 99 to knock down an opponent with one shot, or in the nba put his technique of hitting 99 hits a three-pointer 13/13, we don’t want this where even under the players in the best form, we cannot achieve possession, pressing or the same, and there is still no precise passing, real dribbling, and passing of fast players !!!

  44. Pes 2016 was,a doctor of science and art of football for these last years, and I always get sick when I see the main menu all ugly, scattered and without licenses, but if you turn on the game, you would forget about everything … I would not give this game any plus, there are no Beckham centers, the ratings are worth nothing, and you can’t make the players you want with them, fine features, and make changes in the game !!! , and two players, opening space !!! Passings without controls, inaccurate, horrible, disgusting, no goals from races, from passes, from sides like in real football, horrible movements, players are like robots don’t follow the game, jumps … in a word it hurts me that there are no licenses that’s me it was missing, but only now do I see how much this football used to mean!!!

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