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PES 2016

Write your wish-list for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 football video-game here at FIFPlay.

Write your creative ideas for the next Pro Evo Soccer game. Tell Konami what you would like to see in PES 2016 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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  1. 2. STADIUMS:

    *UEFA Euro 2016 stadiums (Lille, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Lens, Bordeaux, Nice, Toulouse…)
    *Barclays PL Stadiums (Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man. City, Newcastle United, Tottenham, West Ham United…)
    *Ligue 1 (Monaco, Lyon, Rennes, Paris…)
    *Serie A (Udinese, Torino…)
    *Eredivisie (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Twente, Eindhoven…)
    *Liga BBVA (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga…)
    *Bundesliga: 18 stadiums
    *PSL (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Polokwane…)
    *Botola Pro (Casablanca, Fès, Marrakech, Rabat…).
    *Egyptian PL (Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Port Said…).
    *Chinese SL: All stadiums
    *Indian SL: All stadiums
    *A-League: All stadiums
    *K-League: All stadiums.
    -The Americas:
    *MLS: All stadiums
    *Liga Bancomer MX (Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara…)
    *Primera Liga Argentina: All stadiums
    *Brasilieirão: All stadiums.

    -Europe: TF1, Canal+, beIN Sports, francetelevisions(France), BBC, ITV (UK), rtbf (Belgium), rtve (Spain), RTP (Portugal), Rai (Italy), ZDF (Germany)…
    -Africa: SuperSports (South Africa), beIN Sports…
    -The Americas: ESPN (North America, USA)…
    -Asia: CCTV (China)…

    *12:00 -> 15:45 : Day
    *16:00 -> 18:00 : Dusk
    *18:30 -> 22:30 : Night.
    -Europe: All teams in full licence
    *New teams (all in full licence): DR Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Congo.
    *Current teams: All in full licence.
    -The Americas: All teams in full license:
    *North America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama.
    *South America: All 10 teams in full licence.
    -Asia: All teams in full licence.

    P.S: Do all some things for this game and i want all in real and in full licence.
    Good luck Konami.

  2. Super idée! Moi, je te soutiens parce que j’aime les équipes africaines. D’ailleurs, je veux que Konami ajoute dans le jeu les équipes comme: TP Mazembe Englebert (RD Congo), AS Vita Club (RD Club), Al Hilal Omdurman (Soudan), SM Sanga Balende (RD Congo)… Vive le foot africain!

  3. The things i want see in PES 2016:
    1. LICENCES:
    a) Competitions:
    *Champions League
    *Confederation Cup
    *Super Cup
    *Absa Premiership (D1 South African) + MTN8 + Telkom Knockout + Nedbank Cup (South African Cup) + Carling Black Label Cup
    *Botola Pro (D1 Moroccan) + Cup + Super Cup
    *Girabola (D1 Angolese)
    *Egyptian Premier League (D1 Egyptian) + Cup + Super Cup
    *Other African Clubs: (all african clubs of CL and CC of 2015 editions).
    *CONCACAF Champions League
    *Major League Soccer (USA) + MLS Cup
    *NASL (USA)
    *Liga Bancomer MX (D1 Mexican) + Opening Tournament + Closing Tournament.
    *Other North American Clubs: (all clubs of CL 2015).
    *AFC Cup
    *A-League (D1 Australian)
    *Chinese Super League (D1 Chinese) + Cup + Super Cup
    *K-League Classic (D1 Korean)
    *Indian Super League
    *ALJ League (D1 Saudian) + ALJ Cup + Crown Prince Cup + Super Cup
    *Qatar Stars League (D1 Qatarian)…
    *Premier League (full licence)
    *FL Champhionship (full license)
    *Serie A (full license)
    *Serie B (full license)
    *Eerste Divisie (D2 Dutch, full license)
    *Liga ZON Sagres (D1 Portuguese, full license)
    *D2 Portuguese (few license)
    *Bundesliga (D1 German, full license) + Cup + Super Cup
    *2. Bundesliga (D2 German, full license)

    2. STADIUMS:
    (to be continued)

  4. Thanks to Konami for add UEFA Euro 2016 in full licenses, but add all european national teams in full license, European Qualifiers, real trophy, 9 new stadiums of Euro 2016 like: Parc des Princes (PSG, Paris), Stade Vélodrome 2014 (OM, Marseille), New Félix Bollaert Stadium (RC Lens, Lens), Stade Bordeaux Atlantique… Add also CAF competitions in full license (stadiums, intro, trophy, teams, cutscenes…) and african leagues like Botola Pro (D1 Moroccan), Absa Premiership (D1 South African), Egyptian Premier League (D1 Egyptian)… Add also all in full license and in real for all competitions please. Add rules like handball, goal line technology with goal decision system, more cutscene like live press conference, interview in halftime and in full time, award ceremony of medals (in final of competition), celebrations of teams…
    The future of this video game it’s now.

  5. I would like to be in Pes 2016
    Because of the major leagues in the world and it has a great team like Al Ahli of Egypt
    More team won tournaments in the world and one of the greatest teams in the world and Africia
    we need the Egyptian league because we love pes
    and all people in egypt going to play fifa because
    fifa suggest put the Egyptian league on fifa

  6. Can you please add Albanian national team in pes 2016 because after all Albanian national team is 36 in FIFA WORLD RANKING .

  7. I wish that pes 2016 will include classic champions league teams such as classic man Utd,Madrid etc… shouldn’t be that hard as they have UEFA licensed & I’m sure that it would be a brilliant addition to the pro evo series & rub it in fifas face

  8. bring back the classic teams for the players like myself who just enjoys player vs player offline competitions

  9. Hi Please add all Southeast Asian Teams

  10. Add rules like:
    -Goal Line Technology with goal decision system (like for FIFA World Cup and Premier League)
    -Spray for put a line for wall limit in free kicks
    -and more.
    Add all referees in real and license and all players in real and license with FIFPro Commercials Enterprises BV…

  11. I want turkish super lig in pes 2016
    Now it’s time to see the turkish super lig in pes!

  12. Please please change the net physics Pes 2011’s net physics where on point. I wish the best of luck to Adam bhatti

  13. Please add 2 vs 2 online mode in PS4. It was the best functionality in the PES2014/14 . Also add more licenses for premier league at least

  14. Add:
    -Women’s football licenses
    -UEFA Competitions (Youth League, Women’s Euro, Women’s Champions League, Under (17,21…) Championship…)
    -Add UEFA Euro 2016 + European Qualifiers licenses (Trophy, stadiums, squads, teams, balls, kits, adboards, scoreboards…)
    -Add CAF licenses (Champions League, Confederation Cup…)
    -Add Copa América Centenario licenses
    -and more.

  15. hi.first of all;as pes players and lovers anymore we really wanna see a realistic game.the unlicenced leagues are bulls***.why u guys dont get licences of the leagues.its not gotta be so hard to do this.u guys have a company right and its KONAMI 😀 anyway please in this game and this anniverseary give us full licenced leagues and realistic grass air condicions real fans not like cardboard c’mon guys we just wanna see real fans a real atmosphere than why do we pay thousands of dollars every year? as a citizen of turkey this year i really wanna see turkey football leauge and germany football league .its not hard to add 2 new league to the game.for years we’ve been waiting for 2 new league .this year i wanna feel cool while playing pes 2016. i wanna show this amazing game(i belive it’ll be really good this year) to the fifa;
    1 turkey and germany leagues
    2 realistic atmosphere
    3 realistic grass
    4 realistic fans not like carboard not like boxes
    5 realistic actions like referee and players
    6 a new announcer
    7 a soul. pes lost the soul of winning eleven
    8 minimum we want to see 50 stadium
    9 air condition please give us a realistic condition this is like a cartoon
    10 currency in this world there are a lof of currencys not just euro dollar yen please .
    11 full licenced leagues
    12 fans atmosphere like crazy fans according to the score for an example if the socre is 2-1 the fans gotta get crazy they gottta scream they gotta yell louder
    13 realistic happiness sadness
    14 after the final match the cp ceramony please this time make it takes 3-4 minutes
    15 we wanna see a cool player bench a realistic one while we palying during the exhibiton
    16 full licenced team kits please


  16. realistic and easy gameplay.
    realistic and tough defense .
    Goals various positions.
    more leagues and stadiums .
    Turkey and Germany licensed League.

  17. Why cant i play with more than one team in any tournaments such as international cup or UEFA Champions League.

  18. On veut que la ligue marocaine ”BOTOLA PRO”Soit présente dans PES 2016

  19. To make pro evolution better. We need the ability to create national teams as a proper team. We should have a huge amount of team slots.

    I would just like to have san Marino and Gibraltar on my game. Unlimited slots for logos is a must.

    thanks for reading

    1. Man City Chelsea Man U arsenal Liverpool Spurs Southampton West Ham all in European competitions UEL and UCL teams all liscenced please

  20. The latest trailer looks incredibly stuning but little
    more touches in:1:the graphics looks washed out in
    real gameplay compared to close up viewing(it needs
    to be on par with the close up view)
    :2:we need a dynamic broadcast replay system like in
    FIFA 15,kits needs to get dirty with mud and not only
    :3:realistic footprints needs to be visible in the game
    and the ability to tell a groundsman to make the
    grass taller needs to be spot on this time,the dynamic
    replay system should pick up bent blade of grass
    when any player makes a movement that is worth
    showing the replay
    :4:no more skipping replays,get more stadiums cos in
    the trailer,I saw el classico been played on konami
    stadium which is a very bad sign,I will stop playing
    pes and swich to fifa if pes 2016 dosent feature at
    least 5 la liga stadiums,3 ligue 1,5 brazillian,stadiums
    and so on because “THE PITCH IS NEVER AND WILL
    :5:realistic moving hairs and tatoos all over the body of a player(I will be utterly disappointed if EA sports will be the first to add this)
    :6:the idea of a dynamic weather is off the hook,but we still need snow weather too

  21. I think that konami should add more teams like african ones and i think she should have reel players names and kits(some national teams)

  22. 1:being actually able to control the player after he scores like in fifa..bring the player more into the game when you can costomise celebrations,instead of scoring a goal when your 6 nil down and they celebrate like its the winner..whats that all about???its realistic we are looking for after all.
    2:matches against ai are unrealistic due to referee..played pes 2015 constantly and can honestly say i have only ever got 2 penalties against ai..make the ai a bit rougher in the tackles and let the odd tacke go unsighted cause if you tackle at all its a yellow or red..
    3:graphics are exellent in this game but sacrafice the spoiler shadows some staduims have during the day that are almost unplayable on
    4:have the option of off the ball events like delibrate elbow etc,if you do lose the plot
    5:injuries are non existint in pes 2015,again unlike fifa player just get injured times even running,its more realistic as i have yet to see an injury since i got the game.
    6:mistakes::every goalkeeper defender makes blopers from time to time but not in pes..if its more realistic we are looking for ,make them more human like,everybody makes mistakes.
    7:lets just all put our heads together and help beat fifa this year but i do think pes should steal a few of fifas very good ideas,goal celebrations,injuries,mistakes..pes has the gameplay.its just the realistic side needed tweaked

    camera cant keep up with the ball speed most of the time in some angles..after you shoot you dont know if its over the bar or in the net for a second.

    celebrations like fifa.control the player after they score

  23. Hello!

    I would be glad if you would when creating a game will introduce a feature that was in rangia versions, this is when you create your own club, complete correction treatment, such as: customization shape, club logo and so on!

    I would be very grateful!
    Thank you.

    P. S I’m from Russia and English I’m not very this can be a mistake!

  24. Pes16 wishlist1.player’s should be flexible in control 2.konami cup should support 15 teams 3.pes15 have camera problem fix it 4.use current team jersey’s and stop the patching of jersey 5.the cd shouldn’t be too expensive.

  25. Licensed all bundesliga team.Licensed all la liga teams.Licensed all porto league.If i were you licenced all the brasilero teams and stadiums

  26. Hello PES team. I love very hard to play PES. And I have some whishes for PES 2016. PES 2015 very good maked than old versions. Don`t change this game. But I`ll be glad to some adding. See, if you add classik teams more as PES 13, make other european countries and klubs, also classik footballers (for example, Azerbaijan and etc.), make all faces, countries, teams, classic teams correctly and etc. if I seeThis PES 2016 I`ll be very glad….

  27. Yo creo que PES 2016 deberia tener los siguiente:
    – En cuanto a los modos de juego por ejemplo modo competicion deberian hacer que los grupos sean iguales a los de la realidad.
    – que se muestre cuando cada jugador entra o sale completamente ya que pes 3 hasta el 6 creo se mostraba cada jugador sin importar el club con el q jugase.
    – que se incluyan los traspasos mas actualizados asta q se ponga a la venta.
    – que se licencien as clubes como de la premier y que la bundesliga este sin la necesidad este sin la necesidad de tener un parche
    – que cada cara de los jugadores desconocidos sean diferentes ya que se parecen en cada cara.
    – concluyo con que la imagen del penalti sea mas emotiva.
    – que se pueda hacer un pase a profundidad mas realista.
    – que en el cabezazo el bajo no le gane en el salto al alto.
    – que se implementen trucos (chilena, taco, bicicleta, etc) mas realistas.
    – que quiten una accion de los porteros de pes 2015 donde al tirarse a manotear la pelota giraban sobre el pasto y no alcanzaban bien la pelota.
    – que se le ponga a cada jugador la habilidad que le corresponda

  28. Come on konami,you won’t be defeated by EA,here is a secret weapon on defeating EA,add the game to the OSX and android version,that will be great,piece up.

  29. PES is the best virtual football experience you can have when it comes to Playing games. It is far better than Fifa in almost all aspects. But i do have some wishes that would make the game better.

    Cut scenes: more scenes with the players or coaches on the bench. Reactions to goals or referee decisions. More scenes with crowd and Perhaps interference from the crowd like throwing bengals, Smoke or flas. Depending on the hype of the match.

    In game: more options in master league and be a legend.More articles and headlines about your or the teams performance. The ability to respond to critics and ability to behave and create a characteristics for your player or coach in the different game modes.

    Better assistance from your teamplayers when playing Fix or be a legend. Realistiskt of course. I feel that IF i play with a fixated player in real Madrid against cordoba that the computer controlled team mates should be able to perform and assist better then some headless chockens.
    Ultimately it would be awesome IF you could some how be able to effect a referera decision and make them be more submittable to your wishes, like giving the opposite team a yellow card by having a battle of Burton pushing with your friend or computer.
    Thats pretty much everything.


  30. HI, I Amir from southeast Asia have a suggestion and wish for PES 2016:

    Add more asian club in Other Asia Teams such as Central Coast Marines (AUS), Chonburi (THA), El Jaish (QAT), Al Wahda (UAE), Al Jazira (UAE), Muangthong United (THA), and Johor Darul Takzim (MAS) in the next PES release.

    1. ISL have become Asia’s biggest football league within a year .My suggestion is to include ISL league in Fifa s trend setting games.please do it

      1. Why not too The Indonesian Song for this game,actually that song is energetic too,but why not included it?,please for this years only….Disney can Included it,Why you can’t PES 2016?,please just this years only….dont lose from disney…

    2. make it harder to score goals like from a long way out its always on target ,
      injurys none lastime in pes 15 better goalkeepers handball., diving, more stadiums a lot more
      better defence real teams better goals post like fifa

      1. hi pes fans i would like to see injurys in the game why no injurys a must. better goal nets, like fifa and the big one more stadiums much more at least 50 if not more . the last 5 years its getting less not more stadiums or bring back the stadium editor plus its to easy to score ,make it harder plus there should be handball in the game its in the rules. if you handball its a foul and diving ps. please stop taking things out and put some more gameplay in it makes a deeper game

    3. You should add goal line technology to make the game more realistic and cool!!!!!