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PES 2016

Write your wish-list for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 football video-game here at FIFPlay.

Write your creative ideas for the next Pro Evo Soccer game. Tell Konami what you would like to see in PES 2016 and what would satisfy you. We will list all your ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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  1. agree with Anonymous
    the most annoying in pes 15 are referees and fouls system <<<<>>>>
    and more : the free kicks are useless <<<>>>> even the pc controlled player in superstar mode can’t

  2. I wish commentators shout gooooooool mainly Latinos, Martinoli and Closs , it’s really disappointing when you make a few plays super and the commentator just say ” have taken the lead ” or things like that , it takes a lot essence a game of football , Martinoli and Closs are distinguished from others by its shape precisely commentators screaming goals in real life and this is not reflected in the game.

  3. HI, I Amir from southeast Asia have a suggestion and wish for PES 2016:

    -real player face and name for all clubs and national team.Especially,all the national team squad.It okey if the most of national team is not full licensed such as Spain,Germany,France and more.Good to play with the real player face and name in this game for the next PES release game.
    -add Bahrain in Asia-Oceania national team

    -I hope the colour of the WE-PES 2016 is orange, black, and white.

  4. The things they should improve the most is there UI and Commentary ! These two things decide re-playability . No matter how much enjoying the game physics are these two things make PES feel a bit stale after awhile .

  5. Pes League,WE League,and Indonesian song for soundtrack,that only for PES 2016

  6. New penalty,free kick system and tactics:the freekick and penalty system should be changed to that of pes 2013 or remove the pointy guide totally and make it zoom in a bit in the penalty kicks and corner kicks;any lower ranked team should whip the ball deep into the higher ranked team’s half any time they get the ball so as to make it realistic,we should be ale to specific team managements for specific competitions in master league so as to make things easier,AI should make their own tactics the team they face(if its a lower team,they should attaack more and if its a higher team,they should defend more and play
    long balls) and select their own starting XI,the way yhe face of the managers pop out in the bottom screen giving instructions while a match is on in pes 2013 should be brought back,teams should play more realistically like themselves(when a much weaker team takes the lead against a much more stronger team,the AI should defend as hard as they can just like in real life)lower rated players should not be able to mark much more higher rated players easily, bring back the ability to barge players off the
    ball and add more animations for that,AI should utilize skillful players in their teams and their tricks should be used (Hazard should run and cut back using fake shots,neymar should use tricks to skip past players,MESSI should just naturally skip pasy
    players like in pes 2015 but more realistically, and many of them,all teams should make crosses into the opponents box except for Barcelona who make 3 or 4 crosses per game,any lower rated teams like Atletico Madrid facing teams like Barcelona,should play high
    balls and not their normal tactics automatically, lots of rivalry matches with real names and lots of

    More animations for celebrations:bring back all celebrations animations from pes 2013 downwards because its more realistic what I mean is that (when a goal is scored in pes 2015,the other players who were to celebrate with the goalscoere will first stand
    in line unrealistic waiting for the player to start running before they join him and they start running,while running,suddenly,they start celebrating in an unrealistic fashion like in fifa 10 on ps2, but in pes 2013 and previous series,the animation was real, they don’t stand in line waiting for the goalscorer to start running and suddenly start celebrating, I say you guys bring back all celebration animations in all previous pes from ps2 till 2013 and same thing goes for the referees,in 2015 when referees blow their whistle for fouls,every one stays one their position and suddenly,in a cutscene,the reff comes towards the player and gives them a card,just bring back all animations from pes on ps2 till 2013 Enhanced Graphics:pes 2016 should have a massive graphical upgrade and real weather effectson player’s,kits, pitch,and the managers should not stand outside for long and in rainy conditionsreal time like in MGS V PHANTOM PAIN,kits getting dirty with mud and grass realistically,shirt pulling, 3d animated realistic looking crowds,realistic pitch degradation,realistic moving nets and realistic ball physics(the curl shot needs fixing,and the ball feels like it is sliding on carpet instead of moving on grass like in pes 2013)more realistic face for MESSI improved details in sweating,referees should have the spray used to make markings when freekicks are being given,screen should no longer turn black or skip just like in FIFA 15,more manager suits than ever,

    Menu system overhaul:pes 2015 has new menus but it didn’t extend to other game modes except for myclubit should extend to all modes,Master league needs a massive improvement,day to day transfers from pes 2013 should return and their transfer price,trade transfer in pes 2013 should also make a return, More approach to football:Womens football should be added and their fully licensed leagues,clubs and nations should be added UCL womens champions league

    Licences: fifa thrumps pes because of its license,if pes can get the rights to those licenses,EA sports and fifa are done for(licences for EPL,full licenses for LIGA BBVA with all stadiums and real presentation, TURKEY SUPER LIG,more stadiums for Brazilian and Argentine leagues,Scotland league,Greece,and many more) note:pls license at least 5 EPL stadiums and at least two for each of any newly added league,except for LIGA BBVA which has all First time control errors,GK animations,shots and dribbles:the curl shot needs to be downgraded to the level of pes 2013 because in pes 2015,the ball currently bends too much,like a horseshoe instead of a decent curl shot so I think pes 2013 has better curve shot and it should be implemented.pes has
    done well enough to replicate the type of first touch control system fifa has but it needs more work (not every players should be able to control any type of pass that comes their way,control errors should happen,players should find it hard to control some type of pass and loose balls that comes their way,), goal keepers should rush out in one on one situations every time and they should be easily dribbled with the fake shot or any other way and the fake shot ability was more effective in pes 2013 than in pes 2015 ,in pes 2015,the player that wants to mark the player performing the fake shot does not move at all,but in pes 2013,they either slide or get out of the way,the feature in older pes versions that enables a player to dribble the GK and skillfully scores the ball (I think with a rabona shot) should make a return,every animations from older pes should be added including new ones to make it new,headers need more animations(two or three players contest for headers) defending with headers in pes 2013 felt more real because they can head them out for corners,please bring them back,more ways to clear the ball out of the box,GK need more animation on how to move after parrying a shot(in pes 2015,they just rool on the floor) bring back all from previous pes series so to make them new, New commentary team and TV presentation:I recommend CLIVE TYLDESLY and ANDY GRAY making returns or CLIVE TYLDESLEY and RAY HUDSON..TV presentation from GOL TV so that the replay anglesare on the same level as on fifa 15
    Edit mode:full kit edit,stadium edit, player edit, manager edit etc (FULL)

    How to lift trophies:in pes 2015,the way they lift trophies just annoys me(they carry and lift trophies on a straight position and it makes their hands look too bent) in real life,trophies are carried in a position that the trophy’s head faces the back of the player carrying them and the bottom part facing the front of the player(this way,the arm of the player looks normal) just look at cassilass lifting the UCL trophy and compare them to pes 2015 Fair play elements; Players trying to do their best in each episode;
    Fouls in attack stage; The movements being less predictable and readable, decreasing the scripts’ influence, making the players react to the current situation, including their partners’ and ball positioning and make the best decision possible.
    Easier players and ball controls, quicker movement, more agility.
    Instant control response. It’s VERY important.
    Enhancing physical contacts between players, making them as close to real as possible.
    The crowd applauding to a good challenge.
    If the team is currently losing, the players start to rush and press the opposing team.
    Emotions. We need to believe the players are real.
    After the ball goes out for a throw-in, the players remain on the same positions they were before, not where they should be by default.
    Various camera angles for all the cut-scenes.
    Enhancing the animation of the snow, adding the sound of the rain. Vapor from the players’ mouths in cold weather condition. The water splashes caused by ball’s and players’ movements. Weather changing during the game.
    Repeating the highlights after each half, including those that for some reason weren’t repeated during the half.
    Optional attendance.
    Detailed statistics.
    The AI chossing the starting 11 players according to the opponent’s line-up, trying to counter it and press
    the weaker points.
    The R2+shot combo being less effective, because it’s way too broken.


    The necessity to substitute an injured player.
    Earning a throw-in by kicking the ball to the opponent’s leg.
    Goalkeepers’ errors while trying to block or catch the ball, sometimes ending with a goal.
    The referees signaling foul when the ball hits a player’s arm.
    Players trying to maintain their balance after a physical contact.
    Intentional AI fouls (e.g. to prevent one-on-one situation, etc.)
    Quick restart after a foul.
    Goalkeepers parrying the ball right in front of them.
    Knowing that he can’t reach the ball, goalkeeper won’t jump for it.
    Goalkeeper hitting the attacking striker with the ball while trying to kick it away.
    Passive offsides.
    The AI reading the situation and foreseeing its development without unnecessarily rushing around.
    Defenders helping each other, trying to close the open zone as soon as possible. Instant clearance by hitting the ball out of play.
    After being knocked out with a strong hit a player will fall to the ground.
    The ball bouncing to the wrong side after a difficult shot.
    The goalkeeper being unable to see the ball if a player disrupts his view.
    Fouls while trying to take the better position before playing the ball.
    AI simulating fouls.
    A sudden injury caused by a careless movement.
    Goalkeepers being able to touch the ball with their hands outside of the box, but being booked or sent off for more skipping substitutions and a three man substitution should be shown(all kinds of substitution should be shown whenever it is made, no more skipping them,real players warming up and preal players on the bench should be shown with realistic emotions more than in fifa 15


    Bright-colored pitches of natural appearance.
    The special fan-zones being clearly distinguishable.
    Imitation of crowd’s movements.
    The corner flags waved by wind.
    Reporters’ cameras flashes.
    Slow-motion replay.
    Bandaging the harmed body parts.
    OPTIONS (match menu, line-ups, other menus):
    Personal appointments to players in attack (where to
    run) and defence (how deep the should be
    The Substitution option in the pause menu.
    Sets of created referees for each league with the
    option to choose one.
    In the Free Trainig mode the possibility to replay a
    moment from a certain saved data point.
    Variety of the crowd’s support to choose from, from
    quiet and barely heard to insanely loud and
    Swithing off the map. Please.
    Crafted TV pop-ups for each league.
    Commentaries under each player’s name after the
    match is over.
    Ability to choose the crowd support sound (drums,
    tubes, songs, etc).


    Adding to a national team any player that represents
    the country.
    Full boots editor.
    Training mode challenges.
    Training suits.
    Main team vs. substitutes training.

    More realistic body contact,more realistic collisions, fights,celebrations,face scans,facial motion capture, master league transfer windows and player value needs extreme overhaul,a realistic sky, a realistic weather and lightning effect:a sun that rotates around the pitch to create dynamic shadows on the pitch,bring back snow please

    Teams should attack more when losing from 80th minute till the end (see pes 2013),AI should use stars
    like MESSI,RONALDO,ROBBEN etc to dribble oponents,teams like BARCELONA should pass freekicks rather than pump them upfield,enhance the ball physics a lot bcos it made the curl shot to curl too much and ridiculously,teams should make
    crosses into the box,I’ve played more than a thousand matches and haven’t seen a single cross
    except for low passes,we’ll like to see teams make constant crosses except for Barcelona fc

    Spanish copa del Rey,super copa de espana,
    English:fa cup,Carlin cup,community shield
    French:coup de France,coup de la ligue
    Italian:coppa Italia,etc
    German:dfb pokal etc
    Uefa:euro,womens champions league,womens domestic leagues(EPL women,national teams for women,liga bbva,sirea a,bundesliga,ligue one and more)with their respective presentations
    All league trophies should be awarded on the last match of the season and not like in pes 2015(which was calculated according to points)

    Real life injuries
    Ability to watch the highlights of a simulated match
    Ability to see other scores of other matches during half and full time like in pes 2013
    New day to day and realistic transfer prices for players like in pes 2013 Removal of the 4 man bid on pes and adding a new way whereby you bid according to your money Graphics upgrade with real time lighting and weather effects and a sun that rotates round the pitch so as to create numerous shadows from different angles just like in MGS V phantom pain

  7. 1. permission for all teams
    2. Add the Bundesliga League
    3. Raise graphics
    4. Add more balls and stadiums
    5. Raise the excitement reporter during games when playing the game analysis
    6. The referee destroyed when the stadium grass and playing soccer players
    7. Change the angle of the joy of the game
                               Thank you for your attention Users

  8. -substitutes are on the sidelines waiting to get into the football field
    -update all national team squad to current squad
    -add more new national team
    -referee using spray foam when a free kick in the match
    -more full licensed national team and club
    -add more stadium
    -add more new face for almost club
    -add Bundesliga

  9. Hi, I’m a big fan of PES from Malaysia.That is some suggestions and my desire to improve the next PES game will release.That is following are some of my suggestions:

    -Add Bundesliga.

    -Full licensed to London FC (Chelsea FC) and add the home ground stadium, Stamford Bridge.

    -Adding more new national team such as Estonia, Iceland and Azerbaijan in the national team.

    -Other than that, add Canada, Vietnam, Bahrain, Syria,Malaysia, Cape Verde Islands, Sierra Leone and Tahiti.

    -Next,the real face and real name to several national teams such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia, Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Mexico, United States, Ecuador and Paraguay.It okay if the team is not full licensed .It okey for me to see and play with the real face and real players name.

    -Full Licensed for Argentina, England, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

    -Football referee using spray foam when a free kick in the match game.

    -Finally,add more stadium and one of the stadium is Beijing National Stadium.

  10. First I like to salute the company Konami she loves to hear what he loves her audience and communicate with them
    So I would love to add some amendments on the game is in
    – As much as possible from periodicals and clubs, especially the premier league license
    Put the largest possible number of the faces of the real Allaobeian
    Mark player in the league can master development faster than it is
    Making the table in the master regular daily so as to facilitate contracting with the players faster and better, such as Pes 2013
    Add greater ability to control hatred and add some skill players and increase the speed of shuffle
    Making the game start stage by stage and skip stages start by one control button and not to terminate the start of work
    Taking into consideration that the myth Be Haya of the most important things you love lovers Game Pes, so you must work where they can complete the process of training and increase efficiency and make things realistic as the truth (of the most important elements and to focus on)
    Add players to injuries, but should not be overly
    Reactions of the players and the referees and the public and commentator and show their faces properly of things that increase realism of the game … and increase the lovers
    Must work final review of the game and test everything, even if it gets out we be free of defects, for example,
    Lack of voice or Paljravek error or incompatibility with one type of Windows ……………
    Greetings and good luck to the team work and all those who made it for its
    Thank Konami ……
    Mahmoud Kamel signing …. ….. from Egypt

  11. the Egyptian league please or put Al Ahly Club in any partition of the game please

  12. hi,i have some comments:
    1-as you know many patchs maked for pes 2015 or pes 2013 like “pes galexy” of “pte patch” .and for me is konami can use from these patchs in pes 2016!
    2-showing the League score boards and replay-play when you select two teams at one League For example you select chelsea vs manchester united will be shown Premier League score board or napoli vs A.S.roma will be shown serie a score board.
    3-making coach down of pitch.
    4-the referee should will be better.


    The current in game menus are terrible and just in the top side of the screen, pathetic. Have them in the middle of the screen like on PS2 with the option to show/hide it if players want to view (i’m hoping for) SPECIAL cinematics of the DOZENS of arenas in PES this year.

    An quick in and out training mode like on FIFA’s arena mode. This is PES for goodness sakes!! DO SOMETHING UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bring back all the animations of shooting passing and running from pes 2001 up to 2015 and put them all in pes 2016

  15. 1st. The game looks flat…. Colours are pale and I literally had to maximize the the colour setting and contrast for the fiels to seem green.

    2nd. Collisions ….. There simply are none…. I don’t even want to talk about it.

    3rd. In real life u will see even the most balanced of players struggle to sort their feet out but not in Pes…. Even the most robust of players can suddenly shift balance and never seem to be in a bother.

    4th. Follow through…. Naturally a player who is striking the ball powerfully is naturally going to have a more difficult task recovering sometime falling over. How is it that players sometime hit power shots without barely seeming to move. Sometimes a goal will get scored without u even realizing. The moment when that goal gets scored should almost always be dramatic.

    5th. Closing Down…. There is none…. If AI or even the user wants to pass the ball for the entire game… This I believe has multiple contributing factors…. Passes are merely pinged around at blistering pace with no sense of difficulty to control… Players are running but the speed at which they run doesn’t match up to how quickly they close down the space in front of them so the receiver always seem to have more time on the ball than they should. There needs to be more aid as it relates to reaction to ball close to the players reach especially when the ball is loose.

    6th. Runs… The runs seem flat as opposed to reality players will have different phases…. They accelerate and then reach top speed… While no player speeds up as quick as Lionel Messi you will struggle to find players that beat Ronaldo or Bale at top speed. However it all seems flat in PES. Speed is so important in real life but not so much in the game. This has to change

    The game has potential as I like the intelligence of the AI but the keepers need to do a lot better… PES just needs to get the right balance. Some things are too easy some harder than they should be. I like the chip shots but at the same time it needs to have varying degree of difficulty and the keepers have to do better positionally and also with their anticipation.

  16. New Become a legend
    it must to be more living, the player trainning before every match and in week
    and interview and transfert like in PES 2013
    And a nice Menu for BL an ML
    make a new fo

  17. The BAL must redesign again… when we spend a lot of time playing BAL another version of PES come and then we must start all over again on new PES….

    please do something about that….

    in PES 2012 i create a legend and start from zero and i could raised him as a true legend with 87 power… but i don’t play it anymore because of that problem i mentioned

    About England premier league when will u decide to buy the license of it? the great advantage of FIFA over PES is the license…. don’t u wanna have it(advantage)

  18. Ditch the Asian bias.

    Not as easy to pick up yellow cards: Every tackle results in a yellow unless you get a red instead.

    Injuries: I’ve never had an injury and it makes it far too easy and there’s also no need for depth.

    It should be harder: You’re giving far too much time on the ball by the computer ( playing on super star ).

    Player ratings are the same as FIFA: Meaning they’re terrible. Headless chickens such as Dante, Sakho and Luis are rated among the best in the game/world.

  19. Playing 2 vs COM is awful. I used to play with my friend vs com (e.g. playing CL). It was really excitting kind of play in PES 13. But in PES 16 we cannot play in such way, because of terrible players switching. To choose the right player takes a lot of time. In PES 13 we could switch between players of our team very fast and it lead to unbelievable combinations. In PES 16 we cannot switch our game from offence to defence phase fastly enough.

    The same problem of switching between players exists when I play 1 vs 1 or 1 vs COM. I’d like to choose right player more fastly, when I off the ball.

  20. Quite simple PES 2016 should be remade with PES 2013 but with improved visuals, game play, commentary, preps e.g there should be greeting by coaches before kick off whistle and goal celebrations should be properly placed and the trophy celebration scenes should be mega improved…… new kits, stadiums, motion and facial improvement on the players etc….

  21. Besides licenses, enhanced edit mode and such, Please fix the goalkeepers! It cant be possible that in a 1 vs 1 situation, the goalie doesnt leave the goal line to pressure the forward and instead he just stays there making it very easy to score a goal. Also shots from outside the box, are in most cases goals and keepers dont react as quick as they should. AI should be enhanced too since the the rival team always struggles a lot to score. Last but not least, the scores of other teams not controlled by the user in master league, cup or any competitions, are very unreal (example, Barcelona 0 – 3 rayo vallecano?!?!?!) Please these things need to be fixed to make PES the best football game in the market!

  22. Hi, I’m a big fan of Malaysia.That is some suggestions and my desire to improve the next PES game will release.That is following are some of my suggestions.

    -Add Bundesliga.

    -Full licensed to London FC (Chelsea FC) and add a home ground stadium, Stamford Bridge.

    -Adding some new national team of Estonia, Iceland and Azerbaijan in the national team.I choose that team(Azerbaijan) because this team is growing up as a 1-1 draw against Russia and Portugal.

    -Other than that, adding the Canada, Vietnam, Bahrain, Syria and Malaysia.It is an honor when Konami adds a Malaysian team in the national team Asian-Oceania because many Malaysians supporter want Malaysia team is add in PES.In Malaysia, the Malaysia prefers to select and play a football game PES than others.

    -,Next,the real face and real name to several national teams such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Turkey, Slovakia, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, United States, and Paraguay.It okay if the team is not full licensed .It nice for me to see and play with the real face and players name.

    -Full Licensed for Argentina, England, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

    -Football referee using spray foam when a free kick in the match game.

    -Finally,adding a few new stadiums like the Beijing National Stadium.

    I hope that my wish and suggestions is to be considered to make PES 2016 a more interesting game and good quality. Thanks if there is some my wish is added in the next PES.I hope you all always have a nice day at Konami.Good Luck.

  23. -I hope Konami and PES Publisher add Bahrain,Malaysia,Syria and Vietnam in Asia national team.
    -Real kit,name and faces for almost national team such as Croatia,Czech Republic,United States,Mexico,Japan,South Korea,Slovakia,Algeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    -Full licensed for Barclays Primier League
    -Also,add Bundesliga
    -Add Estonia,Iceland and Azerbaijan in Europe national team.

  24. In my opinion, the key goal of 2 or more difficult or totally cut because you get a little imaginative play

  25. It would be the best football game in history if it was like Pes 2013 with a few editions.
    1- moving shirts
    2- add actual pace to players
    3- a better shooting and passing system


  27. Brazilian Second Division
    Argentine Second Division
    Mode be a referee in exhibition matches

  28. 1.LICENCES
    Konami must get a more licenses for a example Barclays Premier League,Bundesliga,Portugese league and more leagues and theirs second and third divisions..
    We want referees and coaches from real life..referees and coaches must have a real faces
    3.MORE ANIMATIONS(something like as a fifa 15)
    after a big miss player will be angry,after a important defend goalkeppers will have a self-confidence a more others animations
    take off kit and others
    Commentators and their phrases are very boring..commentators must have new words,phrases..
    Konami must get a more licensed stadiums..grass and pitch must be a more real
    Players must have a real movements,animations and motion
    8.GAMEPLAY(this is the most important)
    Gameplay will be a much better with some sundries such as greeting from coaches at the beggining of the game..refferees must have a spray,rain an fog effects must be more real

  29. It’s the best stadium in whole ASIA by the certificate of AFC council which is AFC champions league ( PES licensed competition) owner. It’s the iconic stadium in asia and every one knew it since it has been made in 2014.

    Please add this iconic stadium because it’s a licensed stadium for PES , why we are not having these stadiums , it’s for us, While FIFA had all it’s licensed stadiums !!

    please we want more stadiums in PES 2016 , please add this iconic stadium, it will make a beautiful view in PES 2016.

    It’s an awesome stadium ! Did it ?


    1.LICENCES:This time PES should get rights from;Barclays and Bundesliga,INTERNATIONALS(asian COUNRIES,african,south american,north americanall European countries).
    2.EMOTIONS:If players could,clap hands,smile,shake hands with opponents after winning a friendly match it should be differ from winning a CUP final,winning a league,Qualifying for certain tournaments

    players should show differ Emotions after getting booked,getting injured,or being substituted (based on their real life characteristics).
    3.Man Of The Natch interview,
    4.the camera should go to the bench at some point,after a 1-1 miss,Goal(and show differ emotoins)
    5.Samll ads and innovation,teams should arrive in buses,every teams national anthems,tatoos,

  31. We need asian cup of nations and more
    asian teams in the game.Even bring the
    appearances of the managers because wen it
    comes to carrier mode we need faces of the
    managers on the tourchline………and also add
    the AFC CL & AFC LEAGUE & Aalo be add the
    Durand Cup
    Federation Cup
    IFA Shield
    Santosh Trophy

  32. Please bring back option to alternate shorts and socks , pes 5 had this where you could select to wear home shirts with the away shorts which sometimes doubled as the change shirts anyway, perfect example of this is Southampton There was 4 variations of their away kit this season , all navy , navy with yellow socks, navy with yellow socks and shirts and the 3rd kit which was yellow shirt, navy socks and yellow socks , creating plain navy and plain yellow 2nd & 3rd kits and allowing the shirts and socks to be interchangeable when selecting playing kids would actually accommodate all FOUR of their change kits , a small tweak not restricted by licensing issues but adds to the realism of the game,

    Also many players wearing sleeved shirts but rolled halfway up arms lately, a growing trend which is becoming increasing popular like when players started wearing gloves, this could easily be accommodated , if pes which on my view is and will always be superior to Fifa is struggling with licensing issues then Konkani should add little tweaks like this with makes fit nice little touches appreciated by knowledgable football fans , the average football fan knows a lot more these days

  33. New national leagues like German League, Mexican League & Major League Soccer
    New modes like Beach Soccer & Futsal
    New Cups like OFC Champions League, CAF Champions League & Concacaf Champions League
    And principally… Woman´s Football!!!

  34. Konami should add many leagues especially african ones (we didn’t see any african league or even team) .Also the players database should be reel (especially speed)

  35. -More features for Edit mode (able to create/edit teams, kits, stadiums, chants,
    add more players faces, hairs…
    -More features for gameplay (touch the ball with hand = foul/penalty, more scenes, weather changin while playing …etc
    -More features for ML (able to change match time/weather/stadium …
    -Able to mix kits while choosing before starting a match like pes6
    -Add more leagues and 2div leagues

  36. Get back The options without the arrow From pes 13 on xbox/ps. And the store in the master.

  37. 12 things pes 2016 needs to be the best sports game ever made:

    1: LICENCES: we fans of this series have demanded for a very long time the rights to barclays pl,bundesliga,turkey super lig,seria a Tim be licensed.even if the league is not licensed,the clubs or top 10 clubs from the leagues could be licensed,in cluding real captain bands,referees,continental competitions,if EA holds the epl,why don’t you guys hold the laliga just like in pes 2013.

    2: REAL OFFICIAL LEAGUE TV PRESENTATION: Every match centered around a particular league should get its own TV style presentation and nt like the generic ones of previous pes,la liga matches should look and feel like real life la liga matches,the way the EREDIVISE presentation should differ from the sirea a presentation,just like the uefa champions league in pes is very realistic.national super cups should get its own also.

    3: BALLBOYS SHOUlD BE ADDED: ballboys should be added to prevent skipping or blackout whenever the ball goes out of play,mimic fifa 15 on that.

    4: EMOTIONAL FACE CHANEGES: Player faces should change when they kick the ball or make tackles so as to make it more realistic,emulate fifa15 on that also

    5: EVERYTHING SHOULD BE ANIMATED: Bring back face scans for realistic moving hairs,eyes and 3d moving cornerflags nd animated LED nets.

    6: REALISTIC ATMOSPHERE: Realistic weather effects nd pains,players should feel pains nd cuts in their bodies,e.g:when a player makes a sliding tackle while a goalkeeper leaps to catch a ball and they collide,the latter should feel the pipain,that’s how keepers get injured,players should sweat more under the sun depending on how they played,their jerseys should get wet with sweat.And weathers should have a realistic effects,and it should drop on the pitch and on the bodies of the players just like in mgs phantom pain,new injuries and refree animations should be added,you can add all injury and refree animations from previous pes editions e.g refree giving out cards animations,seperating confrontations between players like in 2013,nd injured players should be taken on stretchers etc

    7: NEW DETAILS AND CROWED SUPPORT: when losing a match,fans should sing club songs and chantsaccording to time and course of the match e.g when losing 1_0 at half time ,the crowd chants should differ from when losing 2_0 at 2nd half,(just like the crowd support in pes 2014 edit mode)real coaches should be on the stands and their reactions should be shown when ever sumthing happens and they should shake hands when the match is over.player emotions should be shown like in real life

    8: REALISTIC PLAYER MODELS: Tattoos should appear on the bodies of players jst like in real life,fine hairs should be on their bodies.

    9:MORE ANIMATIONS:shirt pulling,players shirt should get untucked depending on how he moved,tired players should slow down or bend over to breathe,injured players should walk and run like they are injured :see fifa 11 on ps2:,players should wipe sweats off their faces,they should fall realistically. manager animations more than in 2013

    10: REALISTIC MASTER LEAGUE AND WEATHER CYCLE: pls remove that short transfer window and add a realistic one and the 4 man bid per window should be destroyed.imagine I had to skip two windows out of 8 jst for 4 players,its so annoying.there seems to be no injuries, suspensions or bookings when you skip a match,its just annoying.even if there was an injury,the player is always fit for the nxt those silly mistakes.player values are too low,messi was around 10 to 15 million unless he reaches 35 years he can be 30 35 million.its just annoying.the weather options need change cos the current ones makes the game tooo predictable,rain,snow,sun,should be changed to winter,summer,spring,,day night should be changed to real tiime 00.00_24.00,when playing a match on rain,it shouldn’t rain for 90 mins,when playing a match from 6.00pm,the realistic sky should change as the match progresses,it should get darker.

    11: NEW REPLAY / CELEBRATION/HIGHLIGHT / COMMENTARY SYSTEM: top things that happened in a match should be shown e.g dribbles, tackles, fouls, reactions of both players and coach,injuries,skills,fights etc.when I was leading real betis 5_0 in pes 2015,it was all a 5 man celebration,they pulled one back and instead of celebrating like ppl who are still behind,they celebrated as if they just got in front which is supet unrealistic,in pes 2013,when they are two goals down and manage to pull one back,they picked up the ball and dropped it at the centerfield,game pes 2015.there should be a 10 or 11 man celebration,AI seems to always play a ground placed shot,they never play a shot in the top corner which is also unrealistic,new realistic commentaries(I recomend ray Hudson)club rivalrieS should be so special.

    12: last features: all 20 laliga stadiums,at least 5 Italian stadiums,5 epl stadiums,bundesliga stadiums.stadium preview should be added,each league shuld have its own president so that he can hand the trophies to its winners including real life skills shuld be added,new realistic replay angles,players shuld take off shirts when they scored a winning goal or a title saving equaliser,boots should move out of players feet.thanks for reading and understanding,also realistic pitch degradation too.

    1. I completely agree with this one 100% but I have something to add also such as :
      1)General – Make player look exactly and as accurate as the real player face and movement.
      – Add more goal scoring animations.
      – Get license for every league,club and stadiums especially for BPL.
      2)Become A Legend – Add more cutscene with voices such as press interview , signing with a new club , trophies presentation for best player/top scorer/top assist,
      – Should start from low and not famous team before getting to a famous teams.
      – Use a better layout and interface to make it more interesting.
      – Bring back options to choose someone in our team as a mentor and model.
      3)Master League – Add more cutscene with voices such as press interview and signing with a new club.
      – Use a better layout and interface to make it more interesting just like Fifa for example.
      – Can create our own team.

    2. hi can u insert please the Masterleague onlinemode 2vs2 ..
      it was very special.

      and penalty system apart to can play with friends. i ope so.thank you.

    3. I think PES is a significant improvement on recent models, and plays better than FIFA 15. Obviously like most, I would like to see an increase in licences, but aside from that I feel that PES needs more game play animations with particular focus on heading the ball as it lacks realism. It also fails to capture the lighting effects of a night game under floodlights. Finally I think the edit mode for kit creation needs expanding to allow you more than just 6 variations