PES 2021 Legends

PES 2021 Legend Players

Here we will have the complete list of legendary players in PES 2021 game. The list will be updated once the legends are officially revealed. For now, you can vote for legends you want to see in PES 21 from here.

Legends (Not confirmed)

  • Freddie Ljungberg
  • Tomáš Rosický
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Ronaldinho
  • Johan Cruyff
  • Diego Maradona
  • Oliver Kahn
  • David Beckham

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17 thoughts on “PES 2021 Legends

  1. Ronaldhino, Ronaldo (R9), Zinedine Zidane, Samuel Eto’o, Okocha, Pele, Didier Drogba, Maradonna, Roberto Kaka, Robinho.

  2. Let’s have the “United trinity”. You already added Denis Law , so please add Sir Bobby Charlton and Goarge Best as legends. It’s would be a great profitable for PES21 edition.
    Again, add the removed legends of AC Milan , Interzonal and Liverpool FC as the National legends.
    Also please try to add the Ballon D’or legends as well.
    I have great ideas about this game. Really I have a great thinking about this game and also it’s my dream to progress this game to higher than any football game of this world.
    So you can contact me for ideas. My Email address is – [email protected]

  3. Pongan a mi jugador favorito es muy veloz y es buen centrado y además si anota de lejos es chido

    es el pit bull de Holanda

    E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s E. David’s

  4. I’ve order pes 2021 with the full Manchester United squad… Just like to see Eric Cantona and rio ferdinand legendary I wanna built around my Manchester United team with legendary everyone would like the same idea has me.. Hope you have a good vote and Zidane would be good aswell but I’m hoping Eric or rio be added to the list aswell thank you

  5. Your comments … This is just crazy . Why did they leave the legendary tricksters . I’M talking about Ronaldinho , Maradona , David Beckham and Cruyff .

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