PES 2020 Feedback

PES 2020 Feedback

Have you had a chance to play PES 2020 or PES 2020 demo? How did you find the new gameplay and its features? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with our PES community?

Write your PES 2020 reviews, feedback, and comments here and share it with the PES community. Use the comment form below to submit your PES 2020 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video links in the form if you got any.

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  1. Konami, you seriously need to sort the fouls out on this game, i just did a perfect tackle, absolutely world class tackle and the game gave a foul and yellow card, it was an absolutely faultless tackle that even the worlds best defender would be proud of. you really need to sort this out as it is the biggest let down of the entire game, it is the reason i keep going back to fifa, they have got it right.

  2. When you are in the buying proces of a player the release clause cant be set very high, unless if the player accept your terms – then you can renegotiate a even higher release clause than you could to begin with. This makes absolutely no sense. IT should be possibly to set the release clause as high as posible to begin with – No limit. And when you will decide the salary it has a limit too. The same with the price! Why is their even a limit?Frustrating! And please fix the loaned player issues; for example you can sell Ighalo at United to another club even thou you have only loaned him! And Smalling isnt in the squad as a loaned-out-to-Roma player. He
    just isnt there! He belongs fully to Roma in the game. This issue is there with many loaned players – please correct it so you have the right players in your squad ect.

  3. The game is good,i just wanted to ask,if you could recheck the new away jerseys of Kosovo,on the back, they are wrongly designed.
    I apricciate everything good in the game

  4. 100% bullshit. U need to pay for the game already. Then u need to pay for the update. Another cost coming up. And also to import export those item with unclear message through website, fcbk and youtube…..Really upset with pes2020

  5. I’ll say one thing about pes 2020 is that it looks like beautiful game but the scripting is terrible, if you sorted that out it would definitely be better for the fans, the gameplay in the demo was way better!!!

  6. astounding game once you find an appropriate level to play on and learn some of the finer controls, etc.

    i have one issue …

    why is serie A licensed fully but the coppa italia fixtures are not realistic? they do not play 2 fixtures (one home/ one away) before the semi-finals but that is how it is set up in the game in career mode.

    i find this to be very strange.

    great game though!

  7. Become a goalkeeper: in professonal all the matches are 0-0 in legend we lose all the ,matches with the worse teams in the game, there is not 50 50 difficulty.

    1. In pes 2020 scripting is at it’s best. I play offline (master league). I know when scripting against me or in my favor. I just feel it, my players start slowing down they don’t respond and the ai is 2× faster than players. I can’t win long bass its just my players crippled and gets better. When it’s on my favor Ai keep making mistakes and my gameplay start feeling smooth like exhibition match. It just not fair at all I don’t know why they do this. I will not buying next year if its not improved.

      1. You know from the start if you going to loose players for some reason slowed down passes going wrong it’s like they setting the results from when it’s loading the game fk that there is no 50 50 chance players running chaotic on the pitch not being able to make a tackle pes 2020 worst pes ever

  8. Seriously Konami I would like to give this feedback, please the gameplay on PES19 is far far better than PES2020, is slow and if you want to pass the ball it takes two or three seconds to pass. I really really enjoyed playing PES19 maybe you can please update it little bit, please, so that it can be a bit faster in passing and it can be moderate. But the graphics look amazing and also too many mistakes on the defensive line for real they give a lot of space to the striker to score a goal. For me actually this are the problems I personally have to say thank you.

  9. Hello again. I am frustrated about the passing, because you pass one way but the pass goes another way. And when you are shifting to a defender he sometimes stops automaticly which makes it impossible to defend probably against a counter attack because in the process of stoping you looses your chance to reach the attacker. Very frustrating! In the transfer process in master league, you cant call players back from loan – why? And in the buying process you get none or poor feedback from a club if you dont get your man. And why is it with many players you buy impossible to make there contract 4 or 5 years?! In pes19 you got different exiting messages from the staff and so in, but now in pes20 you only get boring messages in your inbox. I think it is sad that your changed that form that the messages/communication worked in pes19. Just my opinion. But i like the scenes with the manager in pes20. Thats pretty cool! Another thing: Why is a player who have played a good match “feel down” in the next? I refer to the form arrows. They has a life of their own. And it could be nice with more notes from your players in a season, Why doesnt you get any response from them in terms of how they are felling being in the club and so on. Just some thoughts I have about the game. Hope you would look into it! PS. Please look at the players faces in Premier League. There is a Lot of players mising their reel faces inclusive Ruben neves – he looks too young!

  10. I am big big fan of PES for many years now, wasting hours daily playing it.
    Thank you KONAMI for helping me to stop playing that shitty PES 2020 and save my time.
    Totally disappointed of PES 2020 gameplay and scenarios. It is like you guys are very new in this industry and trying to make something for the first time.
    Seriously after years playing your game, now I would prefer playing super Mario than this shitty PES 2020.
    It is making me so nervous playing this game.
    Promise,, will never play a single game again of your disaster PES 2020

  11. The game is good,but some players at the kosovo national team aree mising:
    Anel Rashkaj,Florent Hadergjonaj,Elbasan Rashani,Florent Muslija,Ibrahim Dresevic and Valon berisha… Thank you

  12. I see a lot of guys up here are NOT pleased with the way PES20 is set up. And I’m one of them! Konami, you need to get your heads out of the ASSES of the clubs you made a deal with (I.e. Juventus, Manchester Utd.!) and let the players play the game. If I play against those teams my players are slower, they get more free kicks, defenders pass them the ball openly so they can score, and because of this they can always come back in the last minutes! Maybe some didn’t notice this, but I’ve played enough games online to notice this!!!! So, are you gonna level the playing field or should I give away my PES game, a game which I’ve been playing since PES3 came out?!? Let me know! I’m fed up with this sneaky way of sucking up to those teams just because you got to use their names!

  13. Terrible game, football games have dropped I’ve seen better graphics and movement in 2016. The game play is horrid, the game passes left when you clearly pushing right. Passing is more like gambling, I got this game for free from a friend, I played it for two days and I gave it way to someone else. Thank goodness I did not buy it. And the buying of players wtf??? As crap as fifa is, its miles ahead of this in every aspect. So many of my friends that use to play football games have stopped, weather it be PES of FIFA games have dropped so far. Feels like they going backwards. Everything is to internet based and money orientated.

  14. Hello guys. In PES 2020 I Play master league in professionel difficulty. Im injoying most of it but I have some concernes you may could tale a look at: The defenders ability to place themselves to close down the same atackers is too poor,, and it is too easy to Play a Ball from the middle of the field Up to the atackers – the atackers arent marked probably, which makes it too easy and boring to build up an atack. Also it could be nice nice if you would update the faces og Wolverhampton and Sheffield United which are two times that is performing good in the Premier league, but are only having a few faces wright. The rest looks like PES faces. Also two faces I have been enoyed about is De Ligt and Ruben neves who both looks like they are 12 years old. Please look at these things if you would be so kind.

  15. Komami please give up PES and let somebody else have a crack. Your game is virtually unplayable online and is too much stress to even enjoy. I have been playing these games for the last 20+ years and this is one of the worst ever. If i had a whole week, maybe I could list half of tje issues this so called football game has. I don’t want you to fix or patch anything I just want you guys to go away because you obviously dont care about your player base

  16. There was about 10 games in MyClub when I was winning, and about 88 minutes the game is disconnected and i did not get my rank points. not happy about it

  17. The scripting on this game is shocking gameplay waste of time you can’t intercept any passes the fouling is stupid refs are crap the whole pes20 is a waste I will get fifa lots more to do not just shitty ranked games utter shit game 19 was far better think pes must be fucking Messi coz is has he can’t run anymore but on this game he can really what a joke pes20 is.

  18. The game is so hard how do you expect us to enjoy yet we can’t win even when I have the best players like Messi Ronaldo and others
    The com players are playing like immortals please you need to reduce the difficulty or add where we can control it just like in FIFA 14

  19. Guys you really have to fix the issue with signing players. Come on man! In a special agent you have 10% to sign a gold and 90% to sign a black ball. How the hell did I sign 2 golds when I only had 10% chance? This is so stupid so you have to fix it guys. I am not going to waste my money anymore until you fix this.

  20. It is unacceptable playing myClub matches where you have 60-70% possession, 10 shots and you draw 1-1 with 1 rival shot. This shit is becoming fifa and it’s really sad what they are doing to pes… Fix the game and stop being obsessed with coins and all the stuff, cause you are forcing us to leave konami. You have to face the music once for all.

  21. Playing Russian league (not sure about others) but during a season on equal points and equal WDL but with a lesser goal difference (9 v 14) and I’m still top of the league. Why?

  22. The gameplay of PES 2019 mobile was far better than pes 2020 mobile.. The players with rating 98 don’t have any control on the ball whatsoever.Whenever the player tries to sprint away he’s easily caught by the opponent without any difficulty.The older game was much easier to play & yet good difficulty level.. PES 2020 mobile is shit.. Bring the old game play back!!

    1. PES 2020 player control and balance is useless.. 2019 is way better in gameplay than 2020. 2019 only needed few adjustments, now 2020 is a total mess.

  23. You should add the options to make skinny jersey and another thing: the official partner could be nice if they appear in the stadium on the advertising board..
    Perché non fate apparire i partner ufficiali che possiamo inserire sui cartelloni pubblicitari? Sarebbe molto bello perché personalizzerebbe gli stadi s seconds della squadra a grazie ai partner ufficiali che possiamo caricare noi
    . Es . Nello stadio X appaiono tra i vari cartelloni basi… Come nella realtà appaiono quelli inseriti come partner ufficiali.. e girano ..

  24. Konami, you should add regional servers so online games wouldn’t lag. Pes 2019 was better than this. For example:AI tackles me from the back intentionally and didn’t want to take the ball, and 5 second later I do the same thing, and referee gives me a yellow card. Clean tackles are also a foul, but when AI does them, nothing happens. Please fix it.

  25. Very dissapointed this new pes mobile 2020 . I dont undetstand how could messi in 2019 is a bit faster reaction than pes 2020 messi .messi in pes 2020 is so fucking slow and always easily push away by the opponent team . One And the defender doesnt take a proper position . And everytime trying to give a through ball to the striker . The 97 rating striker easily lost the ball position . Bullshit pes mobile 2020 . Everytime i play ,i almost break and throw my phone away .

  26. I am very very disappointed in you Konami PES 2020 Team. I don’t know why you changed the system for drawing new players. Each time I make a draw you are always giving me silver ball. Up to now i have drawn more than 10 times and you constantly give me silver balls. No black balls. Like seriously? Thats not even fair. Do you know how hard it is to reach 25 000 or 250 club coins on this game. After getting it you then give me silver balls. As for me you have to compensate me for this because surely i am heartbroken

  27. its ok when you make me lose online games by scripted stuff but why so obvious?
    if god exists the whole konami stuff will die in a car accident or get cancer

  28. Worse pes ever sim league utter shit you lose every fucking game to a fucking old man called Messi utter shit by corruption pes playing the computer same shit ranked game points a waste off time I am getting fifa this game is shit fuck u pes for your total wank game online is shit nothing good to do on it would rather watch paint dry fuck everyone who thinks otherwise

  29. Very poor gameplay. When the ball is passed forward, the player doesn’t approach for the ball, the opponent’s defender comes and gets it. None of the players takes proper position. What the hell has actually happened??And then there’s horrible passing!! Even the best black ball players are delivering passes & through balls like noobs, as if they are worse than white ball players. This is very sorry to say, i have been playing pes since 2018. The new update is just horrible. WORST GAMEPLAY. THIS PES2020 IS THE WORST…

    1. Konami please make the pes to the normal setting like 2019,for what you make the skill movement by using dash nutton to make it easy or for make it hard and the people are not interseted in this setting please change it. then the fake shot is not easy to do for me i played the pes over 4000 matches then i have to it as more careful,then what about the beginners you will know okay,the game is like a minicraft game the player is move the to the post no skills to enjoyment what is this?

      From a big hard PES fan❤❤

  30. It‘s so annoying, that the system always has problem to choose the right player and also the lagging in the online games. This two things destroy the whole game play and joy. There were better times…

  31. Dear KONAMI during prepearing next data pack please don’t forget on increasing the skills of young players like on Saka, Willock, Martinelli, Bolagun, Guendouzi and older defenders like Holding and Chambers in ARSENAL team which is your partner. Now for example Saka is the first choice of coach and I’m absolutly sure that his level is higher than 66. Dear KONAMI team please take care of this 🙂

  32. Hello Konami Team,
    So I have to give you a big praise!
    I am PES Player (PS1 ISS) from day one. From 2013 to 2019, you saw a step backwards. I have not played PES for the past four years. Or it was no longer comparable to the games before it (PES 6).
    But what you conjured out with PES 2020 is a perfect realistic game. This is football of the very best. What you paid attention to, as well as little things, the game is just incredibly good!
    The Fifa demo I had briefly played, just bad. Does not really have much to do with football. Volta Football needs no human. FIFA players do not need so many licenses. Only play with Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Paris. They do not need a presentation, they also click into the game to play through, unrealistic and boring.
    PES 2020 is the best game you have produced !!!

    Little hint,
    maybe bring in classic teams. Manchester team from 1999, AC Milan, Ajax, Benfica, FC Porto, etc. That would attract many many former players. 😉

  33. The off-sides in this game are absolutely f*****g retarded.
    Every time I play a ball to a forward on the edge of the box its off side and thats with four to five defenders behind him every time.
    Ridiculous and game breaking.
    I literally cant pass to a player in a forward position.
    Fix it or I will not be coming back next year.

  34. I hoped PES 2020 will have les glitches and scripting than 2019. I was wrong. I don’t think I’m going to try another PES, as long as they don’t figure out something with that script. It really affects the gamplay. My 90% stamina Marcelo runs slower than 10% stamina Kane. The time it takes for the player to pass is huge sometimes. It’s unpleasent to deal with that. Please fix this. I love PEs. i’ve benn playing it forever, and it never was this bad. I’m sorry Konami. But I think you should figure some things out if you want your player base to fall off

  35. this is the worst pes i played in years and i feel disappointed that i wasted money on this piece of crap. Defenders do stupid mistakes that never happen in real life. Goalie is dumb even karius doesn’t do those mistakes and the negative point to the referee. Stupid referee that since i started playing is against me. I don’t know what am doing wrong

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