PES 2020 Feedback

PES 2020 Feedback

Have you had a chance to play PES 2020 or PES 2020 demo? How did you find the new gameplay and its features? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with our PES community?

Write your PES 2020 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the PES community. Use the comment form below to submit your PES 2020 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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    It’s almost impossible to score with a finesse shots outside the box on advanced shooting. Inside opponents box goal keeper will always make a save or go wide,even with Messi or Beckham. It’s very difficult to curl the ball on advanced shooting mode unlike basic where finesse shots are 95%goal.
    Can’t Konami just fix finesse shots on advanced shooting????
    Coz you can’t control both power and height when it comes to finesse shots on ad shooting even with minimal power &placing ur shot top corner it will go over the bar or goal keeper will save it.with maximum power and aiming for bottom coners, shot will be too weak that GK will come forward to pick the ball.
    (When u press shoot full power + left/right it’s a goal 9 out of 10
    But when u press R2+shot +left/right for medium height shot ,the ball either goes wide or keeper catches it so easily .
    Can’t Konami just fix finesse shots on advanced shot mode like it is on basic ????

  2. Pes is too bad @konami is bad not giving iconi to me i spend coin and konami is not giving iconi bad konami

  3. i switched from fifa to pes and i think the
    gameplay of pes is better. But more GOOD competitions have to be built in and a more motivating reward system. Players who do not want to invest extra money should also have the chance to play inform cards. a weekend league like fifa would also be cool

  4. PES 2020 is the worst, most unenjoyable football game i have ever played. Actua Soccer 3 on PS1 in 1998 was better! Konami should be ashamed of themselves. What is this? Seriously. After all these years, they can’t make a playable game.

    SCAM 100% and i’m happy i bought PES 2020 on sale… I would have been furious if i bought it full price. WOW just wow.

    Everything about the game is broken, and i mean f***ing everything. There is no need to make a list, the faults are self evident, and they don’t take long to notice.

    I have tried to give the game a chance, but it is really unplayable.

  5. Would you please include teams from Africa. We feel left out as Africa. You could include the teams competing at CAF .

    Thank you

  6. PLEASE improve your BAL, the last time I played BAL was PES 2012 and it was very good. I really appreciate that you highlighted everytime I got man of the match, made into the Team of The Month in PES 2012. This details maybe small to you but it is really rewarding to the players.

    I want to see my current contract, counter offer any contract offering, see my current achievements, how many man of the match I’ve got, how many times I was featured in the team of the week/month/season, not just showing how many goals and assists I’ve made. Add interview session if I got man of the match at the end of each match. Make this mode as realistic as possible, an experience as an individual player.

    ML mode too, please improve, make it a realistic experience as a manager, once a while present us with optional shirt sponsor for us to choose, main sponsor too.

    Please do not award World Best Player to the highest overall rating player ONLY.

  7. The biggest problem in every pes game is defence. Don’t look like real football at all. Neither the player nor AI can play proper in defense. That’s why the offence is bad to, There is a lack of imagination and improvisation

  8. Passes seems bad as hell!!! You tried to give a through pass to your player to score,, then the ball moves like you pressed the through pass for too long or you were trying to pass to the opponent!! And they make Ronaldo push the ball to much forward while running making it harder to make him dribble!!!

  9. This is 4th time 10 continuously I played match with 2 goal opposite player lot of lag they playing but results I’m lost the match. Lot of lag controls not working properly when u solved this problem I lossing my rateing try to make as soon as possible.
    This update use full but lot of lags.
    Add manager skill token
    Add entrance for every matchs.
    Remove legend from box draw.
    25th anniversary I expect lot but u make some small error please solve it

  10. Merda de jogo não da moedas vc gasta pra contratar o jogador vem 3 repetidos, nunca vi partida sim impossível ganhar , conserta essa bosta só ganhar dinheiro é nao arrumar não da a partir do nível 41 não consegue ganhar partida times de nível mais baixo ganhar partidas de times com o dobro de nível não tem cabimento ,sem contar que partida online nunca conecta quando conecta é impossível ganhar tá me dando raiva dessa merda arruma isso pelo amor de Deus.

  11. Improve PES
    1. Be able to save your team selection
    2. Go to ranked match directly from formation
    3. Manage team from browser
    4. Remove replays
    5. When network is bad, both sides decide on a draw.
    6. Individual instructions to more players
    7. Save more than 3 formations
    8. Option to not play teams with legendary players. It is very unfair. Especially players like Patrick Vieira.

    1. This pes2020 has been showing action had an error since yesterday and I like the game I don’t know how to do it

  12. Lol games. WTF with the ai, it’s OP they are unstopable in legend mode. Expensive game but lol gameplay. The direction i gave for the player to pass is different when they execute the pass? full bar passing they only touch the ball and moved it 1 cm WTF? such a jerk. Don’t sell something s*** like this. Please fix if you really care about your fans.

  13. Mano termina de atualizar essa droga q eu estou tentando jogar com meu pai e corona mrds

    Mano finishes updating this drug that I’m trying to play with my dad and corona mrds

  14. I mean the ai gk is unbeatable at times. Just played a game against a weaker legendary team who had geisler in goal, I had 9 shots on target and I would say 6 of them were world class saves 2 keepers wouldn’t get to but my ederson who’s 95 rated who cant save things straight at him faced 3 shots on target and conceded from 2 of them. I dont mind when I’m outplayed in the game but when you know your being f***ed it’s hard to take. The tackling is awful at best u tackle a player knock him from the ball and he still manages to emerge with it but the ai can dispossessed you perfectly everytime from every angle I might add, I know you might say that’s how a great player would play but its not is it because he cant improve the attributes of players like the ai does. The less said about the referee on the game the better…..shocking. the ai movement of players in your team is poor also, when attacking they just inexplicably stop dead or take up the most poor position they could find. Ai team defenders make the same runs and just fall over each other, the gk lives in his own world comes out misses things then takes 5min to get up and back but the ai opponent gk makes treble saves like no tomorrow.

    1. I agree with you. PES is such a jerk, that’s why people won’t spend their money on this game and just go crack it. Good Luck PES you better improve the gameplay or you will confess that FIFA is better than yours and pack all your things up.

  15. legendary difficulty is so fixed its unreal. I can beat weaker normal and stronger on legendary difficulty and have some great close games even some of which I lose I dont mind that, what pisses me off is how the ai players completely out perform all their abilities to the point it’s so obvious you are being f***ed over. I have a front 3 of Ronaldo messi and neymar all special editions and around 1-2 levels each away from being fully leveled up. So as you can imagine all are immensely great at shooting passing and lightening quick. But the amount of times you come up against an ai defender with 60 pace and he catches messi who had a 20 yard head start I find hard to take or Ronaldo being bullied of the ball by a 4ft 5 stone full back. But When the ai attacks its daft things like neymar out muscling my van dyke using superhuman strength or higuain with his 10 pace leaving Alaba beckenbauer and koulibaly eating dust behind him. Even the stupid pes players castledine etc pull passes out that xavi and iniesta couldn’t play between them. Just totally deflates you and makes you want to f*** the game off. Badly needs addressing. I dont mind the losing but when your obviously being f***ed over it’s f***ing frustrating to say the least.

    1. That’s the purpose of PES. PES is developed to threatened the player to say that their ai is better than the real player. PES just want money hope you will bankrupt soon.

  16. When I’m on top player difficulty, the com just cheats and cheats and cheats. Unbelievable. I can score goals with ease against other teams, but when its against the top teams like Barca, Real Madrid, Man City, for some reason the shots just don’t go in, and then, they just have one chance and they score. F***ing bulls***. Stop making your AI cheat so obviously on the higher difficulty modes. Its pathetic.

  17. Scripted sht overall rating of players nothing to do with gameplay you can have players with 100 overall and game fk you up anyway really poor effort Coinami Go back to demo with gameplay amd start listening to the fans morns

  18. stop complaining so much. if you want to complain buy fifa. you have much better features, and you should be happy about it.

  19. First of all the gameplay needs some real work, the AI is soo retarded. Make the players more realistic like everyone feels like a truck in this game.
    Remove Iconic Moments legends they’re soo bad and you can only sign them through Myclub coins basically a money grab. My lord you guys are such hungry pigs . What’s worse is that they call the agent “ Iconic Moments Real Madrid “ right but when you open the agents that s*** takes you to Italy , England, Germany and other countries, if it’s called “ Iconic Moments Real Madrid “ I should only get Real Madrid players and other la liga players from that Iconic moments Real Madrid agent

    Featured players needs to *** you feel me. You can’t take a 84 Rated player and turn them into 90+ Rated players you feel me, s*** like that should only happen during Team of the Season. Let’s take Rashford who’s an 83 rated player and he scored a hat trick, which is great but that doesn’t mean you should upgrade him to a 95 rated player like wtf , he should get like an inform card basically a card each player get whenever they have a good performance. Rashford is 83 rated After a hat trick performance he should get like an 85 rated inform not a f***ing 95 rated card like wtf

  20. this game is an abomination to the football community i mean this game is so terrible and awful i wouldn’t even recommend this game to my worst enemy i mean i will be just casually running with the ball but the players don’t even run .one foot is up and the other one down to give the illusion that “the player is running” i am writing this comment with anger in my body i mean this game is a dishonour upon the whole football family .I would rather buy
    15 for a million dollars than get pes 2020 PS your game is terrible

  21. i’m a big fifa fan and when i played this game for the first time i’m going to give it my honest reaction , i mean the game isn’t bad but there is a lot of changes you need to make like adding famous teams on your list i mean what is vasco da gama a Portuguese traveller from the 1500 are you serious number two pes referees are 100% blind i mean a defender just tackled me an i flew for like 1.5 seconds and the game still continues like nothing happened has a lot of mistakes like all the players teeth structure and eye color are the same and ronaldo and messi are speedsters but in in this game they can never outrun a defender and your training there is no free training where i can just kick the ball around without worrying about time limit and how many kicks i have left anyway i much appreciate the effort in making the game but there are some things you need to change.

  22. i am a huge fan of Pes… why is it they offer us poor replays… if it is a replay the game looks terrible why.. the replay angles are also poor… i get so disappointed by that…

    the other thing is on the stadium atmosphere… make it a little bit darker… i am not a fan of fifa but on fifa they really do it perfectly if it was on pes i tell you it would be uncontested…

    another thing… hey why are they not changing the commentary… its boring to hear same words every time… score four goals its obvious you are going to hear and more and more and more… why cant they have many different statements

  23. The way the freekicks go in 100% when they are just outside the penalty box, the way the com just cheats to win games when I’m on consecutive winning streaks in Master League (me conceding own goals from fking ridiculous situations). This are signs of a stupid game

  24. It is a great game but about the purchased squad. Can u olease fix this for the upcoming maintenance that we can use them on our custom team. I just purchased it that im hoping i can use the team player on my custom team. Please fix this one. Thanks,,ur game still great✊✨

  25. The Pes 2020 Mobile game graphics are decent but the player faces and the way they look like in general during a goal celebration or a highlight needs a lot of improvement, also the referee is absent in the field during play which i think is lame and when he does appear his uniform looks too basic. To top it all the game is too rigid, focusing only on multiplayer, team management and online competitions while abandoning the offline league and cup games. Even the ” My club ” mode doesn’t have enough ideas and prospects, i mean Konami could add new game modes like the Become a legend, offline Uefa competitions, and many more. Also, the Main/Home screen graphics are too basic and unattractive, it is crap compared to the Pes 2020 on Console. If I were to rate the game as it is right now, I would definitely give it a 6 out of 10. I think these are areas the Pes mobile game could improve on in the coming 2021 edition and those who play the game would definitely appreciate the improvements.

  26. Pes2020 now totally scripted its really cheap heck of ur game s***
    I was in 1201 my rank and playing online with lower rankers im losing net even moving my players totally stuck its really really cheap
    In this 25th anniversary u guys are playing such a s*** hell of you all (pes reaters)

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